Children Stories in Italian

The Greatest Treasure: Learn Italian with subtitles - Story for Children ""


Peter has set out on a treasure hunt. Will you care to join him? Illustrations: Stoopid Animations Music: Holger Jetter Animation: ...

Italian Slow Reading of Little Red Riding Hood-Cappuccetto Rosso|Italian Stories Bits#2


Italian captions available :) Learn Italian, Slow reading of the children's story Little Red Riding ...

Tucket the Bucket: Learn Italian with subtitles - Story for Children ""


Tucket is tossed into a corner due to his hole. Watch him become the garden favorite again. Illustrations: Charudatta Prabhu Desai ...

TuTiTu Language Learning | English to Italiano- Inglese a italiano


In TuTiTu's Language Learning series, TuTiTu announces the toy's name first in English, then in a second language. That way ...

The Four Friends: Learn Italian with subtitles - Story for Children ""


A deer, a tortoise, a crow and a mouse are worried about the hunter's traps. Will they outwit him? Illustrations: Jyothi Fucile Music: ...

Imparare L'italiano


Imparare L'italiano seguendo questo simpatico cartone animato composto da dialoghi e parole semplici di uso quotidiano.

Italian for kids - The colors - I colori


Cornette the unicorn has lost all her colors. Do you want to help her find them again ? All you have to do is to say the magic spell ...

36 min - The complete italian ABC - learn italian


Learn the letters and the alphabetic characters by singing and learning along with these Videos! subscribe to our channel for ...

The First Well: Learn Italian with subtitles - Story for Children ""


A warrior sets out in search of water to save his kingdom from drought. He brings home what they think is a 'water-seed'.

Rosa Goes to the City: Learn Italian with subtitles - Story for Children ""


Rosa escapes from the zoo and wanders about the city looking for someone. Want to join in her adventures? Author: Amit Garg ...

Learn Italian With Short Stories


eng ita dialogues feb 2017.

Teach Your Children Italian with Professor Toto


Award-winning Professor Toto teaches kids Italian through humorous and stimulating animated characters, vocabulary-rich songs, ...

Turtle's Flute: Learn Italian with subtitles - Story for Children ""


Turtle, a gifted flutist, is trapped by a greedy man. How will she escape now? Author: Amit Garg Illustrations: Emanuele Scanziani ...

Ciao = Hello | Italian stories and books for kids


Watch more Italian Stories. italian-for-kids/ Ciao, Hello - Italian learning for kids. Italian learning books ...