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✿ OPEN ME ✿Thanks for coming along! I hope you enjoyed coming with me to Sicily and found it as magical as I did- I can't wait to go back and eat another granita 🙃👇🏼 Check out some of my other Travel Diaries👇🏼✨ BARCELONA TRAVEL DIARY: 👏🏼 Thank you SO much for being here 👋🏽 💋 CIAO

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Alasdair Braxton
Wow! Sicily looks amazing! Great travel video good job!
Big Small_Travel
Wow! Your video quality and style is wonderful. Your passion for Italy shows. Have you made videos of Italy in the North around Milan or Lake Como?
Any local prices? Restaurants, accomodation?
Fran DiStefano
What is the awesome tune you use for the background?
Francesco Bonfiglio
Here we in Sicily do not use to eat \
Giulia Spinali
Io sono siciliana 😊
John Daltrocanto
NOOOOO ARANCINO NOOOOO ti stocco le gambe se lo dici un’altra volta
Karen Militello
Beautiful!!! My husband's family is from Sicily!!
Katia LaManna
Beautifully put together! Next time take me with you ....please...?😘
i bumped into ur channel cos of this video thumbnail 😀 and had to sub! 😊 would love if you drop by my channel and show some love ☺
Lynna Cortez
Admiring how much you've been able to travel these past couple of months!! How do you guys decide where to go next? Do you guys have a travel bucket list of some sort?
Hi sweetie great video TFS
Marco Campisi
Sei stata a Taormina... io sono di Siracusa... Bel video Bravaaaaa
Keep up the good work... I really enjoy your videos.
Michael Sylvester
Sicily is so beautiful.Thank you for sharing this gorgeous moments
Everything is sooooo beautiful there 😭 amazing video as always!!!
Rania Kelesidou
Wow this place is amazing! Great video Sophie, it was really beautiful to watch ♥
Rezo Khazhomia
Your are beautiful and have a beautiful feet also \u003c3
Rick Chollett
I was very briefly in Sicily in 1985 on an amphibious assault ship en route to the eastern Mediterranean. We didn't get to see much though.
wow what a great video!!! Secily seems like a really cool place!! is it a good way ? doing this trip by car? :)
The Fusionista
Ahhh! Such a magical place lucky girl ❤️
Zoey Arielle
Thumbnail goals, music goals, travel goals, life goals! Girl, you look amazing :) glowing as per usual! Thank you for inspiring me, SICILIA IS ON THE LIST :D xx
That thumbnail is too cute!!
Have you been to Trapani?
Scilla and Cariddi.
sara impa
1:50 its my city😭😭😍
This was so awesome and beautiful, I really felt like I was there with you. You have such a warm heart, I love your videos! ❤️😍