Marcelito Pomoy Live in Dubai

A Special company event held at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian ClubWe brought him back to Dubai together with his lovely wife and sponsored everything for his performance as we took him to be our product endorser.Video taken using my DJI Osmo mobile and Iphone 7Plus

Adela Angeles
Napakaingay ang audience! Bakit ganyan sila magpakita ng appreciation?
Brian Porciuncula
anjn ako carrefour carnival anniversary nmin yn last year..
Chi Javier
The instrumental background is awful👎
Chukwuma Ok
Marcelitto Pomoy you're magical
Iza Allovida
his so handsome😍
Jeje Mon
Akala ko si direct bobot hahaja
Bad audio he can't hear himself.
ghie paritence
Wow I really love this song sang by marcelito. Thank you for uploading .
marina trinidad
ronnie fd peralta
Bakit putol saying and record no.