Linkin Park: One Step Closer • Guitar Cover por Rafael Freitas

Here's another cover of Linkin Park, that I love so much, I'd like to dedicate all my LP covers to Chester Bennington and the band.Inscreva-se: Todos os direitos da música pertencem ao Linkin Park.

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Adittya Dey
Damn the distortion is awesome
Aerology Music
great work Rafael, love the tone!
Anil Bhate
Awesome guitar playing, Rafael!🎸\\m/ I still miss Chester (R.I.P.)🙏Great cover, bro!👍
Anna Morgenstern
Really well played Rafael. Great cover! :D
that's a cool cover!! \\m/
Ahh awesome man, I never checked to see if you had your own videos! great job man!
BlackMetal Warrior
Awesome, great job. \nRIP Chester ... I miss him.
Bruno Sam
Top +1 escrito e fã parabéns pelo canal irmão tmj \ntenho canal tbm ficaria feliz com a sua visita
Canal Do Lucão
mandando muito como sempre!!
is that prs or what??
Giulio Z.
Great cover, huge distortion!
Huub83 Drums
Hey Rafael!! Great job. Question: do you also play bass? So that we can do a song together (collaborate)?????
Jerry Watkins
Good job
Jody Peeters
KGamin'22 ****
I love this cover! This video deserves more likes. :D 🎸💜
Awesome cover bro. Im loving it
Konstantin Mitov
Great cover! Is that an amp or vst plugin you are using for the distortion?
Linkin Park Soldiers México
Good Video..! Thank´s For Upload..!\n#LinkinParkTFans
Meme Man
great cover
Mono Volume
que afinação é esta amigo abração de Portugal...Tagima \\m/
MuzykoManiaczka ♥
Wow! Your channel is great. I mean your covers and playing the guitar. You rock :D \nI definitely leave the sub. Keep it up;) Thank you for checking out my channel :)
Nathan shows
Muito bom cara , ótima pegada na guitar , ta falando muito bem , e toma like , show de bola
Nicolas Fagot
great cover, my favorite LP song !
Ricardo Ayala
you get really nice sound\n i ll keep in touch
Saw Crish
Wery Good Sound !\nKeep It - Cool !\n\\﹏/ \\﹏/
Steve Szara
awesome tone.....
Steven Houben
This is asome!rock on! Keep the hard work up bro you are a guitar master 🤘🏻😌
Rip Chester. 😢
Great job, buddy!!
Vir Khullar
awesome dude! killer sound
Nailed it!!!Nice
Great song! Perfect performance! :)