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Spider-Man: Homecoming is a Bad SPIDER-MAN Movie (Video Essay)


Yet another Spider-Man Video Essay, this one is actually a Spider-Man: Homecoming Video Essay. This Video Essay is titled why ...4K

Thanos Deserved to Win | Video Essay


What makes Thanos the greatest villain of the MCU? PATREON ▻ Facebook: ...

Hercules, Disneys Beautiful Hot Mess: a Video Essay


At long last, we can finally put to bed the mystery of why Disneys Hercules was kind of eh.Patreon: ...Субтитри

Sherlock Is Garbage, And Heres Why


Why is Sherlock so bad? Harris Bomberguy is on the case! This version of the video has been slightly edited to get around the ...Субтитри

Why Thanos is a Perfectly Written Villain


A video essay analyzing Thanos in Marvels Infinity War and why I hold that he is a perfectly written villain. Sponsor Info: Michael ...

The Existential Horror of Logan Paul: A Video Essay


Hey everybody, in this video I decided to do a deep dive into the vlogging career of Logan Paul. When I first saw Logans suicide ...

How do we fix Game of Thrones? | Video Essay


MY NEW WRITING VIDEO ESSAY: Could killing Bronn fix Game of Thrones?Субтитри

The Fetishization of Mental Illness: A Video Essay


An essay on how the media (in particular films and TV) tend to fetishize mental illness. Does anyone even read the descriptions to ...

The Noble Failures of Doctor Who Series 11 | Video Essay


Doctor Who Series 11 stands as one of the most divisive of the shows entire run. Whilst Chibnall and his team clearly care about ...Нове

Bright: The Apotheosis of Lazy Worldbuilding | Video Essay


We song by Rap Critic: https ...Субтитри

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013): A Satirical Masterpiece - A Video Essay


In this weeks THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and how it perfects satire.

Video Essays Are Dumb


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Edgar Wright: How to Make a Protagonist | Video Essay


A video essay on one of my favorite directors, Edgar Wright, and how he perfectfully crafts some of the most memorable ...

Shrek Retold - Peeling Back the Layers (Video Essay)


If this doesnt know what will A literal video essay, this is a 10-page paper I submitted ...Нове

RENT - Look Pretty and Do As Little as Possible: A Video Essay


RENT is terrible and I hate it. .Субтитри

The Peter Parker Problem and How Insomniac Solved It | Video Essay


I just finished playing Marvelt really keep in ...

How Video Essays Are Deceiving You


Malmrose Projects Video: Renegade ...

The X Factor: Why The Winners Dont Succeed | Video Essay


A look at how winning the X Factor rarely results in a long term career as a pop star. This video deconstructs the myth of ...

Video Essay Tips


Dr. John Owens, Head of the Electronic Media Department at UC, gives tips on how to create the perfect video essay for ...