[ASMR] Daisy Gives You a Tattoo (Soft Spoken Roleplay)

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Come in come in! Just be a little quiet... you brought cash right?Enjoy your tattoo session with Daisy! She has some wonderful designs for you. No, that's not an electric toothbrush silly.... uh...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My upload schedule:►Every Tuesday►Every Thursday►Every Saturday------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(💖☀️Seeking Therapy or Counseling? Try online.))

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Oh my god, I’d CRY if a tattoo artist signed their name on my skin 😂
Anubis Pup
Aurelia Agustina Vlogs
Her: keep your voice down\nMe: *SCREAMS GENTLY*
Austin Shaul
I really actually wanted the cute little kite like if unagree
Ayano Aishi
she used an electric toothbrush as the tattoo machine lol
Baby Smurf16
She crushing on us boys
BeefBossFan 472
Apparently you can get tattoos with a electric Toothbrush...\n\nWhat has humanity done.....
Bella Bear
*U HaVe CaSh*\n*nO cUz I’m BrOkE aS fudge cakes* \n*(Keep it family friendly kids)*
Bored Panda
*Draws Kite*\nDaisy:Oh that one really cool, Prolly my best work yet!\nMe: I am so sorry for you...
BoskoGamer2000 0
4:40\nDaisy:Oh!Your hands are quite cold! \nDaisy:Im hotblooded *Wink*\n😂😂😂
Braden Seems
I still have my arm so I'm calling this a victory
BunnyHops x
Daisy: I can pierce anything?\nMe: * My private urinal area*\nDaisy: Ok, no piercing then..
Best wrist I've ever seen\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOk......
Celeste Orchid
Fricken pickle gets me every time
Chloe Sivers
She kinda sounds like Penelope off of wreck it Ralph😂
Cookie princess
Damn, can't decide between full moon and Pepperoni...
Cordial Cactus90
how do you keep that voice up?
Daniel Johnson
Deirdree Baxter
Daisy: are you allergic to pen inc\nMe: highly allergic \nDaisy: what about tattoo inc\nMe: also very highly allergic
Disgaybled Princess
Daisy: you have beautiful wrists\nMe, wrists full of scars and bruises and hickys: Thanks, my bf thinks that too~
Dramione Shiper
I was not feeling well and first thouhgt that came in my mind was Daisy 🌼❤️and this made me feel better ❤️
Dylan Shockley
I have my tattoo gun **pulls out toothbrush**
Ellie King
This is one of my favourites, I always get lots of tingles in this one.
Emo Football kid
4:45 did anyone see that cheeky wink?
Ford Furu Thomas
Uuhmm.... Doesn't whisky make tour blood go around
Gabbylicious Bae
Daisy: Do you feel sanitized?\nMe: No because thats not sanitizer! *skin burns off*
Galetham Libra
Not really the 11pm but more 2am appointment
Gianni Bodeutsch
How is Daisy not in prison yet?
So do y'all have Twitter? ;) https://twitter.com/GibiOfficial
Grace Nolan
did she just..? put..? CLEAN SCREEN...? on my....? WRIST?!?!
Heavenly Controller
This is *_DEFINITELY_* a bad idea LMAO
Hey Yall
She protecc\n\nShe attacc\n\nBut most importantly....\n\n\nShe give me pickle tatt
Isaiah Converse
I don't feel to comfortable about those fun gloves 😂😂😂
Itz Izzy
*Daisy: are you allergic to tattoo ink?*\n*Me:* no\n*Daisy: how about pen ink?*\n*Me:* yes, why would you—\n*Daisy: good, right*\n*Me:* but why do you need pen in—\n*Daisy: So do you have an emergency contact...*\n*Me:* oh no get me outta here
Jazzy Rose
*I can pierce anything*\n\nLooks down
Jehovahs RaeLilly
I fell like she is trying to flirt with the clint im glad its not real
Jesus Arechiga
Geee I can’t decide if I want the full moon or pepperoni tattoo :/
Joycee22 AJPW
Daisy: Do you have an emergency contact?\n\nMe: No.. I have no friends and all my relatives are dead\n\nDaisy: Oh. Perfect!
Just Another Person Named Bob Ross
Oh yes, sorry I should mention my skin is sandpaper
Justyce Haley
Who else did this when she was talking and she said don’t talk loud and started talking really loud😂😂
KIM William SH
The pickle one is quite cute\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWait i hate pickles
Khadejah berry
Kitten 426
She’s so pretty in this vid I love that blue hair ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
LPS Pizza Girl
Hmmm....I can't choose between the pepperoni or the full moon....
Lili Bibi
Daisy: “I can pierce anything” ;) \nMe: (slowly backs away)
Llama Corn
Lists different sizes of tattoos :\n Me: extra extra large \nHer: ok small\nMe:that's urm fine I guess..\nHer: where would you like it?\nMe : ON MY TITS \nher: ok your wrist\n\nMe : *holds up arms* \nI HAVE NO WRISTS !!
Lonley Potato
that paper towel roll cured my depression
Daisy is my go to artist I have gotten like 5 tattoos from her.
You can pierce my di- nevermind
Macy Walden
*touches hair and face, after puts gloves on*\n“Now that everything is sterile...”
Mamamia Meghan
This is daisy 👱🏻\u200d♀️\n 👗\n 👠👠\nHer favourite part of the video is 6:04 \nDon’t let her sink in the comments she can’t swim.
Marcelina Muttson
You look like Frenchy from grease XD
Marcus Oliver
I fixed the title: Daisy gives you ligma
Marie Smith
Daisy: we can do a moon \nOr we can do a full moon \nOr a pepperoni\nMe: half asleep a peppero... WAIT WHAT!
Mathu Easton
*I call these my fun gloves*\n0.0 \n*I only put these on when something fun about to happen*\n(Back's away slowly)
Maxine Noble
Me: hmm why are your hands so shaky\nDaisy:i had alot of read bull.\n*i think back to wen i whanted wisky **sees wisky bottles* REDBULL hu?!
Daisy: You don’t put gloves on unless something fun’s about to happen \nMe: I put gloves on to clean the toilet \nDaisy: Ain’t that the truth
Rapunzel ASMR
'dont be scared'\nill try after seeing those drawings XD
Did that hurt?\nYes, that was extremely painful\nOk I'm gonna dip it in the ink now\nYou mean......you did that painful line for nothing?
Rebecca Van Treeck
Sarah bear
0:00 Daisy invites you in her \
I feel like daisy was trying to flirt is that normal ;-;
Sleepy Kyru
Splash O' Colors
She has the CUTEST VOICE!
When you said “You must be my 11pm appointment” my clock changed to 11pm immediately 🤔🤔
Summer T
I wanted the pickle tattoo so I could be part of the pickle squad \nLike if you know where that is from😛😜😋👍
Sunshine Studios
I was watching this video with full volume, add pop's up and says DID YOU KNOW 90% OF PEOPLE BECOME DEAF BECAUSE OF HIGH VOLUME!?
Taylor ASMR
My only goal in life is to have Daisy tattoo me
That Weird Kid
The paper towel buddy is making me feel worst
The Gacha Squad
Daisy: You want this in black and white correct?\nMe: no I want it in pickle juice\nDaisy: I like it!
The Gaming Watermelon
Daisy: I'm just going to have to hold your hand, don't be scared.\n\nMe: *I do feel scared*
Did you just tattoo yourself on my arm?...
Yuh a chill dude
Do you feel sanitized?\nNo\n*g o o d*
Yungplagues Girl
I just need one more dollar then I can buy one of your shirtssss 💕💕💕
Yuri Sato
I'm very touched my wrist is the best wrist you've ever seen ❤️
How do I feel after getting a tattoo here?\n\n\n\n\nDaisy’d and confused.\n\nHa.
_Darija Pjankova_
*Why are all these comments so good and funny asksksks* 😂😂
alana jorja
Next episode: Daisy in court
bailey pilbecker
I put gloves on when im bout to strangle someone.
cloutt buckett
Bro i love her voices she gives me Grease the movie vibes 😋😋😋👌💛
gatcha Artis
Daisy: you can just find me on Craigslist\nMe:WHAT THE F***
ilona Dogi
That's a Electric THOOTHBRUSH XD
Next up: Daisy sells u crack
Yay an electrical toothbrush skin penetration
ur mom gae
ill take an xtra large pickle on my belly
what you doin in my swamp?!
I love your f ing hair it's blue and I love it!!
Opps wrong video