Rap Songs That Sound Exactly the Same !!PART 2: Business Inquiries: [email protected]

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round *sink*
Adolfo Gomez
It’s no secret drakes steals flows
Alex Fernandez
Mask Off was a sample
Alyssa Michelle
Valee is smokepurps uncle
Anonymous Error
Drake to me is a trash artist he has to steal so many flows and beat styles
At 4rings2envy
The only thing stolen seems to be my time...
Azaan Abousher
Song at 0:30
Beasty Boiii
Bowser by xxxtentacion sounds exactly like photograph by j cole
Beats By Lu
Drake using Xs flow is stolen\n\nJ Cole using Ski Masks flow isn’t stolen\n🤦🏻\u200d♂️🤦🏻\u200d♂️🤦🏻\u200d♂️
What is the song at 0:32
CMo Green
Dat Project Pat Song Is Blunt To My Lips 👹
Cade Boy
X isn’t stealing a flow it’s sampled
Charbel Khoury
Chase Hicks
this dude stole his editing and personality from pewdiepie
Colin McGough
Drake steals everyone’s flow
Cosme Martinez
I like his beanie R I.P peep❤️❤️🙏🙏
Daniel Cardona
Drake is a follower
People acting like x made that flow or something. All them crayola dread heads new rappers use that flow( Not a drake fan)
Deafaulty Boi
I legit started to hate drake because he copied x
Declan Worley
I think that the Young Multi one sounded more like 6 dogs - faygo dreams
Delande Pierre
Drake is the biggest copycat of all time
Devon Pazos
X and Drake are garbage and they stole their flows from Little Dicky too high
Earphone Jack
I thought it was gunna be all drake songs 💀💀
Elden Goldblood
rip x
4:00 \nGuys what is this beast song in background haha ??
Falcon Bass
Stalin or not stalin
Nephew was originally recorded in February.
KMT rhymes with look at me
Helena Schneider
I Itz 6ix9ine I
Isaiah Lester
what kay kay isny spelled ke ke its pronouced key key
Where is 69? He stole lyrics
Jimmy Nuetron
Cole Ain't Steal Shit From Slump FOH
Justin DePauw
I love memes
KK44 Gaming
The keke one I knew it was future from the back
The song Slang That Iron by YNW Melly is stolen from the original say goodbye by Chris Brown
Kodak Chappie
Shape Of My Heart - Sting \nLucid Dreams - Juice WRLD\n sound the same
Konstantìnos Mitroglou
Stalin !
L a w r e n c e L a w r e n c e
*Plot twist* = *_this is Logan and jake paul's Another brother_*
drake, the legendary copy ninja of the leaf
Lil Pamp
90 percent of them are drake
Madasyn Harrison
Yeah the childish gambino song and the other song had the same message so I feel like it was inspired and sampled, AND J Cole said the entire KOD album was inspired and influenced by today’s artist and flows which is why it sounds so different from all of his other albums
YouTube I finally watched it STOP recommending it
Melker Andersson
Plug by carti, kodak, rich the kid and leave me alone by flipp dinero
Michał Bukowski
Morrison White
What beat is used from 0:32-0:35 someone please help 🙌🏻
Mr VeXiO
Neon Boxers
Mask off stolen a swedish song named topp Doggz!!! Swedish song was made 2000
Just realized that this is America was released on my birthday :/
OscarPlayz Games
He's a fan not a supporter
0:31 song???
Rapper Unicorn
ion like drake.
Raven Thomas
Swear J cole purposely stole flows for his album Kids on Drugs which was talking about the new generation
Rev Steeze
Nowadays all songs sounds the same
Rolando mota
J coles tribe sounds like messy marvs all in da club
Ron Jeremy
X stole Lil Uzis Super Saiyan not that song lmao
American iBlali
Samson Scales
Drake really copied that other guy on look alive
I know everyone is commenting their opinions on who stole what.... but am I the only one who's bothered by the fact that he spelled cuatro with a q ? ...
Sir Keny
this is america is stolen af
Long way by Ace Hood sounds the same with Gucci flip flops by Bhad Barbie ft. Lil Yatchty
J Cole stole ski’s flow on purpose. That was the purpose of his album. He used to modern flow on like 4 songs
Surya Surapaneni
Gelato and I don’t even speak Spanish!!!!
The only thing stolen seems to be my virginity
So j Cole and ski mask one is not stolen because \
You look a little bit lil peep\n\nAm i the only??
Theleagend 27
We're is kid buu he stole nav's song
Tommy Craze
Thanks for all the recommendations guys !\nI shall do Part 2 of this video very soon using your suggestions ~
TrapStar Kyle
A lot of these were sampled, not stolen
Vikas Kundbi
He stole brads editing style
Will Johnson
4:00 it sounds like the same singer
i was expecting a genuine video but it was a bunch of biased ahah
Yutyrannus Boi
I Spy and Broccoli are the exact same.
Nephew isn't really stolen, thats just Purpp's voice and the other song is really unknown so he prob never heard it.
9:40 Lil Uzi did not steal it ways 2 years before
Zmoney Bly
Drake is basically Kakashi\n\nEdit: Thank you anime community
Stealing flows... bro you gotta be kidding me
Dont forget that also King Lil G also has his own verison of the prison song named ‘After My Death’ that came out way before Mask off by Future
I think Drake's look alive get still from Project Pat but what I thought you were going to compare it to was Eminem's Not A like🤔
Its cinco not sink xdxd
name of the dun dun dun dun song??
Polish pewdiepie look alike.\nNo? Ok, it’s just me. Bye. Ok.
elijah rivera
Do transportin by Kodak black and mind playin tricks on me by geto boys the beat sounds the same!!!!!!!
gt 69
Rip x and peep
Hey tommy, nephew also sounds like piped up by comethazine posłuchaj
jason Muench
I knew how to say 5 in spanish, but when you forgot I forgot. I also thought it was sink. LOL
joshua avila
the lil peep beanie );
It’s not drakes fault he has never wrote his own lyrics
olivia iceprincess
Number 5 is stolen to me
rahmat mousavi
i had a seizure watching this video
syncs gaming
lil peep
the fishing channel
Does he worship Satan?
Drake is known for stealing songs\n\n\n\nEdit:never had so many likes on a comment thx
yung cloutzye
X’s flow has been rapping like that since the beginning 😂. Drake doesn’t rap like that .. he does copy other rappers flows.
Владимир пушкин
Okay but we didn't have to bring the legend X in, the only thing he stole was our hearts, but since he's not a theif he gave them back to us but with more love in them
The only thing stolen seems to be my edges
Drake steals X song\nSicko mode drake diss X\n1 year ago X say frick drake for song stealing\nDrake kills X in sicko mode\nX age 20\nDrake age 30 \nDrake evil