Mazzanti evantra

Mazzanti Evantra goes on track


ENGLISH (SEGUE TESTO ITALIANO) Video EVANTRA on track Autodromo di Modena. Here is the video of the first, very private ...

Mazzanti Evantra - Start up Sound, Overview - Top Marques 2015


During the Top Marques show in Monaco, I have filmed an unique supercar, which called Mazzanti Evantra. Specification ...

Mazzanti Evantra - Sound!


During Top Marques Monaco 2016, I have filmed the Mazzanti Evantra, an italian supercar with 750HP. I really like the sound of ...

750HP Mazzanti Evantra loud V8 sounds!


A Mazzanti Evantra in Monaco during Top Marques 2016 Facebook: Flickr: ...

Exclusive: Inside the MAZZANTI Automobili Factory! Tour and Evantra sound! HD


Exclusive for Supercars Hunters: Inside tour of Mazzanti Automobili Factory in Pontedera! Discovering the Evantra, tailor made ...

1200HP Twin Turbo V8 Evantra Supercar in Action OnBoard - AMAZING Turbo Flutter Sounds!


During my visit at the Mazzanti Automobili factory, I had the opportunity to take a ride in their latest creation; the Evantra ...

Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli Prototype Twin Turbo V8 Sounds Like a BEAST!!


During the Best of Italy event I had the opportunity to hear for the very first time the prototype of the Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli.

Mazzanti Evantra (plus sneak peek of the Millecavalli!)


Mazzanti Automobili invited us down to their factory in Tuscany, Italy, to get hands on with their newest Evantra prototype.

751HP 7.0 V8 Powered Mazzanti Evantra LOUD Sound - Start Up, Revs Accelerations


During Cars Coffee Italy event, I had the opportunity to film and see for my very first time the Mazzanti Evantra, a high ...

Mazzanti Evantra - 750 HP V8 Revving Sound!!!


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Mazzanti Evantra - New Italian Supercar - Official Launch Video


Enjoy the official launch video of the Mazzanti Evantra, an exclusive aluminium Supercar handmade in Italy. If you want to know ...

POV Test Drive in the Handmade Mazzanti Evantra Supercar! - 7.0 V8 Engine Sounds!


Yesterday I visited the Mazzanti factory and its been an amazing day! While I was there the guys at Mazzanti was kindly enough to ...

Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli Prototype OnBoard Footage on a Closed Course!! - Twin Turbo V8 Sounds!


Check out this short on-board footage of Luca Mazzanti driving his Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli on a closed course during the ...

Mazzanti Automobili Evantra V8


Witness the beauty and power of the newest supercar to hit the road -- the Mazzanti Automobili Evantra V8 -- and hear the story ...