The Elves and the Shoemaker: Learn Italian with subtitles - Story for Children ""

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A poor cobbler and his wife worked very hard but could never earn enough to live comfortably. Watch how two little elves come to their rescue.Illustrations: Charudutta Prabhu DesaiAnimation: BookBoxMusic & Art Director: Holger JetterFREE Apps for iPads & iPhones:

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Bahar uddin
nice vido
Carlos Montaña
There are a few things for how to learn Italian\nDecide precisely why you want to learn it\nTry to use Italian in your everyday life\nFind what method works for you the best.\n(I discovered about these and more on Hartlyn language lessons website )
Kevin Joseph
there is a lot of passato remoto on bookbox in italian videos
Lauren Beatty
hey i am learning italian and this really helps! \nthe only small problem is the words do not appear very quickly :( \nbut thankyou for uploading this!\n
@Bookboxinc Does this one not have English subtitles ?
Raphael Santore
Grazie. Raffe
Zeyar Shwe
Thanks for the videos. After the linguaphone course, I find these videos help me further with more vocabulary and usage. I looked at your website and could only find the 13 videos which are on youtube. Have you more videos in Italian?
@laurenabt Dear Laurena, thank you. BookBox consciously chooses to keep the subtitles and narration slow, so that language learners like you don't have a hard time reading along. Check out our website bookbox[.]com for more stories in Italian and 30 other languages!
Very useful video, but very, very ugly voice.