Steven Tyler departs in his Hennessey Venom GT Super Car in LA 03102013

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Ape face
Atika Yousfi
i prefere my chineese car least it doesnt make all that noise or attract curious people
Austin Bryan
Jokes on him, the F5 is now the best lol
Auttie B
He is a she. A man wouldn't stall. Women can't reverse haha
Barry Thacker
Is he going to drive it to guitmo?
Bryan B.
Man I want these super and Hypercars but seeing how people struggle with them makes me sketchy on it. I'm still going to get them though. Just got keep improving my driving skills
Bud White
I love the Asmith but i would not let ST drive a gulf cart.
wow he cant drive
Carmen Aguilar aguilsr
Me sabe a cara siempre de drogas 🌍🐷🌎
Cee Note
I wouldn't let Steven Tyler operate a shopping cart at the grocery store.
Chef Adam
Dude drives like a lady.
Cheryl Kreske
Now that's one HOT CAR !!!!!
Chris Priestley
Hyper car. You want super car go get a crummy Lamborghini.
Colin Richard
Craig Noftall
Wow....Glad i saw that..Sooo important to see...\
Curt Phillipps
Awesome car but the cadge in it has got to be annoying af!
Daniel the Husky
This has to be so annoying for Steven Tyler. He can't just normally take off without people all around him trying to film him
Danny Waysted
i can't belive that he started with a Honda Civic,,,ahahahhahaha
Do Bo
car stales how embarrassing lol
Donna Peroche
He barely knows how to sing anymore and he never really knew how to drive
Eddsword e
Crap car for a Million bux.
El Salvador
Dude, look like a lady
listen to that power of the engine! its crazy! sound like a pro mod drag car haha
dude can't even drive his own car, lol
G-MAN #60
The woman in the background laughing should have her a try at it. You think it's easy maneuvering a super car around all that bullshit in the way. Piss off
Garry Field
he should stick to singing.....
Gino Latino
Handicap driver
Beast !
Hank Hill
I guess it's cool for a guy with pusee lips.
Why does a hippy like this own a car like that?
Nice driving skills
Love it. Rock stars,movie stars and members of the lucky sperm club in their v12 powered super cars that can do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and top speed over 200.\n They need 20 people to direct them out of a entire reserved parking lot. \nThen they can do 15 mph from one light to the next and take 2 hrs to go 30 miles burning a gallon every 1/4 mile.
Jan Niemi
Oops\nLeft the parking brake on 😄
Jarno Saarinen
Seat belt?
Joe Lavigne
Steven Tyler tried to murder his girlfriend that was pregnant with his baby when that didn't work he put her in a crazy Ward at a hospital and talk to doctor into giving her an abortion at 8 months.... in my book Steven Tyler is a murderer
I like Steven 10X more for driving this car!
Joey Campbell
bahaha! he stalled it xD
Jon Jones
Dude looks like a lady cant drive.
Josie Springfield
Love that car.
Keith M.
This video should have been titled, \
Small surprise. The sheer number of people who obviously know NOTHING about the car, couldn't be bothered reading a bit or doing any research, yet feel compelled to express their opinion. Welcome to ewe-chube... Nice Car, Steve. Enjoy it, mate. I'm jealous.
La Leçon de Kamel
Steven is funny and ridiculous !
What the hell people? Have you ever tried driving at all? I had trouble moving with my new Ford Focus when I first bought it. He has to drive something which is closer to an airoplane than a car and you comment about a stall? OMG too many 15 years old gathered in one place with a driving experience from Need for Speed! My head hurts!!
M Riippa
looks good.. too bad its american
M Sal89
Way to much car for that tranny
Martin Ivanovski
Imagine being famous and driving in your 1.8 million dollar hypercar and it stalls in front of a crowd\nI can't even imagine the embarrassment
Michael caplinger
idk how you stall a car with 400hp at idle
Mike Normandy
Poor guy! He just wanted to GTFO and everyone is surrounding his car of course he's gonna stall! He probably does NOT drive manual all that often and esp one that hard and stiff! He was probably more concerned about hitting someone as he almost hit the curb! Sick Car! Just wish these car spotters would give some of these celebrities some space! Both parties (car spotter and driver) safety is more important than a shot of a car you can google image search!
Mike R
Why this old dude not driving a Camry..To complicated at ur age buddy...
chevy small block, same as c5 corvette, twin turbos added, manuel trans from ford gt
That must be annoying. Every second surrounded by bunch of insects. He should get a barrel of Bug Spray and hire a team of sport fans that would chase them down.
Neil Matthew Palapala
This car can accelerate 300/km/h in less than 13 sec and a top speed of 270mph the fastest tuned car in the world!!
Nicky Cowboy
Must be a rental or he's on alot of drugs. Who walks up to there car and has to look for the door handle then feel how to open it lol????
Osvaldo Ah
That car sounds horrible
Patricia Badeau
Paul Casarez
Looks like Chers stunt duble
Paul VanCoevering
He can sing. But he cant drive.
Being rich would be nice, but I would absolutely hate to to be famous. Too much shit going on, too many people, and it would just be overwhelming.
S. Robison
Poor Steven. Can't get away from these people....Then again ... can't drive his car.
Scott Chaffee
dude looks like a lady
Scott H
It's obviously not his car, it belongs to Hennessey Corp. Nobody noticed the Texas license plates?
Sebastian Gonzalez
The idiot camera man looked at the very bottom of the car for the exhaust! 😁
Sideshow Bob
Look at all of those losers with cameras
Der typ hat ein gesicht das an frankenstein erinnert. Grottenhässlich aber der traum für jeden zahnarzt wenn er den mund aufmacht hat er ein grinßen von einem ohr zum anderen.
Glad I'm not a celebrity, I'd probably go into fists of rage against these paparazzi low lifes.
Spencer Berke
That car is so badass. Love it
Stephen Antonio
If he had any balls, he would have done a massive burn out..
Tim Fisher
Dude drives like a lady
Timothy Antoine
He's still a Like !
Looks like the hand brake was on, which would explain why it stalled. Same thing happened to me when I picked up my Corvette from the dealer.\n\nI wonder why he could not autograph that picture? He said \
Waqar Ghulam
Haha this car is not for whimps
Winston Kim
That was a BAD-*SS car from a BAD-*SS Legendary Rock Star . . .\nEnough said
Good thing getting out of your parking spot wasn't considered racing because that was pretty damn poor.
ameer aiman
at that price i buy a pagani in a heartbeat
ano nymous
Old man wasting money on a car he can't handle to compensate his erectile dysfunction.
now he just needs to learn how to drive it
To those of you who think he can't drive. This car makes 1200hp. To get a clutch that will handle that power it needs to be strong/stiff and the friction point is probably small. Its probably like doing a leg press every time you push the clutch in. Also, they redirected him backing up so he didn't scrape the bumper/underside, not because he was going to hit something. And have you seen the rearview visibility, its nonexistent on this car.
I'm not digging the fact that he couldn't sign those people's autograph, you have to remember the fans are a big part of him being able to jump in that 1 million dollar piece of living excess. Two thumbs down on that Steve..
das dabs
sad dont look like he can even drive it even sader is it will prob sit in garage from this day on
driving supercars and still banging 20 year olds at 70. hes my hero
eric heine
Just because a car has 1200 horsepower doesn't mean that operating the clutch is like doing a bench press. Not since the invention of hydraulics, Pascal's principles. Master cylinders and slave cylinder.
Ya'll shouldnt be hating on the guy.  After all, he is a walking, talking miracle.  He should be dead after all the drugs and alcohol he went thru.  He has been a very lucky man.  But, I am surprised he has to have a police escort out of there. 
First off, he's probably not familiar with the car. Second, that car is not easy to drive, and backing up even harder. It's not a damn Ford Taurus like most people drive. lol. Most people will never drive a Venom.
gretchen mreminting
goodness, he is SUCH a Honey!! ain't bad either!!;D
john sullivan
Ha ha, if he wasn't such a rock legend who made a lot of great music, I would laugh harder. I give him credit for keeping his cool and not acting like an ass.
I respect him for handing all that crap every day.. I'd hate to live like that.. \
PopCandiesTV - you guys are SO nice and considerate to hire an epileptic camera person. Way to Go! Next time, hire an epileptic camera person with Parkinson's.\nReally... excellent camera work guys... Oscar winning stuff... (I can hear the excuses already)
mad ass
Sounds nice!
Did he put his purse in the passenger seat?
not wearing seat belt. bring him down to new orleans and the streets will tear this car apart in a milli-second. hope no beer cans are in the
rthawk natanabah
wow that is too much car for him
steve Williams
Woman drivers eh!
the good ol' days you should of been there
Dude look like a lady
I love fast cars but I don't see the point of something with 1200 horsepower.
The Hennessey Venom GT has so much pull that Steven Tyler doesn't need anymore facelifts.... while driving anyways.
Could have helped many others with all the money it took to buy that overpriced POS.
Old Fart driving hot car