italian greyhound playing

The Italian Greyhound and a whoopee cushion


Trevi has an inexplicable fear/fascination of whoopie cushions.

More precious Italian Greyhound Moments


cantgetenough!! SHIMMER. SPARKLE. SPECKLE #sweetbabies.

Italian Greyhound gets Triggered | #dogswithissues


Cooped up in that indoor winter life! Shimmer is not even close to being half as fierce as she looks! Speckles antagonism is all in ...

Italian greyhound puppy busts a move 💃 on the cat 🐱


Ludwig and Daisy. Italian greyhound tries winning over Daisy cat by prancing and dancing and doing his thing. She dont seem ...

Italian Greyhound Puppy playing with Basketball * Cute *


Sparkle 10 weeks old playing with basketball.

12 week old Italian Greyhound puppies playing in a ball pit


My two full bred Italian Greyhound pups going to town in a ball pit.

Running like crazy... Italian Greyhounds waited all winter for this!!!


Shimmer and Sparkle have waited all winter to finally get out to romp and run hard.

3 Italian Greyhounds _ Empty Room with Boy and a Toy


One thing Is is they like empty spaces to run n play in and they love a clean environment so they can mess it ...

Italian Greyhounds vs Whippets Which is Better? Dog vs Dog


What are the differences between the Whippet and the Italian Greyhound? Which of these sighthounds would win a race? Lets ...Субтитри

How Italian Greyhounds Play with each other _ romper ninjas


This is normal everyday behavior for these silly girls. Can you pick out whos most ninja??

Italian greyhound loves her boy ....


Shimmer loves her boy and cant wait for him to get up in the morning and come home from school.

Italian Greyhound Play Date 2014 Jan 26


Lots of Italian Greyhounds playing at Mantayo Kennels in Denver Colorado. This is the Sunday Morning Playdate hosted by Italian ...

Italian Greyhound Dog Play With Baby videos - Dog Loves Baby - Funny Dogs Compilation


Italian Greyhound Dog Play With Baby videos - Dog Loves BabyThanks For Watching ! Please Like Share Comment If You Like ...

Italian Greyhound | playing ball on the beach | Cambito


More pictures videos Praia de Lucena/PB.

Italian greyhound personality (at play)


Please ! Italian greyhounds are not for everyone. They shouldnt be kept by someone who works all day as they shouldnt be left ...

Italian Greyhound taunts Whippet to play!


Two Whippets are staying with us whilst their owners are on holiday. (We know them well.) Dasher soons finds who is the most ...