Funny Italian Commercials (Italia)

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The washing machine add was very sexist! How misandristic!
Cane Rognoso
There is nothing italian in such commercial, with the exception of Coloreria italiana, which is a old Italian commercial.\nIn the first one I eve ear the woman attempting to speak italian in a way you can listen to just in Hollywood movies,with that horrible fake Italian accent that in Italy doesn't exist.
Chava Blanks
why did the first one have Hebrew subtitles tho
ma che è sta roba?
E tube
I'm italy
how did i get this? random but funny.
Francesca Apostolo
Mai viste queste pubblicità ...
Franco Guazzi
Pubblicità a me sconosciute, tranne quella della Grey. Most of them are not Italian TV commercials 👎
Gabby Mouse
Disgusting with putting a White man into a washing machine and an ape comes out.
Gia Love
I love my people
Giuseppe Intrieri
Not very funny 😐
Hamlet telmaH
Vanilla Bourbon BJ should of been number one.
Jody Padulano
These are not italian
1ster Aufrufer :/
Karen Raffensparger
These commercials would make American liberal heads explode...lmao
Mario Franz
Nazi spots!
Nr 4 war das beste, auch wenn da ein leicht rassistischer Ansatz drin war ;D
Raffaele Irlanda
Actually there are no any italian advertisings except \
Sergio Gutierrez
the first commercial is the opposite of what the chinese did
l'unica cosa irreale è vedere i carabinieri che lavorano veramente
Thommi Arena
the third is frencg
Viva Freedom
The ice cream one was very funny ...
andre pachi
Dislike for the second add
federico mauriello
never saw these, only the icecream one
hh Brain
ahahahaha nice Italian ahahaha
jibran chusnein
nic bic
Sono pubblicità straniere
Tutori dell' ordine vestiti a metà tra Carabinieri e Poliziotti. E un accento così falso che non si può sentire. Insomma: soliti luoghi comuni.
The young man of the first CM is so handsome.