5 Incredible Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded!

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5 Incredible Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded!Subscribe►► This Content Is Family Friendly and can be watched by Kids .

... Moments Wouldn’t Believe You Wouldn’t Believe You wont believe caught on camera caught on tape incredible moments unbelievable unbelievable videos

A4 Eagles
The lady wass da Best love dath \nWhat s the name of \nSong? \nPlz \nThnxx
Al Rockman
Does anybody know the guitar solo song on the last video
Ooooooh!! Man, I felt that hit sitting behind my monitor screen. Huge hit. 😵\n\nI love watching stupendous basketball shots on and off the courts. 🏀\n\nHooray for the talented lady. Climbing up and down that pole the way she did was 👌🏻
5, The guy in better shape got to his feet first but a good hit none the less.\n4, Shame the chute opened.\n3, Happens more often than you think.\n2, Give it a kick.\n1, A midget in a house of mirrors.\n\nMore bullshit brought to you by another clickbait channel.
Bass Pro37
I don't think I could live another day, if I haven't watched this video. It straight sucks.
Ben Panknen
That Blasting music is a nuisance. It is way too loud, and it's not needed. There is sound in the actual happening.
Beric Harper
That last peice was more of a gymnastics pole than a stripper's. I have been to a few strip clubs, so I know what I'm talking about ;)...
Bill Blast
3:10 *CLICK BAIT, SEE WHY* The rat was only doing it parental job of guarding it's baby that appeared dead one step up on the right side. 3:56 That women wasn't using it as a stripper pole, she was using it as a workout tool, seriously. She did pull ups, then went to hang on it sideways before getting down, if she was using it as a stripper pole where's the stripping or sexual part & why wasn't she spinning around the pole?? CLICK BAIT!!!!
Blind Freddy
two words \naspect\nratio
might have looked better if the lady on the lamp pole did'nt look like she was 4 foot tall and 3 wide
Cameron Angel
Pretty sure I'd believe any of that if ya just told me
03:59 Ya thats great ,now go make me a sandwich
ChRis Butcher
No respect for strippers!
the lady-dwarf was amazing :)
Cindy Ramirez
the first one was the best one i ever saw 💪🏻
I would NEVER HAVE BELIEVED that a woman climbed a pole and two cousins ran at each other. Thank God it was recorded.
Cute XD
The rat from philippines in divisoria are going viral😂
D E A D W 6 R L D
You know how many bums have peed or spit on that pole.. and shes barefoot on it.. yuck
Dan Rodriguez
Chick on the light pole....\nConsidered public loitering n possibly criminal mischief... But then again, if blonde, she was looking to get illuminated? Nice ass though...
Danny Yang
I click to see her..I was hoping for more goodies.
#1 just cheap and tawdry.
David Hall
Wow, two big guys ran into each other... That's unheard of.
Deb Blevins
Delboy Trotter
Holy Moly.......... That was stunning, amazing, wonderful, never would have believed it had it not been recorded, never to see something like this, ever again, in my lifetime!!!\nNope, I lied, same as your title!! Very ordinary in fact!
Denis Kostic
not bad this is reality and that's reason why is good!!!!!!
Edward X
I was waiting for the chick on the click bait of this video and the moment she came on to do her thing... I was like uh...no! and came down here to post my comment
El Ram
That's not a lady - that's a stripper. Two different things.
Flem Hawker
Well, what utter bollocks.
Foolish As f/uck
The first one was. It incredible 👎🏻👎🏻
Gerrit Peacock
PT is a hitter!
Greg W
Did anybody notice that was a white boy that made that full court basket.
This is just incredible, I have never seen things like this. I'm glad you recorded everything. I just arrived from Mars ( I'm Martian by the way).
Thumbs down for the severely distorted last clip of the click bait chick! That was almost as bad as, Peter Piper, picked a pack of prickly, pickled peppers!
Hawkie M
A rat in an escalator???Amaaaazing!! Whoever made this video should get outside more
Jeff Cranford
The first and second one was AWESOME!!
Jessica Read
I am sorry for the rat on stair well. It just needs a hug from someone good to save it.
Jim Bathie
Rosie is ridiculous, but she misworded her comment. Jet fuel can't melt steel. Fire can when it comes out of an oxy-acetylene torch. Flight 175 and 93 weren't carrying those when they supposedly both hit the Twin Towers. But nice deflection from the truth.
What a bully in the first clip. That older gentleman knew who would win, without question, that's why a coward like him took the challenge from a kid in the first place, a kid who didn't know what he was getting in to. What a disgraceful video. If you want to teach children \
Joachim Sudergat
A hooker one place one.\nRemarkable channel.
John Brown
The first one, though
K Adams
son you need to delete your Instagram page cause he absolutely rolled his cousin 😂😂😂😂
muscly chicks yerk
Kenyon Shultz
That Buzzer Beater was great!
Klugscheisser Dan
Knuckles Dragon
Love the basketball clip. That poor player was dog-piled and pummeled. \
Kristofer Saseniuk
Poor rat just wanted to be loved
Let us Play with Cheats
Come on, this is on the Moon. It is lighter! :D
Marie Bradshaw
Cool vid
Maryann Anderson
The base jumper apparently jumped because someone DARED him to jump.  I have never understood this.  Wonder what he would have done if someone dared him to go sit on the railroad tracks and wait for a train to come and hit him.  Well, golly.  I was dared to do it so I guess I have to do it.  This is incredibly stupid.
Matt C
Well, there's 4:44 I'll never get back.
Why can't I get a woman like the lamp post climber? :: sigh ::
Paul Bradley
why is every other sport shit compared to soccer lol.
Peter Pan
Is that English spoken there?
Phillip Young
#5!!! Why isnt this cat in the NFL!!?? Baby boy didn't know what hit him!!!
Ray Diaytor
Subtitles in English for the first clip please
Ray Idk
Not fake somethings
Reg Munday
Number 2 (3.03) the rat on the escalator is now president of the United States.
Ricardo Carrera
I like numero uno 😍😍😍
Richard Morgan
The pole dance was worth the look. Incredibly strong beauty.
Richard Myhan
Yes the clip of the Hot Chick on the pole was filmed with a potato!
Roger Balcer
Base jumpers are not daredevils they're morons !
Roi Czechvala
So... why are these incredible, and why would I not believe them?
Rustin Stardust
She wasn't stripping - she was doing awesome chin-ups. Give women some credit & don't make everything they do about sex.
The last one can play with my pole anytime she wants 😎
5 Incredible dumb Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded! honestly i be worried if they wasn't
I would have believed all of these even if they weren’t recorded; nothing special here!
Silence Dogood
These clips were taken at locations with much higher gravity. This is why everything looks squished. It is not because someone f***ked up the video.
SkiFi Sk Music
Russians always push it to a level I can´t follow :D
boooo where is the FZero riff
How is doing pull ups considered a stripper move and made it a stripper pole
Terryankev Miller
Sky diver is amazing
That's a very heavy guitar riff at 1:16 🎸
Tom V-dog
The music is to much, to loud!
Im here for all the \
Tony Reynolds
Black boys ain't the only ones can make full court shots lol
5 Incredible Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded!
I had a feeling there would be a Russian accent with #4.
We the people
Great music
Wendall Wedgewood
Back in '64 or '65 a basketball player did that nearly full court throw, and won the game for us by 1 point! Talk about a crowd going nuts!
Will Gibbons
Incredible. Yeah incredibly shit
Damm I didn't know that fat asses can do that 😅😅😅😅😅
Zidane ZiZu
They need to sort the aspect out
ame buta
how good was that through in the basketball video.brilliant
bhutheman Akuma
The last clip the woman with amazing who is she
big ron
That kid who threw the winning shot definitely got laid that night!
Who’s the girl @ the end? IG perhaps? For a friend....
2:03 Great Track. Any name ?
...stripper lady can hang from my pole any time she wants...
I expected the title to be accurate and the thumbnail to be clickbait. Imagine my surprise to find out I had it entirely backwards...
md s shafin
I don't know why you guys use this type of nonsence music.. why?? Why???? Why???
The rat was apparently angry that the escalator was broken.
They were all cool but the two cousins at #5 were badass. That dude was no joke and was extremely fast for a big man. Awesome.
oullah takane bghik awili hbiba diali
click bait
Just because he made an impossible shot and won the game isn't a reason to kill him!!!!!!
ronald welch
I see the lips
sebastian miles
Why was the last clip distorted in a short vision? \nPole dancers can't do cross fit chin ups😜
Nice to know you tube still allows shit on it's site.