Italian Greyhound Dog and Baby

Ep2: Fun with Italian Greyhound Puppy (Gracie) 2 months old


Having some fun with our puppy Gracie - our 2 month old Italian Greyhound Puppy.

Italian Greyhound cries like a baby


via YouTube Capture.

Rescued Greyhound Dog Was Afraid Of Affection Until He Met His Humans’ Baby


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Italian Greyhound Puppy - Pure happiness


Italian greyhound puppy Shireen (Desert Queen Paloma), 2,5 months old, enjoying after she gets her bed back (after washing ...

Italian Greyhound reacts to Baby..... it?


This is out of the puppy archives. My adorable little Speckle is not quite sure what this is or what to do with it. So funny! Btw..

Getting My Italian Greyhound


Get your own Kermie Worm doggy toy too: Me picking up my new baby puppy, a 3 month old ...

Meet Peach The Puppy


Sorry this video took so long to upload, YouTube le hates me. Some clarification points: this is not Kermits actual baby for those of ...

Italian Greyhound Angelo Play With Baby


This is our 7 month old Italian Greyhound Angelo playing with my nephew :)

Baby Greyhound Puppies who are too Cute to be Real


Meet baby greyhound puppies who are too cute to be real. Cute greyhound puppies playing, italian greyhound puppies running, ...

Cute babies like playing with Greyhound dog- Dog loves Baby


Baby and Italian Greyhound Kiss and play very happy. Dog and baby are best friend. View More: #ifunTV Suscribe Our Channel: ...

Baby Italian Greyhounds | RETRO DAYZ


TBT .... So I found this video in the abyss of video archives. It was uploaded 4 years ago, but never published. Shimmer and ...

Amazing birth of an Italian Greyhound!


It finally happened! On July 1, 2015, my Italian Greyhound gave birth to 6 healthy puppies. 4 boys and 2 girls. Watch Chloes ...

Italian Greyhounds vs Whippets Which is Better? Dog vs Dog


What are the differences between the Whippet and the Italian Greyhound? Which of these sighthounds would win a race? Lets ...Субтитри

Italian Greyhound Dog Play With Baby videos 2017 - DOGS AND BABIES


Italian Greyhound Dog Play With Baby videos 2017 - DOGS AND BABIES WELCOME TO CHANNEL Thanks for watching Please ...

Italian greyhound loves her boy ....


Shimmer loves her boy and cant wait for him to get up in the morning and come home from school.

Italian Greyhound Dog Play With Baby videos - Dog Loves Baby - Funny Dogs Compilation


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Italian Greyhounds meet new baby


Our new baby girl Harper born on 6/5/12 comes home for the first time and gets to meet our 3 IGs.

Baby and Italian Greyhound Kiss and Play


Baby is 8 months old here and has been showing more interest in the dog. The 5 year old Italian Greyhound is very affectionate ...

Italian Greyhound Puppy Does Tricks


3 month old Italian Greyhound Puppy Does Tricks.