Polyglot update: speaking 10 languages


Afrikaans | 00:03English | 00:29 Français | 00:55한국말 | 01:48日本語 | 02:58中文 | 04:26Tiếng Việt | 06:21Bahasa ...CC

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Meet the 4-year old polyglot Bella from Moskow, who can speak up to 7 languages from Russian to Arabic, German, French, ...

Dutch polyglot speaks 18 languages with tourists


My patreon page: To use this video in ...

American Polyglot Practicing 20 Languages


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Teen Speaks Over 20 Languages


Prodigy hyper-polyglot Tim Doner has been teaching himself languages since he was 13. He now speaks nearly 20 languages!

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hey, guys! Thanks for watching my very first multilingual video! Its kinda hard to switch between 10 languages when you have ...

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Romanian polyglot speaks 11 languages


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Famous Football Stars Who Speak Several Languages ● Football Polyglots


Famous Football Stars Who Speak Several Languages ○ Football Polyglots.

Polyglot speaking in 12 languages [SUBTITLES]


Hey! My name is Patrick and I live in Lebanon. This is a video of me speaking in the languages that I already know or have studied ...CC

Lýdia Machová - Ten things polyglots do differently [EN] - PG 2017


There seems to be a gap between the way polyglots learn languages and the way they are taught in most language courses.CC

The Life of a Polyglot


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unique encounter between 2 polyglots in 21 languages


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Breaking the language barrier | Tim Doner | TEDxTeen 2014


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This Man Speaks 32 Different Languages


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