How Do People React To A Hungry Child? (Social Experiment)

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RobbyTV brings a child actor into this social experiment to act hungry and see how people react!Would You Help A Homeless Child? ➙ --------------------------Pranks Network is a community of youtube comedy creators specializing in producing videos that shock, surprise and challenge conventional thought. We will be sharing compilations of the best content produced by our community, as well as original content and videos from some up and coming creators! --------------------------Got any pranks you want to see featured on this channel? Want to work with us? Shoot us an [email protected]

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Abbi Biatch
She hugged him at the end of the video that melted my heart, god bless her 😊
Abbirami Abbirami
Bless those people who helped her
Alee Khan
😢😢so heart touching💔
I'm crying rn
Alexawolfy805 OMGDORITO
Aww all of them are very sweet
Almira kosovar
In this world every badi have to respect our childe and this video touch my hearth 💔😢👍👌❤🙈
Anna super ramanji
I love so machi
Bailey davenport123
This is amazing the people’ are amazing that actually like to help god\nBless them all
Belle Yeo
Oh my gosh these people are so nice this vid left me in tears.
Bonnie kemp
Idk if its just me but I would know its a prank or something because little kids like that would be like in a adoption centre or something like that if they had not family not trying to ruin the vid or anything 😂
Brenda Olivares
Brenda Rodriguez
Me: *cries while eating an XL pizza*
Clarissa Pineda
this video touch my heart😇 this is a 100% good video
CocoaPupz Animates
I am still a child but now I am very blessed that I have food on the table and someone to take care of me. Please be thankful for that you have a home, food and a family.
Cold_Girl _Hillary
Awwww the hungry girl helped a boy
CoolMathKids AJ
I am extremely happy to see that people helped her. That's amazing.
Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101
Oh No poor chIld I feel bad for sad ☹️ I would help her I. Would help home less children😊
DM Pranks
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Dan Nkogolo
if i had money I'll change the kids #life
Equestria girls 262
Gacha GamerGirl
If everyone just had that kindness then our world would be a better place
Gacha masterYTB
Isn't it rude to go up to a stranger and ask them if they are done with there food\n\nBut I would still buy her some food
Goutam Kirtania
help them all pls
Grass Light war
This video made me cried and just cry cry and cry
Hamza Khawja
1.05 took a long time
Hardi Shah
In my country they run a business.. They gather poor kids and make them beg money
Harmony - Skye Hickles
I would totally help her I would feel sssooo bad for her 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖and it was nice she gave it to that man
Icy Sunset
Well now I know how to get *free food*
Iifanitik FAN FOR LIFE
Sometimes I fell bad for the homeless I do all I can to help them :) no matter what! 😁😉
Irah Lily
Man, I'd take the girl to a buffet and let her chow down to her hearts content.
It's the potato Squad
Just please *STAND UP TO PEOPLE AND HELP THEM A LOT* and you guys are awesome
It'z Gacha Sakura
That make me wanna cry!!!!
I hope everyone in this world has a very noble heart like in this video, I love to play with little children, I'm very sad to see such a child of that age hanging around to look for food in a way that is obviously dangerous in the street, which I very very much in love with small children. Love from south korea ❤ 다행히도 전세계 어린이들이 배고프지 않습니다 😊❤💗
You'd see \
Jake PaulFan
How was she born if she is homless
Jimin Has No Jams
Im glad there a nice people left😀
Jujuabrego Thegame
1:00 u can see the blue jays ⚾️on the top left
Kaylee Fletcher
my favorite part is when the girl gave the boy the food and the water that was so cute and cool I love God I hope you do too
:( I'm so sorry that these poor children have to go hungry everyday :(
Khloe Brookland
If I ever found a kid like me I would tell them to Come with me 🐾
Kitkat Animations
Aw how sweet of them :_)
LeBron James
It's so good because she eventually gave the food to a homeless man 👍👏👏
Leila Cookie
That is the cutest thing ever💕 & how she always gave them a hug🤗
Letecia Piamonte
I'm gonna cry
Leyla Kucukdipi
So cute!
Lisa Sutherland
I cried 😭
Lovely Gacha
I hope you gave them their damn stuff back
Lucy Mcclimonds
Awwww. At the end broke my heart. It brought a tear to my eye 💔💔
Luna Chan
Pretty Nice people!♥♥❤❤🍗🍗🍗🌭🌭🌭🌮🌮🌮🌮🍕🍕🍕🍔🍔🍔🍔♥♥♥♥♥😂
Makayla Ciarciaglini
That was so sad I cryed
Maria you are the best! Hopkins you are osusum
I never sall a little girl homeless woah
Mariana Barrera
Qué buena es a veces la gente😭😇👍
Mo Aso
Mobile legends bang bang gameplay
Superb nice video my heart is very happy now
MyUsernamesThis This
the pink shoes give it away
Nagendra prakash Singamsetty
If only everyone was like that
New Chica 95
I Will Help All Homeless In The World But I Can't Beacuse I'm Steel\n10 Age !?
Nishimiya San
I will never give my money to homeless people but I will buy them some food.
OceanDreams Anaila
When she gave that hot dog to the man i felt so happpy i was crying. God bless you all!
Great video humanity still exits in this world\nLove from INDIA❤❤
Prime Gaming
And here am I , a homeless dog nobody cares about :/ Thats what the dogs would say .
Ram Kumar
ya its great most of the people help that girl but in India there is a lot of people who ignore them 😔😔😔😔😔 VERY NICE MOTIVATIONAL VIDIO 😊😊😊😊
Random Fun
I became emotional watching this specially the last part where the girl gave the hot dog to a homeless man 😢😢😭😭
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Robinson Younique
Awww where are her parents😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Rodel Baldisimo
Wow those people that gave her food are really nice
Romee Brummelhuis
That people are so good😚😚😚
Rosana. Montalvo
Said Ahmadi
I wish i coulp help all homeless and poor people 😢😢. U guys are awesome keep up the good work
I feel bad cause I'm eating grilled chicken while watching this
Savage PlayzxX
To me, truely, how is this a prank
Schmitt Djeson
*That poor girl want get more food or money. Thats make me sad.😷*
Silver 2676
I'm glad people care about kids but she was nice enough to give a homeless. Man her food away so sweet
Sydney Hodge
I'm happy everyone was nice🤗🤗🤗
Takoda Anetelea
all of them were kind
The Cajunator
I like the second guy, he offers to actually pay for food
The Lovable
Ultra Blogs
Why am I about to cry
Xxxtentaction Fan
that’s why I never waste food
Yvonne Lasten
I love love love so much when she hugs the people... It's just cute!!! ♡
Zara Aali
The 2.8 k that disliked this video are heartless
Zuzanna Szczykowska
The people that help the girl were so sweet 😊😆😊😆
ali- a
hacker 1811
one like saves a kid
hyper gamer1
The people that dislike don't have soul and manners
iixXJxdeniixX Jxden
Aw God bless
itz gene
Made me cry😢😢😭😭
lavana midnight wolf
maggie 10103
I feel the urge to find my Mom and give her a big ol hug
praisy jessica Digal
very heart touching 😢😢
renu singh
I luv oll of them ...I luv u guys u r a really genuine human being
sakol benkul
seres Seres szilvia
syed hasan
Feel kinda bad for all the good people who gave their food away to someone who wasn't actually hungry xD
ใจ ดี
Giving is the best communication.
It make me cried a bit that how kind people are 😢