The ASMR Sleep Clinic | Tingle Experiment


Hello everybody :) Welcome back to the sleep clinic! Let's test some triggers on you today and see what works for you. (10 points ...

[ASMR] 🎤 Each Ear Microphone Trigger Test ~ 3DIO & Rode NT1


3dio in the left, Rode in the right! What do you think!? I'm on Spotify! And ...

Top Triggers for Sleep and Relaxation ~ 3Dio Style


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ASMR Sleep Clinic & Massage Roleplay (soft spoken/whisper)


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✨ Dreamy Steam ✨ ASMR ♦ Layered Whispers ♦ Hand Movements ♦ Water


Tonight we'll use vapor/steam and layered sounds of water and unintelligible whispers to relax you.

Women's Perfume Emporium 💖 ASMR • Soft Spoken • Liquids • Tapping • Clicky


Hello darling, come test some of these glorious perfumes with me ♥ , we'll listen to the swishy liquids, tap and spritz them as we ...

ASMR - Cranial Nerve Examination, Dr Roleplay (Follow the Light, Foam and Metalic Sounds)


So i've tried to make this my most relaxing cranial nerve examination to date. I've incorporated some new triggers and added a ...

ASMR Eating Raw Honeycomb ~ EXTREMELY Sticky Mouth Sounds! 🍯


Extra sticky raw honeycomb is on today's menu. Featuring extremely sticky mouth sounds, ear to ear up close binaural soft ...

Extremely Tingly ASMR


Tonight we use the Rode NT1 Microphones to help you relax and fall asleep fast. This video has some intensely relaxing triggers ...

ASMR Candy Eating (Intense Mouth Sounds, Marshmallows, Gummy Bears, Plastic sounds...)


Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes Intense Mouth Sounds, Crackling sounds, Scratching sounds, Plastic ...

ASMR Ear to Ear Attention ONLY. 4 Hour Trigger Compilation. Intense Tingles. No Talking


ASMR Zeitgeist provides YOU with a 4 HOUR (!) trigger compilation of only the best ear to ear attention! No Talking. Get ready for ...

ASMR Whimpering & Moaning 👄 Soft Breathing & Ear Blowing (Layered for Pleasure)


Hi everyone, do me a favor and give this video a LIKE that way I know if I should do more of these. I want to take this opportunity to ...

PLEASE Read comments - ASMR Super intense ear eating


NEWEST ASMR VIDEO - You can also find me ...

ASMR 40MIN Relaxing Scratching & Tapping + Closeup Whispering


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This ASMR Video Will Give You Tingles 100%


Can't get the tingles? This ASMR video plans to help you not only cure your tingle immunity, but help you relax and fall asleep!

[ASMR] Intense Ear Attention & Mouth Sounds (Tktktk, Clicking, Shooooop)


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[ASMR] Whispered Wig Try-On ♡


WIIIIIIGS!!! This video is not sponsored, but I put all of the info below in case you're interested :) I bought all of these with my own ...

ASMR Witch's Magic Spa Treatment💧


Hello everyone! It's Latte :) Because halloween is soon so I wanted to make another witch video this time. In this video I will give ...