Alphabet instruction

How to Teach the Alphabet | Reading Lessons


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Tamil: Lesson #1- Reading the Alphabet


The first video in a series of instruction Tamil presentations.

Alphabet In My Mouth!: Reviewing Alphabet Letter-Sounds with a Fun Song


Students practice alphabet letter-sounds by in this fun song! For more information go to full lesson ...

Lets Learn the Alphabet - Preschool Learning


Alphabets, the building blocks of literacy. Here is a video especially designed to make it easy for your child to recognize these ...

Alphabet Learning and Instruction colloquium with Dr. Shayne B. Piasta


Part of the First Fridays Colloquia series for the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy.Субтитри

Letters of the Alphabet | Capital Letters | Uppercase Letters | Alphabet Workout | Jack Hartmann


Alphabet Workout strengthens alphabet recognition, letter formation skills and fitness of your class. My Alphabet Workout song ...



Dr. Lloyd Miller demonstrates and explains Persian metric poetry to his University class in 2009 and explains the Persian alphabet ...

25 Basic ASL Signs For Beginners | Learn ASL American Sign Language


Want to learn ASL American Sign Language?? Start here!! * 25 Basic ASL Signs for beginners * Link to Part 2 video (25 Basic ...

English Alphabet Pronunciation Instructions, the ABCs ESL/EFL


This is a lesson on how to properly pronounce or say the English Alphabet (the ABCs) for students who are trying to learn the ...

Basic Alphabet Knowledge


In this video, Sharon Walpole demonstrates a Basic Alphabet Knowledge lesson, one of the types of small group instruction in ...

Multisensory Alphabet Instruction


This is a simple, multi sensory way to practice letter formation.

Alphabet Object Song with ASL Letters and Word Signs Instruction


Learn how to sign this easy to sign ASL song featuring the ABCs and 26 signs for words that begin with each letter of the alphabet ...

Learn how to say the letters and sounds in Spanish


Spanish for Beginners - I will teach you every single letter and sound in the Spanish alphabet. From the A to the Z in Spanish.

ASL ABC Lesson and Song - Learn Sign Language Alphabet


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Learn Braille In One Lesson


Grade 1 Braille (now called Uncontracted Braille). Braille revolutionized life for the vision impaired. Discover how this remarkable ...

Writing the Greek Alphabet


Instruction on writing the letters of the Greek alphabet.

How to Write Letters A-Z – Learning to Write the Alphabet for Kids – Uppercase and Lowercase Letters


Lets learn how to write the letters A-Z in our fun learning to write the alphabet for kids video! In this video we go through all the ...Субтитри