$1 Microphone Vs $2 Microphone ASMR (10 triggers)

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Which is better for ASMR? $1 Mic or $2 Mic? Let me know your thought!A few weeks ago, I tested for the first time a $1 Lavalier Microphone to see if it could be good enough to make ASMR videos. I had actually ordered another mic at the same time, but it took weeks to arrive. So, The new microphone is a $2 stereo microphone! I could have made a video comparing it to the $200 microphone but as a lot of you really love the $1 microphones, I thought it was a better idea to use both the $1 mic and the $2 mic in one video, trying different ASMR triggers.As you'll surely hear, the $2 microphone seems to have some problems with interferences. You can hear some sharp noises from time to time. I've tried my best to remove the part that had the more noise so that the video would still be enjoyable to listen to but I couldn't remove everything.About the video, I test 10 classic ASMR triggers. During the first half of the video, the same triggers are used, once with the $1 mic and then with the $2 mic. In the second part, from

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