kids slap

Father and son playing slaps VERY FUNNY! RIGHT or WRONG ?


Whats your view about this video is it right or wrong ?

Kiss or Slap Me!


In this part prank, part dare, part experiment, a prankster asks girls to act fast and "Kiss or slap me!" Subscribe to our channel: ...

savage kids slap boxing


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Indian Kids Asked To Slap A Girl


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“Slap Him": Children's Reactions


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The moment boys are asked to hit a girl


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Epic Brother Fight in Slow Motion (Loop)


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People Slap in Kids - The Supercut (Not Suitable for Children)


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“Slap her": children's reactions


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The Slap 2


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Little boy slaps brother with a slap from Hell


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The Slap - Part 2 Intro


I'am not owner of this video. I'am just re-uploading it to YouTube. The owner is Logan Wade ...

Kid slapped by fly swatter Remix


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