Polyglots: How and Why They Can Learn So Many Languages

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I speak like 30 languages, challenge me!
- Zage -
I'm only Bilingual (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
My native language is English. I speak French. I learn Japanese at school. I speak Yoruba at home with my parents (African dialect). And my childhood friend is deaf so I sign sign language with him
Alexander Jansen
My native languages are Norwegian and English. I speak Spanish fairly well and I can now get by in Dutch most of the time after living in Amsterdam since August. I speak English, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian/Swedish on a semi-daily basis, and I'm trying to learn some German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi and Irish. Because I'm native in Norwegian I also understand Danish, and some Icelandic and Faroese. I can't really get enough material for all of these, but I do at least occasionally talk to native speakers of Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Hebrew, Swedish, Polish, Chinese and Portuguese now while I'm studying in Amsterdam. I wonder if I should narrow it down a bit but I feel like I'm making progress in just about all the languages I'm studying. I realise I'll probably never be proficient in all of them, my main aim is to get some basic understanding and reach at least tourist-level.
Amythest Gemini
Can you be a polyglot at the age of 46 even if I picked up a few words here or there?
Andrew Giancola
This video is well produced and the layout very digestible. Thank you.
Aquarian Christianity
I speak two foreign languages. Listen to my advice! I am very analytical. I've taken courses in various languages, including Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese. I've studied about 10, some I only dabbled in. THIS VIDEO IS GOOD STUFF! I recommend speaking almost immediately using Italki and Skype. One can speak with a \
Everyone learns their native language before we even go to school. You just have to find a motivation.
Beta Vulgaris
Please don't show pictures of Richard Simcott without spoiler warnings. I was eating.
Bien Crafts
I never knew polyglot was even a word.
Boop Boop
Here's a tip, even though it's kinda stated in the video. If you know anyone which speaks a foreign language, try to learn the language they speak. Then you have someone to talk with and practice your language with.
Carol Lutz
Excellent! Thanks!
Cate Deans
Unfortunately with duolingo’s latest update (as at April 2018) they have abandoned SRS. :(
Charlie M
Great informative video, keep it up! :)
Chess with Suren
0:12 there was no need to say who was the beast among them, we already had guessed )))
Chris Ashford
Polyglots speak multiple languages badly. They should stick to at least 5 languages and master them.
Chris Jason
When you’re American, so you speak English and have 8% proficiency in Spanish...\nThat makes me a polyglot too right?😁😃
Constantin Marian Buhă
To bad \
Do a response to MattVsJapan.
Cynical Kazu
8:04 Light novels.... That's part of how I learned to speak Japanese almost perfectly.
DanDani Draws
I might just do the immersive method but I'm scared- I think as long as I know the alphabet and have a dictionary for Russian then I'll be fine-
Daniel Garcia Quevedo
Awesome! All you need to learn a new language in one video!
Daniel afg
hoo i learned italian.\n\ntook college course, turned my phone into itlaian. listen to itlaian music, buy italian books then translate every page. itlaian movies with english/italian subtitiles. fully immerse yor self as much as possible, but you need people to talk to thats why i took college course as well as hired a private tutor for a little bit. it only tooke me two years with 40%effort. tho italian is easy af for english speakers
Dario Llanos
so this guys used the Assimil books, guess they really good then.
Darth Bacon
This is pretty much how i've done with english (immesion).. now i even think mostly in english, but i live in my native country. I now find i have to use english words instead of swedish to keep my speech fluent.. otherwise i kind of have to stop and think...
David Dennis
I love learn english by eroge, then my target is play eroge with japanese language~~~\n😂
Some traded their eyebrows to learn a new language
Faramarz Parandeh
if that's easy why don't you speak any? go ahead and learn 5. 6 languages.
Fellippe Galletta
What do you guys think of one of the fact that Alexander Arguelles improved his French by studying Spanish simultaneously?\n\nRight now I'm currently learning Italian. I do have a great background in Portuguese as I grew up with a Brazilian mother, but definitely not fluent. If I could speak Italian like I do Portuguese I'd be really happy, but of course I look at my Portuguese and I'm jaded, haha.\n\nWould love to improve them around the same time and hope that would help my Italian faster than strictly focusing on Italian. I'm no longer a young kid. :)
Fluent Japanese From Anime
How and why you can potentially learn faster through reading vs. any other language learning method (featuring hyper-polyglot Alexander Arguelles):\n\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJJXT_ALRjk
I am from Argentina and then I moved to Switzerland. Before I had learned French to live in that place, I had to learn German and Italian because these three languages \u200b\u200bare spoken here, I already knew how to speak English thanks to the school in Argentina, now I can speak quite well these 5 languages \u200b\u200ball this while I was a teenager.
Glen Fabisevich
I love the gold list method and I never even knew what it was. When I was in Indonesia, I would take an hour or two each morning to read articles in Indonesian and write down a list of new words in my phone. It really helped me learn to communicate.
Iain Callaghan
The secret is to focus on listening. The reason you speak your native tongue so well is that you've spent thousands of hours just listening to it.
It's Life
I am currently learning Japanese and Korean! After that I want to learn Spanish as well. I speak a little Tex-Mex at home, but not enough Spanish to actually hold a conversation in Spanish though.
J Comper
Just for comparison.\nSlovak alphabet is an extension of the Latin alphabet used for writing the Slovak language.\nIt has 46 letters which makes it the longest Slavic and European alphabet.\nThe modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters\nThe Greek alphabet has 24 letters\nWho originated from whom and how?
Jegliker ChrisMcCoy
The expose of surrounding people can also helps learning languages. My bro introduces me to internet and games, and all in English, I understand English as I'm really curious what should I do in the game and likes to read English as many things not available or lack of informations in my native language (I am Indonesian).
Jennifer Pham
I've done all the methods above to learn japanese besides talking to native speakers. I just don't like that idea. However, i really like the vocabulary method and waiting for 14 days. To whoever is struggling to learn languages, you can do it! I believe in you!
José Lopes
Nice video, my native language is Portuguese from Brazil\nMy goal is learning English and Spanish, maybe later Japanese
Justin Noker
no joke, I have a polyglot friend, he's 16 and already knows 3 languages, and trying to decide on a 4th. he also had a few other polyglot friends that i spoke to, the one thing they tried to peer pressure me into doing was learning a language lmao
Natural Polyglots -\u003e Filipinos(the farther from the capital, the more language,- english included. Pretty fluent as well.)
Krystal Kat
Wow, there's so many people saying such negative things like \
I'm jealous of all these people that can speak another language I've been learning french for 5 years in school it has got me no where I'm gonna just start learning it in college all over again as school was useless
Not good advice here is why a math genius learns diffently then the average person and often fails to understand their struggles. Note most of these Polyglots have the perquisite high IQ my guess at least 125 combined with some language aptitude.\n Benny Lewis was an Engineer my guess his IQ is in the 130 range and probably has same innate talent. \nJust as someone with an IQ of a 90 will probably never become an MD no matter how much dedication they put into this pursuit the same is true for a polyglot ( fluent in 5 languages.).\nthe most important question of all is why you wanted to become polyglot and can you realistically do it? I personally see this as a waste time for most people that being said you should try to master at least one foreign language.\nImmersion is a waste of time until your a solid CEFL A-2 level as this will result in mental fatigue and you will eventually quit in frustration.
MasterStranger1 ❷⓿❶❾
Im 13 And I know Spanish English Some Japanese \n\nAnd right noe im studying Russian Polish Portuguese Italian French Romanian German Japanese Arabic and I rewrite everything until i get into my head \n\nAnd it does work i could already read all these languages but not that much\n\nAnd im not stopping I want to know at least 21 languages before im 20 I will Do it 🤠👍🏿and im enjoying it too at the sametime. After that happens im still gonna learn I'll stop when im 36. I at least want to know 50 Languages for the rest of my life. Im going on a great journey.\n\nAnd all this is possible
Im 12 and know 3 languages \nNorwegian: lived there 6 years\nDutch: native language\nEnglish: learned by using a lot of internet\n\nThis is how im planning to learn all langauges i want too \n \nBy intergrating the langauge into my life i learn faster
I speak fluent english, spanish and good portuguese. But I'm learning italian. Any italian here would like to help out? :) I can help with any of other languages I mentioned.
Thank you for your effort in putting together this informative video. I presently aim to be fluent in Japanese and I want to try out some of the methods shared. Thank you!
My native languages are Italian and Spanish and I have learned English from a young age. I was taught French in middle school but I can't say I really speak the language more than just understanding it. I consider myself to be fluent in the first three languages but I really want to learn some more. Currently, I'm learning Japanese at uni and I'll probably pick Chinese soon.
Morgan F.
I can only speak English fluently, when I was young I was introduced to Spanish and was absolutely fascinated and wanted to learn it though I didn't have a way to until seventh grade. I took a class in school, then another the next year, and another after that. I've been trying to get into Spanish 3 but now I'm only self taught with apps. I took a break from it and don't plan to again. I learned to read in Korean before I realized the ice wasn't breaking and switched to Japanese because it's much easier to remember though the system of the writing is extremely intimidating. I've also started learning French somewhere down the line but am only comfortable with speaking Spanish and English. I haven't met any other language learner that I could converse with, and want inspiration to start learning another one.
Better than all the videos entitled: \
Everyone in Europe knows at least 3 and everyone in India knows 4-7 languages. Africa knows their countries language their tribal language, and English. Canada knows French. Russia is so big that there are a lot of languages and cultures in it's boarders. It's only China Japan, US and maybe places in South America that know one.
Great video! Well-produced and informative. I think the best thing we can learn from these people is that they have a desire to learn these languages. Methods are great, but without desire, you will easily give up. However, a poor method can really discourage you and you can lose your desire. That has happened to me several times. So, find a cool language that you would like to learn and make it fun!
Nintendo gamer 222
Sorry, I'm not native to english, but wouldn't the thumbnail question be written \
Oscar Rivier
Im fully bilingual, and know a little Italian, but would love to speak a least 4 or 5
11:03 i see somebody's mixing goldlisting and anki. i've been trying to do the same thing recently, got any recommendations for how to set the deck up for that kind of thing?
Pink Magic Ali
My best experience trying to learn Japanese is learning the grammar because that’s where a lot of my language interest lies. I studied linguistics so it’s what I find interesting. I also find listening learning difficult.\nMy friend is a reader. She’s trying to translate French poetry because she loves French culture. It’s so personal.
Potato Kitty
my cousin knows alot of languages, more than five I think... and she can speak them pretty well (of course... I know only English, but she has alot of conversations with people with other languages)\nit is possible to be fluent in multiple languages.
Rowan Nieuport
I studied German in middle school and high school, and i have always remembered my lessons and vocabulary. I learned fast and found my own methods. Later in college I studied Latin for 2 years, and i found it was very easy. Unfortunately there was no conversation and reading Julius Caesar was difficult. Graded readers were good though--i looked for old used high school book. I studied Japanese more as a hobby for many years. I am disabled now, and cannot work. I enjoy using the internet to expose my mind to languages, learn about places and cultures. When i was in middle school it was the early 70s, what a bummer life was without internet---and of course i didn't know it, hahahha.
Ruby Abc
I‘m german and I want to learn every nordic language!😊❤️
In Norway, we begin learning English in first grade (at 5 or 6 years old), and learn either Spanish, French, German or Chinese in eighth. Most people usually don't become fluent in their third language, though.
Will try the gold book method, thanks for the various tips my bro!
Sage McAllister
Duolingo stopped employing SRS
Sandeep Singh
Thank You Merci
Sandra Cvetkovska
At the moment I can speak in 8 languages. I was raised as bilingual child, learned Spanish by watching a lot of TV shows as a kid, learned English because the course I was visiting was super fun, currently I'm level B2 in German and I love every minute of it. It took me less than half-year to get to the point where I'm able to converse on different topics without many difficulties. To compare this experience with the time when I was learning French in school for 6 long years and now I barely remember few words and phrases, it leads me to the conclusion that in order to be able to learn a language, you need to find a fun way to do it, whether be a course, movies, games, apps... whatever works for you. Anyone can do it, it is just a matter of mindset.
Sarah Mohammadi
I can speak 4 Languages 😊😊😊
Sarthak Shah
Richard Simcott looks like Thanos
Sc Bl
Another idea to #learning #languages with #immersion is to #translate information into the target language (including #abbreviations and technical materials if you are high enough in level) and avoid falling back as much as possible. Of course, this is meant to be done at a more intermediate to advanced level.\n\nTo get an idea of what this could look like with abbreviations at least in Chinese, see #缩写 & #缩写汉字.
Scarecrow lego
I play battlefield games and now I can be a russian soilder
Shadow 144
With duoling i learned hiragana in 3 days... Not perfectly i still make some mistakes but still... I can recognise almost all hiragana symbols...
Show Me What You Got
Most polyglots think knowing a phrase or two counts as being fluent. They are full of crap.
Silver Nik45
My native language is Italian, but I study English and French.
Sir Tophat
I am going to watch all of One Piece without subtitles, and all of the spanish dub of DBZ
Learn a language means to attain the chosen skills of the language.\nStudy a language means to improve the chosen skills of the language.\nLearn to do something means to become able to do something.\n\nThere are 5 language skills:\n- reading comprehension: your skill of reading texts and understand it.\n- listening comprehension: your skiil of listening to speech and understand it.\n- readlistening comprehension: your skill of readlistening to audiotexts and understand it. Audiotext is a text with its version in speech and you can read the text and listen to the speech at the same time. As for readlisten, it means to read a text and listen to the speech version of the text at the same time. Audiotexts may be videos in english with subtitles in English, audios with transcription, etc.\n- speaking communication: your skill of communicating to others using speaking.\n- writing communication: your skill of communicating to others using writing.\n\nIn order to learn these skills, you must study them correctly. Unfortunately, a lot of people who desire to learn one or more of these skills can't do it successfully because they don't study correctly and don't know why they can't learn. i've been through this difficulty before, but eventually I find out that the correct way to learn languages is the same we learned our native language and we learned it unconsciously, so we don't recognize the real way of learning.\n\nThese are the correct way of learning these 5 skills:\n- reading comprehension: read a lot of English(for instance) by paying attention to what you're reading until you get used to as much as possible of English.\n- listening comprehension: listen to a lot of English by paying attention to what you're listening to until you get used to as much as possible of English.\n- readlistening comprehension: readlisten to a lot of English by paying attention to both audio and text until you get used to as much as possible of English. It teaches you the correct pronounce of what you're reading and helps you to improve listening easier.\n- speaking communication: actually, in order to learn it, you have to listen to a lot of comprehensible English speech by paying attention to what you are listening to. As a result, you learn to speak sentences with many vocabs and good pronounciation naturally, without thinking about what words you wanna speak and without using mental translation to form sentences in English.\n- writing communication: You have to read a lot of comprehensible english texts by paying attention to what you are reading. As a result, you become able to write texts with correct ortography and grammar. I am a portuguese speaking person from Brazil, I learned a bit of English as a second language using the correct way of learning languages and there was no need to write what I mean in English translating from Portuguese to English.\n\nThis is the truth about language learning, you probably believe in different methods, but every people from the world who learned any languages learned the languages in the correct way. I hope this to be useful for you and helps you to learn the languages you want. we only understand what we are used to lisen and read. i wanna know your comments about this. :)
Song Covers
I think I'm doing quite well! I'm 13 years old and I'm fluent in english and Dutch and I can speak German and French ( I know the Greek alfabet a bit too ). My native language is Dutch, and I could speak a little bit of english at the age of 4. Now I'm teaching myself Korean, since I learned all the other languages ( accept for english and dutch ) in school. In 2 days I learned to read, write and pronounce and say hello and thank you and no and yes, and all the basic stuff. So that's quite average I think. \nMy schedule is:\nCome home from school, watch a korean serie on netflix ( wich I really like ). Do my homework. Then Maybe watch some korean youtubers, or continue watching netflix. Study korean, and learn some new things! \nIt's Amazing that I can teach myself a language in a fun way, without it costing any money. I've already learned much more than when I learned Greek for a year at school ( in that whole year we only learned the alfabet ).
Sophia Munari
I only speak English and Portuguese and I'm currently trying to learn Italian.
Soumyo Mookerji
Not sure how to react on this! From my family background to know a foreign language is rather a tradition. Thus I did. Later on I have taken it as a profession. With a little less than 16 years in Spanish language experiences, I have leaned bit of Portuguese, Catalan, French, Italian and recently added Hebrew (included my Hindi, Bengali, Kannada and English). However have earned no respect the place I work. More or less all people at my work place see me as an infectious insect. Hopefully soon they will get rid off me. They say per company’s policy jejeje.
Star Valeri
My native language is Spanish starting to talk at age 1, then I learned my second language which is English at 11, I learned Portuguese at 13, I got French classes in my sophomore year through Senior year and I teach myself Italian at 16 and then went to college to get a associate’s foreign language degree in Russian after graduating I teach myself Japonés and then Arabic. \n*This just happens in my imagination, it’s my dream to become a polyglot, and I’m trying to chase my dreams.*
When you need to understand like 20 thousand words for understanding fluency, I really don't believe these people are genuinely proficient in that many languages.
Susanti Siva
My mothertounge is tamil and I was brought up in Sweden then I learned English and Spanish in school I moved to Poland so I learned Polish and right I am learning Norwegian and Portuguese in few months I am going to learn Italian so by the end of the year I will be able to communicate in 8 LANGUAGES!! So happy it will be my biggest achievement so far
TenChittaphon's Smile
The two most important thing you need to learn are motivation and action.
The Major
Playing games is prob best way to learn. Although there aren't that many games that are suitable for that purpose. I mean The original Dragonquest would do fine, seeing as it was in Japanese, sure no Kanji, but at least it was all in Kana, so it would work.\n\nBut there aren't that many other games that are dialog heavy today, text adventures sure, but there aren't that many today, and dialog heavy old school rpgs are a thing of the past... someone should probably make some good and interesting game that when you are finished you'll at least have a basic understanding of the 10 most useful languages in the world, seen from the English perspective, them being Chinese(Mandarin), Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German, Swahili, Tamil. If further Korean, Bahasa Indonesia/Malay, Portuguese, Navajo, Nahuatl... maybe some conlang, like .la lojban. or Esperanto or Ithkuil or Dothraki or Quenya/Sindarin... \n\n\nWould been quite nice.
Very original and funny name
My fist language is Spanish which I started talking at 1, then at 2-3 I was fluent in Italian (my mom is Venezuelan and my dad is Italian), at the age of 14 I was fluent in English and at 15 (now) I am fluent in French. Right know I am also studying Korean on my own as my project is to be fluent in 6-7 languages by the time I graduate from high school, and after I'll probably learn more. Languages have always amazed me and the more you learn the more you can appreciate how many different cultures there are in the world.
Victoria Colman
I think the real and only secret to be fluent in any languages is passion for that language.
Thanks for the work, you just presented what i was looking for and it would have taken me so much time to know it all 😀
My issue is I find research fun, not any of this cartoon or game crap. \u003e.\u003c I need to understand what the hell I'm seeing to have fun.. lol
Xavior Pautin
I'm told by everyone I ask to not learn Japanese through anime. It'll confuse or mislead you quite often. See the way Naruto speaks, for example, once you know Japanese.
hellen gulzari
I am fromm Afghanistan, my native language is dari persian. I also speak urdu, started at the age of 8, English, started at 11, some Spanish and tiny bit of Russian and Arabic, my goal is to complete Spanish and Russian at the same time.
Lists\nI use WORD Document\n\nSuru to do\nKiite kudasai please listen\n\nMensch man\nAlles in Ordnung. everything is OK\n\nI have lists in various subjects / groups and review them.\nIt won't convert to flashcards that's a problem but I don't know what would work better.
jeremy emilio
what if you are an social hermit that dosen't like (unnecessary)face to face speech in real life(including skype) ,but also loves learning languages, does words-base internet text chat and forums count?
I studied French formally (high school for all 4 yrs, university for 5) for 9 yrs. My reading/writing French is pretty good. My comprehension/speaking is just fair. During the university years, I spent every summer in Greece, (out in the sticks, not Athens) doing archaeology attached to an American university. I had no formal training in Greek prior to this, nor am i of Greek heritage. Result? I speak Greek fluently. \nIt's called immersion. Period. The end.
mesaky sama
Thank you for the great advices
languages is something i’ve always loved and has come natural to me over the years,, honestly i think the best way to learn is practical teaching, and try to actively find people who speak it or watch tv shows/movies, mainly do things you’d do in your native language in that language. its so important to do things you enjoy and associate it with the language, tbh i think its so helpful
patricio iglesias
Spaced repetition is really boring, it may work but It is to boring for me to do it every single day. If someone uses it and like it, cool for him, but I just can't.
Polyglots are people who know 4 or more languages, I for example know Italian, Portuguese, English and French, I know a bit Spanish and German, also, but not as well.
Dig the music at 2:00
wodeya eric
As one progresses in anything in this case language,sounding stupid is a matter of course. One reason we don't learn is bse learning is not a perfect process. And bse most people seek to express perfection in whatever they do,they fail to take off. U r going to sound foolish learning a new language until u r several years into it then those that will listen to u at 10 yrs into will find u a natural speaker of a language. Languages can be very demotivating to learn--lots of discomfort in the course of learning.