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BRAIN TIME ► There is probably not a single person in the world that hasn't heard of the Shaolin Temple. Not everyone is interested in documentary films, but the abundance of movies about the life of the Temple and the monks has helped everyone to get to know it a little. However, this information is quite superficial, especially in Hollywood movies. Do you know why the Shaolin masters are so strong and invincible? What difficulties and adversities did they have to overcome in order to become real pros? Today we will tell you the detailed history of the monastery's formation and reveal the secrets of the monks.

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Amila Suwa
This is anything but Buddhism, which should be strictly reserved to Theravada found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. Ridding of all attachments, all hared and all ignorance = Buddhism. Learning to fighting to survive or the sake of improving fitness = worldy life detached from self promotion far detached from fundamental aim of true detachment and one's liberation based around meththa--loving kindness for friends and foe. So there is no time for a true Buddhist monk to learn to fight. Mahayana Buddhism should NOT be linked with Theravada Buddhism. The two are like Asian Elephant and African Elephant.
Andy Webb
I bet they don’t tolerate any monky business. 😬
46th like 44th view Youtube whyyy
Azabuv Sobelo
5:40 the 1972 bro science moment where you realize this narrator is actually an idiot
Beedkar Suraj
Shaolin monestry ane the seven deadly arts were taught to China by Indian monks in the age of Emperor Ashoka.
Brock McKenzie
Shaolin Kung Fu,Will Feast on Any Style of Martial Arts.These Shaolin Monks would Eat Anyones Style Alive.
C A Grant
How do they have \
If a monk was an MMA fighter his unbeatable...
I think there is a lot of misinformation or ignorance when it comes to the idea of strength. For one point, bodybuilders exercise FOR size. Strongmen exercise with strength in mind. I believe the former intentionally damage their muscle so it grows, and the latter simply strengthen it. It isn't very surprising about the correlation between the monks' strength and size, because I would refer you to my favorite strongman role model when it comes to learning to be strong and outperform people that think mass = strength. Look up Arthur Saxon (Born 1878 in Leipzig, Germany. Was world renown and has records that were unbeaten for the longest time, and some I believe still unbeaten today. The guy was like a Hercules but smaller than the buffed out guys that surrounded him), and if you want to, look up his book titled \
But in actual Buddha was born in NEPAL.\nSo that's why NEPAL is the land of BUDDHA
Dance to the BaileyBeat
S7m0n1 Entertainment says\n\
Das Carlin
Everyone has heard of the shaolin monks? sir let me point you to papua new guinea and north korea.
who else knows of shaolin because of Wu Tang
Talk to much
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
Donald Trump WILL be a two-term President!
Elvis Božič
Wanna see one of them against Crocop or Emelianenko.... hmmm....
Eric Matkowski
Most of the shaolin monks didn't practice martial arts. They practiced chan buddhism, etc \n The once who practiced were called Warrior Monks and they eat meat and they were muscled. They were defenders of the temple because in the old \ntimes they were attacked many times etc. They used mostly weapons. They participated in many old china wars.\nThey were the main force against Japanese pirates.\nThe temple today has nothing to do with the old one this same the art. It is just a money making circus organized by communist government some acrobatics etc etc with a brand mark and branches around the world. They don't really fight.\nThe last survived monks after the old destructions in 17 century were called 5 elders (5 wandering monks). China mafia 'Triads' believes that \nthe founders of the organisation which had different goals at the beginning(cult and oppositionists) were the five elders together with the Ming loyalists as a opposition to the dynasty which destroyed the temple. The art was passed inside the triads but temple was vanished. It was rebuilt later by others but this is a different story. Heard that from chinese folks
Favorite podcast
Chinese kungfu..
Frank Castle
Drunken Monkey style does not beat Glock fu
HBN Infotech - Tutorials
So who can defeat the shaolin monks anyway?
How is it possible that i just finished my Shaolin Monk reasearch and this apeared?0
5:19 me trying to swat a mosquito in my room
I think it is waste of one's life. Nothing wrong with intense training, but to make it a religion will drain you and own you... and a good 160 lb amateur boxer will destroy a 230 lb body builder, as well as most street thugs
Hurcinio Rivera-Lourido
and we lost that what use to be the real Shaolin masters forever that what u see now is just a little of what it left behind from Shaolin
Infinite Videos. lmt
Tommorow is my maths test, what am i doing here?
Iszk Marshellin
Thre Is a lot secret martial art out thre 🙃 u sure can beat any opponent ? Human hve limitations 😶 Ps if big guy can't hurt your muscle thy can break your bone 😐 Just bcareful dnt drespect other capabilities
Jaron Legel
From where comes this nonsense that the training schedule of the monks would give them huge muscles? You get big muscles from the way you train. Train slowly with heavy weights, you get big muscles which contract slowly. Train fast and light weights, you get smaller muscles which contract fast. According to these stupid comments a marathon runner should have huge leg muscles...\nProtein can only be obtained from plants. The protein that comes from animal products are second-hand protein. It is the protein that the animal derived from plants that it consumed. \nShaolin are buddhist and therefor consider any life holy, and wont kill animals nor consume it. The myth that you need to consume animal products in order to be healthy is debunked by these monks....
Joe Exotic
Shaolin monks are so strong because they never masturbate.
Jun Lei
I haven’t heard about it
Katherine Zhang
Chinese ppl like me go to shaolin temples to pray to monks
Kenneth Bartlett
Dr Evil , this for you! Where do you think Jeet kune do came from mixture of martial arts,. Duh!\nBeing able to adapt to whatever is in front of you. This why men who practice one set style are getting destroyed now . And no said he fought in paid matches . And yes his consider the god father of MMA and still to this day the most physically fit man on the planet . Now your facts . 8 yrs full contact modo kwon Tae kwon do. (Retired)\nAnd as far as being fool . A fool is man says knows about something but really doesn't know what he is talking about.
Kenny McCormick
Anyone else think they can be them after watching this?
Kracken Nuts
How to become strong as a monk guide..\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n1. Shave your head bald
Lance Baker
@Mind Warehouse: \
The Shaolin lineage died out in the last century. In 1979, there were no martial monks left at the temple, just a few very old meditative monks. They are long gone and they took the lineage with them. The ones you see now are just students from the nearby wushu schools in Dengfeng and those are the ones you see training en mass in the video.
Leonard Wong
Shaolin is about Buddhism not Kung fu. Martial arts is the art of health and self defense. Shaolin is a temple. \nLosing it's religious meaning. Turning it into a martial arts playground instead of what it is meant to be. \nMoral values and Buddhism.
Logan Hinshaw
You're actually wrong about what they eat Shaolin Monks have a strict diet of tofu and vegetables. They have a very strict vegan diet they very rarely eat meat if any.
Woah amazing
Magelle delos Trinos
When I’m boarded I watch your vids
Mark Davis
I remember when Kung Fu starring David Carradine debuted. I was totally glued to the TV
Mo_ Musashi_28
The Shaolin & the Wu Tang could be dangerous..
Mohammed Dokrat
*- the y you have any problems with the y you have any problems with the y you have any problems with the y you have any problems or the other way round to get the-*
At 0:32 I see the monk doing pushups ON THE WRONG KNUCKLES. You're supposed to do them on the two largest, most prominent knuckles. NOT on the smaller, weaker knuckles of the ring finger and pinky. Yet, at 0:54, none of the knuckles of the praying monks had any callous built up on any of the knuckles. How is that possible? I had to stop halfway through this video. It is nonsense. They are NOT learning fighting skills. They are learning and practicing GYMNASTICS and CALISTHENICS. That nonsense of breaking a cement block on a monk's stomach is just a meaningless trick to impress audiences who watch these demonstrations are have no idea of what they are seeing. And for all that training, when you see them without shirts on, they are a bunch of muscle-LESS, ordinary guys and some are FAT. Some training.
Neil Mukhopadhyay
so...the old school shaolin monks are being modernized...the abbot takes part in political meetings...makes the sacred training a tourist attraction...and even charges for anyone else reminded of catholic christianity?....if that is indeed the case,then they should beware what comes next
OliverMulcahy 04
Oscar Rodriguez
What's that
2:12 Who thought that said hentai?
Propa J.O.E.
I'm only here cause of the wu tang clan
India is the legend
Yh but no one will ever be able to touch Bruce Lee's level
Retarded Hamster
They are vegetarian because according to buddhism you must not harm animals, not even squish a bug, or else you can't get reincarnated to the net life or go to heaven after your life, not because of body building. (also they can't eat garlics, chives, leeks, onions...any vegetables that leave bad breath after consuming)
Rich Rozmarn
Did anyone notice Stevie Wonder in the clip at 10:43?
Rodigo Duterte
I watch this because I also want to be strong like them so I can beat everyone who wrongly copyclaim and copystriked anyone injusticely on Youtube, wish me luck
Rohan Sharma
Because of chi ?
S7m0n1 Entertainment
Can use your video? In our country your videos are very popular.. but most of the people don't understand English properly.. so I wanted to translate your videos...
Sage Morris
Love your vids bro.
Samantha Banman
Hi omg I made it
Sanjay Pradhan
lord \
Scott J. Berger
This video confuses Shaolin Kung Fu with the history of all Chinese kung fu monasteries. It fails to mention so much history. The shaolin temple is just one of the WuShu (Kung Fu) monasteries and that WuShu was outlawed by the Comunist Gov and all monks were arrested but the shaolin monks, as the shaolin temple was too high in the mountains for the chineese military to reach, then just after WW2 the gov brought back martial arts as the new gov sanctioned Wing Chun. The Shaolin temple was never bombed or burned, though all of the other monasteries were. Many monks fled the attacks to take refuge in the Shaolin temple, knowing it would be safe. The Saolin temple was known as the hidden temple amongst the clouds and was only revealed to the public when the gov challenged them to prove their old art was better than the new comunist govs Wing Chun.
Sedem Senanu
I agree
Shruti soni
What is their diet???? And which kungfu temples are best in China For girls?? Are foreigners allowed please tell if anyone knows( if you know then only) how much it cost to get admitted there
Sores Club
I know showlin monks from Mortal Kombat lol
5:19 When a sniper shot goes past you in fortnite
Surakshith Surakshith
Shaiolin temple was found by a indian, BODHIDHARMAN, I proud to be a Indian
Terminator Predator
pff every shaolin monk always lost a fight against UFC-like fighter, so why do people here think they are so strong :)) get your facts straight people the reality doesn't reflect the Bruce lee movies :))))
The Atheist
36 levels of Shaolin?
I was born in China, and lived in China for more than 20 years. My uncle was a martial artist and a veteran of Chinese army several decades ago. This video did a good job. I can testify that part of the video is true, but part of the video isn't.\nI believe these are true:\n(1) Shaolin martial arts did have a history of about 1500 years.\n(2) Bodhidharma may not be the one who created Shaolin martial arts, but he is widely believed to be the creator.\n(3) Shaolin fighting monks did train very hard.\n(4) Shaolin monks did not have much freedom.\n(5) Shaolin Temple was destroyed several times because of the wars.\n(6) The Chinese government did invite martial artists who learnt Shaolin martial arts to teach the monks after the destruction of Shaolin Temple last century.\n\nI believe these should be corrected:\n(7) Shaolin fighting monks have been allowed to eat meat since the establishment of Tang Dynasty (7th century). (Non-fighters haven't.) Check this article to see how Shaolin monks eat meat: (You will need Google translation.)\n(8) There is no \
Travis H
Another BIG contributor to the lack of bulky muscles would be those daily massages you mentioned earlier in the video.\n\nThe massages remove built up lactic acid from the damaged muscles, making them heal up more lean and dense rather than bulky. Professional swimmers do the same thing when training to prevent from bulking up and slowing their swim times.
Vikas Mane
This all is bullahit... Just a myth..\nThere is lots of videos that MMA guys beating these monk AF..\nBt not a single that monk beating MMA guy..\nThey are only demonstrators.
Wages of Sinn
Well when it comes to striking force. We know that Force = Mass X Acceleration so if someone can move very fast without much muscle weight behind their strike they're likely to hit just as hard as someone who has large muscles but moves slower. 2 x 3 is equal to 3 x 2.
Wendall Wedgewood
Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future
Wow, a very informative video. TFS
Xdogey 666
So thIs is there secret
You And Me
ahmed hakeem
It's funny how they train their whole life training and I can make them bow down for me using a gun
anton tan
5:04 Wrong, They practice Tiger, Snake, Crane, Monkey, Praying Mantis
cliff Jason Pellegrino Owens
Why doesn’t he talk about how the top official monks/abbots did not want tai chi and shaolin ways to end up in the western world, and then a monk left the temple and traveled to NYC and built the temple on canal st. To spread the ways, solve that mystery u turkey buzzard, u know nothing about monks, except for what all fans already know lol thanks for nada.......
dat russian
2:24 enemy team\nmy team :
This was more than a video
gagid a
well if you train even before u can speak, Im pretty sure you will be strong
holy crab
james fiaco
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Chinese authorities after WW2 finding and \
mast mllang
mel obrien
In a street fight there's no time to do any fancy shit.
phoenix king 242
I respect these monks vert much they work very hard but watching there actuall martial arts is flawed with no protection to the had and the time it takes to actually make contact
prakhar nagpal
Shaolin were created because of Indian monks \n\n\n\n\n\n\nI’m an Indian \n\n\n\n\nAnd I just lost my shit
sexy korean girl
bruce lee can win in a 1vs1?
shane mcnamee
What a load of rubbish! No mention of the cultural revolution! It was the communist party and the gang of four that destroyed Shaolin kung fu.
Shaolin Kung-Fu is all about the knowledge of the self for everyone, these are humble and gracious teachings that can easily relate to real world results (mostly for health benefice and long life with healthier body makes for much happier life, it is much more appropriate for general population rather then those specific crowd of the MMA world). life worthy of any and all single seconds you will invest of yourself. It is important to become aware of your physical potentiality and capabilities to become more confident toward the unknown of life that you will face for the rest of your life. Have a good one !
trim ademi
if u think about it they train all their life but for what do you need that when one bullet it all it takes to take you down