Chef Massimo Bottura Cooks Meal with Food from Kimmel Writers Fridge

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Chef Massimo talks about his initiative to help bring food to the 160 million people who don't have anything to eat, opening soup kitchens around the globe, his new cookbook 'Bread is Gold,' and he cooks a three-course meal using food he found in our writers' kitchen.Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Bekah M from The Bachelor

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This chef is remarkable.
I'm italian and I don't need to feel proud about that. proud about what? People are proud to be part of some country? I don't give a f..k in which country I was born. Btw what he did here was defenitely not an italian cuisine...defenitely more american friendly taste....popcorn on the pasta seriously? Banana with cherioos ....disgusting , not italian at all. The only slightly more italian was the panzanella.
4z4 Taj
Chef Massimo such a handsome gentleman
Alexander Castillo
This is creatitivity to it's finest
Alice Yang
Oh so handsome a cooking man!!!
Alto Voltaggio MTB
Sai che genio.pesto pop corn e na banana col gelato.mah
Andrea Ruffini
Oh, finally and Italian with a good pronunciation... You see guys not all Italians speak like in the God Father. Love from Milan
Andres Agabo
I only clicked it because I saw Guillermo.....
André R
kimmel does not deserve massimo bottura kindness...
Anika Panko
Wow. Never thought I needed this video 👌🏻
Ariaditya Pramestu
You can tell he is a great chef but a bad tv chef...
Aso Miami
Italian 👍👍👍🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Bottura is the only reason I'm watching Kimmel's awful show
Blast Man
what up briefcase joe
Bobby Brahmadutt
7:40 lamo 😂😂
Daniel F Chen
i was lucky enough to try chef massimo's cooking before he became super famous. Once you have eaten at his restaurant youll realize how creative he is and his cooking was truly memorable.
David C Cruz
Osteria Francescana
Davide Manfro
People like Bottura just make you proud to be italian. GOAT
Diane Lozano
i love massimo 💕
Eduardo Armenta
Massimo is incredible..... This was nothing compared to some things he created for his restaurant (also made of really simple ingredients).
Eleonora Cozzella
proud of chefs like you
Just so you know, we do have cheerios in Italy
Eusunt Dac
Fabiana Zenzero
Grande MASSIMO!!!! \u003c3
First day
am hungry
Flame Beats
Guillermo should be a guest host sometime.
Floppy Bird
we we we sounds like the French oui oui oui
Francesco Bignardi
The bad thing is that here in Italy the majority of people consider Massimo a crazy man that serves very small portions in his restaurant for an incredible price. That's all. People in Italy sometimes are too attached to old traditions, big grandma portions of economic and delicious food, and Italy IS that TOO. But not ONLY. Cuisine could have dozen of facets, and Massimo works really hard on tradition, trying to transpose the good of the past right now in the present. For example: tortellini. You probably have heard this name. In the past tortellini were filled with poor ingredients, because of people didn't have anything better than stale bread, some cheese, maybe some meat if the family was capable to buy it. Massimo says that we can't respect tradition obtusely, great dishes from the past could improve with the knowledge and possibilities we have today. I'm so happy to read dozen of positive comments about Massimo from people that are not italian. Thank you. Sorry for my school-level english.
Fried Fish Fridays
This is awesome
8:40 chef Mazimo Betura
George Bennett
What’s the name of the cookbook?
Hans Lundgren
finalmente gli italiani si fanno sentire! Tanto di cappello a Massimo Bottura!!
All you need is ordinary ingredients... AND a lot of fresh herbs
Henry Song
I wonder if Jimmy knows how Prominent Massimo is to the world.
Ilya Termini
Bottura e un genio folle! Altro che cracco, barbieri e cannavacciuolo!!!!
J Swartz
Guillermo is the patron saint of Late Night TV
J.J Jameson
He's the best Chef's table episode
Jacopo Monno
for the truth cheerios exists in italy too
James Bond
Jared Crites
Massimo is just too good for this show, he should have his own
Jay C
I love Guillermo lol. Jimmy jokes about finishing the show for him and Guillermo's just like \
Jing Li
gosh, he is 3 michellin star restaurant chef patron. kudos to his ideas!
Jose Oppi
Chef Bottura, il migliore!
Juan G
Brilliant guest. It doesn't happen very often that you see the chef of the two-time world's best restaurant and current number two on a talk show
Juan Ramirez
I can hear Gordon Ramsay say it is RAAAAW!!!
King Bryce
Kyˋ Lưu
I know this man for his Italian car collection.
Linds Tee
Seems like the recipes would also be useful for college students or low-income households. For when you want something better than stale bread and don’t wanna break the bank.
Mansour The Great Mbye
Awesome 👏
Maria Grazia Manfrin
Marina Mei
Proud of Italy
Mats Peeters
Oh yes, all you need is some leftovers and the skills of the best chill in Italy! Piece of cake
Guillermo always got Jimmy's back, even in the hosting dept!
Max Raso
Italian Pride ❤🇮🇹
Michael Cohen
at 1:00 mark where he talks about how they make the soup kitchen nice and serve the food to the poor to give the poor dignity, there are hundreds of such soup kitchens like that in the US and have been for years (there is one in Brooklyn that has been doing that since the 80's). \nOne right near me looks like a nice mid-price restaurant on the inside, art on the wall, etc. And the volunteers serve the food like waiters, and for those who want to take their food rather than eat there, they give them the food in restaurant \
Mulhammed McMulhammed
im the first here, woo ho o
NEWS design 97
4:24 The best! 😂
New Message
I always make a point to confront my crahtivity.
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8th comment 484th view Yess finally early!
Nobux Atreides
Noelia Jaime
This Chef is not only a great one,but he's such a great him.
Nubi Lus
Vai Massimo, vai e istruisci le menti minori.
Otto Orff
as a meditarrian i cannot understand what people eat. Food= italian, greek, spanish, turkish, tunisian, albanian, lebanon, israel ... I mean with all do respect to other cultures if it wasnt for us you would be eating asian insects or german sausages
We actually have Cheerios in Italy...
Pierre monzardo
Osteria francescana the best in the world
Pradeep Chand SEKAR
I love Massimo, such a talented and humble chef. Often times Chefs have huge egos and not so humble personalities especially when they get to Massimos level of greatness.
Raul Cano
I dont care what anyone says but Guillermo makes this show
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea
Guillermo is underrated.
4:06 This is GOLD!
Saba Farrukh
Sandra Nelson
FYI: lots of grocery stores have a \
Seriously Sketchy
-They had cilantro in there?\n-Yeah, I don't know why
È originale ma quella pasta coi pop corn Diocan no!
Titan Uranus
Stoners been doing this forever.
Trey Doxtator
one of my favourite chefs after seeing him on Chefs table. Chef Massimo is Gold
V & E Lifestyle
I freaking love Guilllermo 😂
Omg. The guy is from my home town and he went on Jimmy Kimmel. Awesome.
His episode of chef's table was THE BEST, I just love Massimo and I hope I'll get to go to Osteria Francescana
Guillermo Seems like a foody !
Zenn Exile
Guillermo is my little brown hero.
Zi Solo
he has a vibe of maurizio sarri
Zio Serra
Bottura n1
The correct pesto alla genovese is made by hitting inside a mortaio for about 30-40 minutes. till it 's going to be a smooth greenish cream. The basil is lightly sweet. In a grinder the pesto is going to be BITTER and DARK GREEN. The right way takes quite long to do it..... Mix Parmesan with Pecorino. The italian name is Pesto alla genovese. The right equipment is a mortar and a pestle, just mortaio e pestello in italian. The name Pesto is the end product by using the pestl. End result is LIGHT GREEN.
bring it on
2:58 Jimmy's laugh haha ! Gold !
charlie ryan
first to comment
deepak singh kandari
guillermo gonzalez
More Guillermo , Guillermos United! Ha
that man's doing good things for the world
rai ZOR
This guy is a culinary genius
starcraft ghost
xdgklm tweete
Wow that man is savage \