Unfortunate Names - Donald Trump, Isis, Bill Cosby

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We scoured the country for people who have a name that, for whatever reason, has earned them unwanted attention. We found real people named Donald Trump, Isis and Bill Cosby and Jimmy interviewed them all via our big video wall.

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Adam Levine
My real name is Adam Levine. And I’m not joking
Adeola Adebayo
Archie Villiers
Isis after the Egyptian goddess
donald trump jr goes to my school .
In grade 6, I had a classmate named Michael Jackson. And one of my counsellor's names was Kirsten Stewart.
Brooklyn Grace
There’s a girl in my class named Siri\nI can’t tell you how many times phones have gone off in her presence
Callie L
Jameka and Donald were so cute omg
Captain Memo
donald trump didn't sound so unfortunate...
Carol T
Isís valverde is a famous brazilian actress
So your names Donald Trump that's bad enough, but then you name your son Donald Trump Jr??
The \
Cory R
What's wrong with Donald Trump? Nothing wrong with sharing the name of a great president...
Crowsy AlQudhaibi
i know a friend of a friend whose name is \
Daniella Violet
Isis is actually a beautiful name of an ancient Egyptian goddess
Darryl Carnell
the Trumps are delightful, what a charming couple.
David Connolly
Isis lives in the same province as me 😳
David Jordao
I feel sorry for anyone that shares the same name with Donald Trump or Bill Cosby \u003c_\u003c
Don Camillo
Isis was an Egyptian goddess and had something to do with death but was more of a life spender the mother of gods. So this isn't such a bad name if you ask me.\nThese other guys shouldn't be called anything but douches or rather worse.
Wow Donald Trump and his wife look so young! Cant believe theyve been married 15 years!
Emily Akbar
A girl in my school is named Isis
Whats the best thing to happen to you for sharing this mans name? Getting to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show. I'm sure that was the answer he was hoping for.
4:44 lmao that voice crack
MLK died for Donald Trump and Jameka!
Gabi A
I think Isis is a beautiful name, it is the name of an Egyptian god:) What a shame that she can't be as proud of it now.
Gemma Pettersen
I just noticed how similar the tune at the end is to the 30 rock tune
when the wife doesn't let him talk
Henry Oz
1:10 to 1:13 looks like her son is gonna get a whoppin hahahaha
Hifaz Hamza
That's a handsome version of Donald Trump! and looks intelligent too
Im A Big Fan of Yours
Donald Trump was a famous businessman.
Isis Lefay
Jack L
4:46 Voice crack
Jennifer Velasquez
I actually Like the name Isis\nIt is named after and Egyptian godess\nMost people would be bullied but I actually like the name\nNot the terrorist group
Donald trump looks REALLY young to have a teenage kid
Joe van der Merwe
Could we have THAT donald trump for president instead please?
Jordi Vanderwaal
Joshua Menhart
Michael B. Jordan didn't let the name stop him.
Jukka Katajamäki
Bob Dylan wrote a song called \
I named my cat Isis... after the goddess of course
Plot twist: it was the Donald Trump in this video that people voted for to be president.\nQuick! Someone tell Secret Service that the wrong Trump is in the White House!
Isis perhaps is a common name. I know 3 of them who use to go to my middle school & 1 from my high school.
Laverne Blaszczyk
That black lady is adorable- \
Mahfuzur Rahman
“What do you do for a living isis”\n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Reisch
I dont see anything wrong with Isis, its the name of a famous egyptian god....
Morgan Freeman
There are alot of people named isis in Holland
Neida Juarez
Did y’all hear jimmy’s voice crack at 4:46?
OVER Infinity
My name is Hillary Clinton, and im a runaway convict.
Patient Grasshopper
Isis was the name of an Egyptian goddess long before it was a terrorist organization.
Peter Germain
Did he actually name his son Donald Trump Jr...
Qasid Bhatti
11 people didn't like that the video had a mixed race couple.
Ranveer N
My Friend knows an isis savage. Even worse than graham
Raven R.
4:45 *voice crack*
S Thunda
What about the unfortunate name of _Hillary Clinton_?
Samson Zhu
4:46 that voice crack is gold
4:45 epic voice crack
Sherlock Holmes
Isis is located in Berlin, Germany. Oh the irony.
my classmate is named Isis, lol, sorry if you read this Isis haha
it sucks that a beautiful name like Isis is ruined by terrorists. ruined the name of an Egyptian goddess
The DreadfullRock
Where's my Maryland squad at?!!!
The TT
Donald Trump married a black...go figure
Lmao that Isis chick is really cool...boy I never thought I'd ever say that in my life
Theme Park Analysis
Isis is in Berlin, Germany? Who would've guessed.
I know a girl named Isis
Tramaine Riley
Ik three girls named Isis lol
Tyrannosaurus Rex
LOL I couldn't believe it when I saw their son. They both look like they are in their early 30s.
Bill cosby is an unfortunate name? He was pretty funny on that old TV show
Zain Rizvi
loved that interracial family
Zaza Pachulia
Ice is cold
ali jawad
I actually know someone in my school named isis
altug otto
What a lovely family
complete and utter trash
I know a girl named Isis I feel like that name isn't too uncommon tbh
I knew a white jewish kid named Izaak Hayes.
In the movie Chapter 27, the Mark Chapman biography with Jared Leto, John Lennon is played by an actor called Mark Chapman. :o
dream stars
are u hate egypt ?are u hate egyptian ?
Please dont call ISIS an organisation.
i feel a little triggered with all these names
genoese e
My friends name is Isis.\n\nI think it’s a very beautiful name
I know an unfortunate name: Jimmy Kimmel.
Jameka was adorable.
I'm surprised no one knows the pornstar Isis Love.
itzzz Joshua.
I know a girl named isis they call her isis roblox cuz her name is isis robles
javan Anderson
Looll ...stay out of Mexico 😂
the contrast is just fantastic.. donald trump has a black wife, isis is a woman dj, and bill cosby is a white man who puts out a fire instead of starting one
Thank you Isis
So these are the good versions to balance the universe! Why can't this Trump family be in the Whitehouse?
My friend is black and her name is Icis lol (it's pronounced Eye-Siss)
Isis was an Egyptian goddess. I know a few girls named Isis, they were named before the terrorist group after the Egyptian goddess
Donald Trump is going to sue that family for having the same name
oh hell
Trump Jr. is fineee af 😩. I've never thought I'd type those words 😂
ISIS is an Egyptian Goddess
Isis is a beautiful name though
Why was it so funny when he said \
the meme king
4:46 pause then play it really slooooowwww
That Donald looks really cool....can I vote for him?
I wish THAT Donald Trump was president instead.
That Trump family are really cute