Elton John - Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding

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"Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" is the opening song on the double album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John. The first part, "Funeral for a Friend", is an instrumental created by John while thinking of what kind of music he would like at his funeral.[1] This first half segues into "Love Lies Bleeding."

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Thank you!!!
Adrian Spencer
William William William. ... how can you call this garbage. .. this is one of Elton's best. ... this is probably one of the best opening tracks to an album there is. .. how can you compare a legend like elton to beaber for goodness sake
This is so gooooood. Loved this album and this song is one of rocks's finest moments. Sadly, it's seldom played on radio due to its length….shame …it's truly awesome.
Aidenn D.
A genius just as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. Perfect is his craft.
Airam mahrog
Is it me, or does Elton owe Bernie Taupin a dept of Gratitude?  But then again,....????    They Definitely made a Fabulous Duo!  :)
Alastair Murray
Little Mr. SHORT & FAT FINGERS, whose music teacher at school back in London told young Reginald, forget about the Piano Reginald, your fingers are too short and Fat!!!!! SO MISS, how do you feel about that now (she died years ago) - but not before she had that ARROGANT SMIRK wiped OFF HER FACE!! What a bloody Genius!! Elton you are AMAZING!! I bought a Yamaha Grand Because of You, just doesn't sound the same when I play it!!
Alzor Rhudanion
One of the Greatest songs of ALL TIME.
Andy Morgan
Still the GREATEST TRACK, ever !!
Anita Huie
P.S.. I also love grey seal. Another overlooked genius of a song.
Barrie Jackson
This is absolutely awesome, one of his many classics. Wasn't even released as a single, probably too long.
Billy Hill
Elton's all business at 4:05. Flawless, never misses a note.
Bob Chebat
GYBR is one of the greatest albums of my childhood, among many others. Still holds today! It was a gift to grow with this music.
Brad Bartell
Elton is the greatest and Funeral For a Friend is my all time favorite.....Awesome opening song for a concert!
Bradley Hegner
This is the best recording I have ever heard. The sound techs were game on.i have followed Elton for the last 40 + years, this concert was the best! Wish I could have seen it!
Brent F
Only in the white world
Brian Drewry
There are two things that have always amazed be about Elton John's talent:\n\n1. He wrote the music to fit Bernie Taupin's lyrics and not the other way around like most song writers.\n2. His voice and musical style doesn't sound like anyone else. After listening to music for close to 50 years, he is unique. I am surprised that nobody has tried to copy him, even loosely.
Brian Penick
For any one who may care? Look at Elton's ears... No ear monitors! He is using Stage monitors. It simply means NO Short cuts ,He can not just breeze through a very difficult live mix ..Of course massive kudos to ALL of the engineers and of course the equipment including the Microphone? The work horse of all for over 50 years the\n Shure SM58
Charley McLeod
I was born in 82 and grew up listening to Sir Elton and I must say that like a fine wine he has only gotten better with age!
Charlie Forzano
one of my favorites - great great performance
Chris Ellis
Love the Music Elton John made in the 70's...timeless to me.
Cory Johnson
Easily his best song hands down.
Cyndi Johnson
we saw both Elton John & Billy Joel in 2009 sweeeet!!!!
8:35 lmao air drumming at it best 
Dan Hunt
Davey Johnstone's ( the lead guitarist ) catchy hook is superb in \
Dario Marusich
I heard this preformed live by Elton John at his second concert at Melbourne Festival Hall the day after John Lennon was killed. The concert began with Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding and ended approx. three hours later with a long medley tribute for many of the departed rockers Buddy, Elvis, Lennon etc. It was incredible, everyone ended up dancing in the stalls, it felt like we were on another planet.
Darren Young
An underrated classic masterpiece
David Arinella
The greatest rock song I've ever heard in concert.  Elton John, then,now and forever
Davin Saderholm
Elton doesn't often get the due he deserves as a rocker.  Love Lies Bleedin' and Funeral for a Friend are a classic combo that stands the test of time.  I am transported back to the 70's when I listened to this part of GBYBR, one of the albums I would request if I were stranded on an island.  Add this song combo to Saturday's All Right for Fighting, and you can't go wrong--then comes at least 5 more classics and some great throwbacks to EJ's early sound.  A truly classic double album. 
Donna Quinn
Good! No lip sinking here!
Ed Kramer
Pure musical genius.. Wow this is incredible..
Eduardo Patino
Excellent !
The Dream Theater cover is also amazing, you guys should check it out!
Gene McDaniel
yep i agree it's a masterpiece no less
Ghost of Navigator
Please don't forget about Nigel Olson on drums.
Gregory Fitch
Quite possibly one of the best songs of all time flawless!!
James Daniels
This song placed Davey Johnstone into celestial orbit.
James McDonald
Wow, they played \
Jasmine Lewis
Love Elton Every thing he sings touches turns to Bronze............
Jeffrey G.
The song is pure genius.
my favorite song
John Fuentes
I have had the privilege of seeing Elton live twice....and both times he opened with Funeral/Love lies ..... what a great way to open a concert!!!!
Jules B
Elton John's best song by a mile. An absolute classic. One thing that is often overlooked is how good his band are. You can see why they have played together for so long now. They rock.
Kayla Martelli
I mean honestly who else has ever made playing the piano look and sound so freakin cool
Kelele Head
I heard this song for first time with Dream Theater and I felt in love quickly, but nothing is better than the original one, brilliant!
Ken Dobson
Here's the thing William. He's Elton John and you're not. Wait, sorry. Sir Elton John
Kev L
Excellent...he is great live.
Laura Plant
I remember seeing Elton live in 2003...blew my mind....I love thus man and his music....memories flooding back....used to listen to this song on 'goodbye yellow brick road when I was 11....good 16 years ago now!! But I love it just as much.
Lisa Morandi
best Elton John song EVER!
me encanta, como la mayoria de lo que hace.....   un genio
Lonesome Crow
omg and this was the opening song?   He is a complete genius.
I went to the show in Atlanta last night, and we were caught in traffic and missed this and \
Marcel Casella
Came here after listening the Dream Theater cover in A Change of Seasons. Great song!
Marcella Ortiz
is the best forever oldies ....forever Elton jonh
Marie Lyne Fournel
Elton, j'ai tellement écouté ta sic..
Mark Simmonds
9:46 - is that Billy Connolly?
Mike C
I thank \
Mike Hunt
Sir Elton is the MAN!!
Moon Flame
Thumbs upp if having elton john as a grandfather would be the coolest grandfather ever
Morten Lien Larsen
Seen him live twice. He actually did this one both times!\nFirst in Stockholm in 07 at The Red Piano tour, and second in Oslo in 2014 at the Yellowbrick Road tour.
Underground radio used to play it like this! They recognized the piece was one incredible work and it had to go like this. Thanks for including the whole work! Thanks to KMET in LA always playing the entire version! OH YEA! THANKS -EJ!!!!!!!!
Nickie Em
Saw him in San Diego 1973!  Like his older music much better!  This is classic!
No AndNo
I am a straight up metal guy, grew up on Slayer, Flotsam and Jetsam, Testament   etc       But this guy is freakin awesome.
Pamela Warden
This is the song that I want played at my funeral
Patrick Conroy
The beginning sounds like Mozart's Requiem.
Peter Anfindsen
my fav from elton
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road......bought the 8 track twice, album twice (still have the second one) tape 4 times, and cd 5 times. just wore the hell out of all them. worth all the money spent.
Richie G
Would expect nothing less from Sir Elton. Simply Fantastic!
Rob Couture
I have Dream Theater to thank for bringing this song to my attention, but Elton John to thank for the original masterpiece!
Robert Scott
Elton is one of the masters long live great rock & roll
Roy Poteete
bernie topin the writer of lyrics & Elton wrote the musical format
Senpai Films
Thats gonna be a hell of a funeral.
Sheri Brown
Our modern day Mozart!
Star Wanderer
Elton, I Have Idolized  you since I was 2 years old. I have been collecting your Albums since I was 2 years old. thanks to my mom helping me. then from there it was all me. 2 years old.....  that beginning was in 1972.... Elton.. I have not stopped loving you. you always knew what to write, what to sing.. you have helped me through some tough times... 2015.. im here today, & will be here listening to you always. God Bless you.
Tea Bag
Elton, thank you for your life and my life of LOVING your music!! People don't get it today about all the musicians who play a part in making this all happen. You are the master!!
This song is nothing less than a masterpiece. \n\nIt never gets old.
Tina Rose
My divorce song ! Life is better now ! Love you EJ!
I was five and my Parents gave me a radio for my birthday, way back when. I ran to my room and plugged it in. Wolfman Jack out of Philly was talking about the next song coming up. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by someone named Elton John. First song I remember ever hearing as a kid. Been a fan ever since. Will be till the day I die. Thank you Sir Elton for a lifetimes worth of memories. It has been a wild ride. Thank you.
Venus Whispers
Ive always been envious of the people in this world who actually put into practice (and are successful) at what they were put on this earth to do.Elton John (in my opinion) was clearly put here to entertain.Well, he has nailed it! Thank You Elton,my life wouldn't be the same without you in it!! I LOVE YOU.
Wayne Brown
Elton John at his BEST!!!!
Masterpiece song! I didn't know he still plays it live
To call this merely a 'song' is painfully inadequate.
bernie Mahoney
Boston Garden 1975 !!!
cassie fraser
Just saw Elton in Vancouver with Mom Dad and my brother in row 7. WOW!!! He was right in front of me. Dad said his voice was so good this time, he thought he was stoned again at the Yellow Brick Road concert in 1973. Dad has gone to concerts for 40 yrs. and seen everyone but at 16 it was a privledge for me and bro to see an ICON. I will remember the best show ever for the rest of my life! Unless Dad takes us to Pink Floyd??? LOL
Thanks, Elton, for this masterpiece.
chris cronn
Elton John saved my life, in the 1970's, I had nowhere to live and a 2 year little boy, my little boy turned out to be gay and a wonderful son,my then husband had gone off with another woman, we had been living with his mother. He was all that kept me going, eventually after being shifted from pillar to post, I found a place. All I wanted was to hear Elton's music, he is individual, there's no one else like him. I'm now 69 and still crazy about his music. I love him deeply and always will. I have been to many of his concerts, something of his will be played at my funeral. I know Elton has hip problems, it was so obvious in Manchester, but Elton I still love you forever, you are a one off! and the top of your tree, God bless you! Sweetheart! \u003c3 xxxxxx
cindy sonntag
I've seen him live 8 times beginning in 1972 & have NEVER been disappointed! His shows are simply awesome!!!
The musical geniuses of our era don't write classical music... they become flamboyant rock stars.
david s
Has got to be the best intro to a song I have ever heard
eatem nsmile
I'm truly happy I lived when I did.
I still have this album always loved the art work inside the cover with the words to the songs this is one of my all time favorites
lindy frank
Elton is in another stratosphere. Way up there...wow. I love this song...the guitar by Davey is incredible.
michael parker
Bought every album from the very first one Empty Sky in 1969
mike calahan
Honestly. the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pup lover
How lucky are those fuckers hearing this one LIVE?!!
I remember my older brother bought his albums \
stephen sjoby
The very best of Elton John. I have always loved love lies bleeding
steve hale
For all those on flight 93 and flight 400. This song goes out to you and your forever pain. I cry every time I read about it and wish you all peace and love. former CSI investigator Steve Hale