Kid slap

Bald Head Slap - Remix Compilation


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Father and son playing slaps VERY FUNNY! RIGHT or WRONG ?


Whats your view about this video is it right or wrong ?

KiD-S.L.A.P - Rockstar (Official Swedish Remix)


KiD-S.L.A.P from BMT Entertainment performing a remix cover of Post Malone´s , enjoy. Lyrics and vocals: KiD-S.L.A.P ...

Kid Smacked by Fly Swatter - Remix Compilation


REUPLOAD REUPLOAD REUPLOAD* Please note: this is a REUPLOAD. I will be uploading new content as usual, but as many ...

Dr Phil Show Kid Slaps Mom Must See!


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kid slap his brother in slow motion


two kids fighting and shaping they each other in slow motion video.

“Slap hers reactions


SUBSCRIBE: What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her? Here is how ...

The Slap 2


The Slap 2, written by Adam Rozenbachs for Open Slather 2015. Also see here  ...

WHEN KIDS ATTACK! Funny Kids Vines Compilation - September 2017


Brand new weekly compilation of September 2017! Featuring Kids Attack! From kids slapping and punching their siblings or ...

Little boy slaps brother with a slap from Hell


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teacher tries to slap kid... then this happens...


Teacher Tries to SLAP a kid, but then this happens... ☆Official Eclihpse Merchandise:  ...CC

KiD-S.L.A.P x SILVO - Taste (Swedish Remix)


KiD-S.L.A.P Mix: KiD-S.L.A.P Foto: NC Yale Redigering: KiD-S.L.A.P ...

Kid slapped by fly swatter Remix


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queens guard slaps kid


the queens guard accidentally slaps kid.

Jamaican School Boy Slaps Bullies (Best slap ever!)


Jamaican kid slaps the shit out of classmate.