The Showhawk Duo play Dance Classics on Acoustic Guitar

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The Showhawk Duo came into the Radio 1 Live Lounge with their acoustic guitars and bang out some classic Ibiza anthems for for Nick Grimshaw and the Radio 1 Breakfast Show audience. It was pretty amazing.

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What's that tune around the 3:00 mark??
Saw these guys at a sellout gig in The Classic Grand in Glasgow and u have to witness these guys live!!!! It's absolutely mind blowing!!!! Can't wait to see them next year when they come back to Scotland!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻
Whats the name of the first song that they played???
Adam Crabtree
These guys are amazing but by the time they tackle the ATM tune, guitar two is so out of tune it's almost unbearable........only me?
Adrian Rawling
Absolutely incredible
Alan Reader
Excellent. I wanna get the CD or download. These guys have got to release an album.
Alex Dunne-Gundry
Saw these guys live at my uni's summer ball. They are freakin amazing
Alexey Vedensky
Angus Young
Two acoustic guitars together is one of the great wonders of the world. So it's quite a feat to make it as tedious as this.
Ashwin .B
you guys are great man shout out from india :)
Ben Tapley
Love these guys! Only wish there was more, More, MORE!
Benzeno pix
EPIC!!!! you guys are phenomenal. keep em coming! ! xx
Brian Mccool
Just brilliant
Broad Way
They're waaaaay too fast. Still, cool.
Charlie Barrell
Saw these guys live at Boondocks Festival the other day, utterly fantastic
Charlie Fiction
what kind of guitars are those??? o.O I want both of them!!
Conor 1
Has anyone not told the lead guitarist that he's playing insomnia wrong continuously?!?!
Cormac McG 'Off-Roading Donegal'
Would love to see these guys live!
Diana Lava
Heard this this morning and thought it was the best thing ever! Reviving my love for dance music
These guys just owned Glas-Denbury. Awesome!
Domenico Marconi
I have no words..... it's superB!
Tribute to faithless plays 20 seconds then goes into other dance tunes lol. Still good though. I play guitar it’s easy to transcript the musical notes through the guitar but it’s even easier to play along to if someone does the rhythm behind the beat. Any decent guitarist can do this, these guys just got lucky and put onto the radio for the nation to hear. But fair play wish I’d of put my cover of Tocas miracle on here many years ago who knows. I could of got famous.
Enjoy Life
1) Faithless - Insomnia\n2) Zombie Nation - Kerncraft 400\n3) Darude - Sandstorm\n4) Faithless - Insomnia \n5) Tiesto - Adagio For Strings [or William Orbit - Ferry Corsten remix of Barber’s 'Adagio For Strings']\n6) ATB - 9pm Till I come\n\nI absolutely love this! Takes me right back!!!
Erwan Morin
Musics : \n1 - Insomnia - I can't get no sleep (0:40 -\u003e 1:52)\n2 - Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (1:53 -\u003e 2:53)\n3 - Darude - Sandstorm (2:55 -\u003e 5:18) \n4 - Adagio for strings (6:05 -\u003e 8:25)\n5 - ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) (8:45 -\u003e 10:08)
Ethan Robinson
Heard this earlier on and was amazed, also thought that Little Mix's live lounge on Tuesday was one of the best ever.
Florian Boos
What's that song called at 03:10 ?
Gary Lindsay
@4:18 is the business lol
George Burns
This makes dance music something you can put on in the mornings with a cuppa and then party to in the evenings with a beer. Great stuff.
George Campkin
Giovanni Davide Saccà
In Italia negli anni '90 questa musica spaccava...davvero dei grandi...great performance; -)
Grace Smith
love these guys, big love to them and their roady for giving me a ride home when i was stranded at a music festival :') ❤
Love these guys, legends.
Rofl Darude Sandstorm
Jack Reilly
really dull sound, these guys are fantastic and radio 1 is selling them short
Jairin Pop Rock e Mpb
James Cole
Those hammer ons though...
James Ryan Chapelow
Sloppy 👎
Jean-Marc Macé
En studio, toujours moins bon que dans la rue...Allez voir est écouter
Jhamar L. B.
Acoustic Dance Music (ADM)
Joseph Burgess
Trance is organic to any instrument
Julie Holden
K Richardson
these two are like coffee and cream. xxx they need each other. absolutely brilliant!! talent×
Kathryn Barrett
Incredible 👍
Kenny Haslam
Defo missing out being in a studio. Needs to be in a club/ pub etc with a crowd
Lee Fullard
Flipping awesome
Liam Sutcliffe
Amazing fellas! Keeping 1999 alive!! :-) x
Logan Venter
The guitar drums have lost all their bass. I think the radio station done messed up with their \
Luke Smith
That's great that!
László Köteles
They should play together with Tiesto in live
Marc Davies
imagine this on a beach in Thailand. sun coming up.
Mark Fitzpatrick
Matthew Walsh
This video has low vol noooooooo
Max Mustermann
they are better live
Me Notyou
Unbelievable Talent! You dudez are amazing. I want you to play a private gig. You need to get in touch.
Michal Maly
insane beatiful
Mike Hunt
Wow u guys that was like electric dynamite or something
Milan Schafer
the guy on the right (baseball cap) goes way too fast! Result: the guy on the left has to go faster too and than he makes mistakes. But it is wonderful how they do it. Keep up the good work! 👌👍
Milos Matovic
why don't u use bass guitar?
Sandstorm sounds good on every instrument
Cannot believe my ears! These guys are overwhelming!!!
Olivia Green
love these two they are the BEST guitar players EVER!!!!
Ils sont supers ces mecs
Paul Jenkins
Amazing............. Enough Said........
Peter Wyatt
They regularly busk in Bath they are bloody brilliant always draws big crowds!
Places 2 Go Travel
Just watched these fellas live in Liverpool, think it's going to take some time to get my jaw back off the floor - so amazing live!
Pratik Sharma
Pseudo Nym
Hoooooray! Something different. Something I was looking for!
Robbie Cargill
Darude - Sandstorm was too epic!!!
Roman Gleize
youuuuhouuuuuu !!
Rujena Darlinx
I saw these guys perform yesterday at the Tuscan Rally, fucking amazing!
Scott G
Not exactly my cup of tea by as a (very mediocre) guitar player I am always amazed at the inventiveness, creativity and incredible ability of all the guitarists out there.....definitely including these guys!
Sheila Joyce
Wow....just wow
Soul Sensey
Wo is der bass beim Trommel? By TEDX hört man den bass besser raus.
Tara Suzanne
Too many trance songs. Needs Happy Hardcore.
The Lazy Generation
I listen to these guys when I'm getting stoned and ligit, not a better sound in the world! Saw these live at IOW 2818 and I've never heard a. Sound so. Beautiful
Timo Panter
It all felt too fast to me.. timing was a bit off but still good stuff!
Tony Summers
so good
Willy Witsel
Excellent ready good!
These guys are awesome! So pleased they're actually getting noticed now
I Watched them playing in the Royal Mile, High Street, Fringe Festival, las time I was in Edinburgh, their performance was great, fantastic rhythm
Buenisimos!! 👌🏼
Loving it 👍😎
Absoluely grade A Quality - Fantasmagorical
half pint
loved this live lounge took me back about 15 years to my raving years ☺
Awsome tunes by these two players get them banging out
guys are top class musicians !
dance music isn't my usual choice...... but I love these guys take on it :-)
2.20 song, no sarude dandstorm please..
I know them since their daft punk cover. EPIC!!!
Sandstorm ! Bloody Brilliant
This is soooo cool!! These boys are going to go far! I loved every minute of that!
uncle ben
when i sit in maths class i feel as pointless as the guy on the right
Nah thought it was gonna be better
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