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[ASMR] 1 Hour Tapping for Sleep Relaxation | No Talking


Gibi Merch Giveaway! Go to to follow and retweet to win! -2 Winners, announced on my Twitter ...

22 ASMR Tapping Triggers | No Talking | Intensely Relaxing Sounds


22 ASMR Tapping triggers for your tingles, relaxation and sleep ❤ with love from me ❤ Emma Nail Polish is by ...CC

ASMR 20 TASCAM Triggers for Sleep Tingles (NO TALKING) Deep Relaxing Ear to Ear Sounds 💙 3 Hours


3 Hours of over 20 Tascam Triggers for sleep (Classic and Experimental ASMR) ❤ Hello again :) This is a verrry long sound ...

ASMR Fast Triggers for Intense tingles (ASMR No Talking)


ASMR Fast Triggers for Intense tingles (ASMR No Talking). This is asmr video with different triggers, fast, intense, some ...

ASMR 10 Sounds for Tingle Immunity 1.5 Hr (No Talking)


Welcome back to my channel! This video includes an assortment of sounds including hand sounds, tapping/scratching/tracing on ...

ASMR 100 TRIGGERS in 12 minutes 🌙✨ АСМР 100 ТРИГГЕРОВ за 12 МИНУТ 😴


В этом АСМР видео вас ждет 100 ШУТОЧНЫХ и мурашистых триггеров за 12 минут! Эта версия ЮМОРистическая! :3 Вам понравился ...New

ASMR 150 triggers. 4 mics. 10 mins.


This is a very requested video :) And yes, I tried to add humor (and you know my humor). This is my artistic interpretation of ...CC

ASMR Tapping Study


Hellooo! Here is one hour of pure tapping and scratching on binaural Bob the dummy head mic :) This has to be the most ...New

SATISFYING Mic Exploration 🤤🎤 ASMR • No Talking • Tapping • Brushing • Sticky fingers • Wind cover


Good Evening! :) Tonight lets enjoy soothing sounds of this glorious microphone. Timestamps: 0-preview, 01:20 - gentle tapping ...New

ASMR Deep Brain Scratch (No Talking)


Welcome back to my channel! This video includes mic scratching using different items. Timestamp: 00:00 preview 00:36 forks ...

ASMR – FABULOUS FRANK – Countless Triggers. Massive Tingles. No Talking. (2.5 Hours!)


ASMR Zeitgeist presents everybodys favorite binaural microphone: FABULOUS FRANK! Get ready for a 2.5 hour long no talking ...

ASMR Realistic! 10 Scalp Massage Hair Brushing 😚 (No Talking)


This is ASMR head triggers, scalp and head massage also hair brushing no talking video! :) I used my pure hands, fingers ...

ASMR Sponge Mic 💙 (NO TALKING) Scratching, Brushing, Crinkle, Squishing, Fluffy Massage, Rain


ASMR Sponge Mic without talking ~ Intense deep ear triggers Hello! Tonight we have some old school Magic triggers ✨ I ...

ASMR 10 Hours of Tapping, Crinkle Trigger Sounds - No Talking Just Sounds


ASMR 10 Hours of my Previous Best Tapping, Crinkle s Joined together - No Talking Just Sounds. Sounds ...

ASMR 50 Triggers over 3 Hours (NO TALKING) Ear Cleaning, Massage, Tapping, Peeling, Umbrella MORE


Over 50 varied tingles, using Binaural Bob, the 3Dio and the Rode NT1 mics!

[ASMR] (No Talking) Soft Face and Ear Brushing For Sleep


What can I really say? ;) This video is very minimal talking (some mouth sounds like shoop), something you dont see from me too ...

ASMR Most Powerful Triggers to Stimulate Your Tingles (NO TALKING)


ASMR Most Powerful Triggers to Stimulate Your Tingles (NO TALKING) - These are different asmr trigger for tingles, relaxation ...

ASMR Pure Brain Massage (No Talking)


Welcome back to my channel! This video includes mic scratching over different materials Timestamp: 00:00 preview 00:39 fluffy ...New