Gennaro’s Family Lasagne

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If you’re looking for a delicious recipe guaranteed to bring all the family together, look no further than Gennaro’s classic Italian lasagne. A rich Ragu sauce layered between sheets of fresh lasagne, a creamy bechamel sauce, mozzarella and parmesan. Serve with a crisp garden salad and oomph! Homely, authentic cuisine from the one and only Gennaro Contaldo. Enjoy!Links from the video:Perfect Ragu: x

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hes fun !
Akis Kitchen
want a piece!!!!
Alejandro Oliveros V.
It's really the best lasagna ever, I tried it yesterday made by myself.
Ali Kizilbash
Why not just stick with one accent ?
Amit Budhraja
Such a lively guy! Most of the presenters are usual dead on camera. But Gennaro is alive and kicking. So much experience that you make even complex recipes look easy. It would be really nice if you gave us some tips on the quality of ingredients used as well.
Andre N
The real recipe:\n- one mamma
Andrea Cremonini
Non puoi mettere il parmigiano nella besciamella... ma dai!
Andrew Ng
OMG so much cheese. So expensive! D= So creamy rich though! =D
Andy Nischen
ma che cosa ridicola..Purtroppo i Britannici credono ancora che gli Italioti sappiano solo fare da mangiare e suonare il mandolino. ...ridicolo
Ang Jo
Omg that looks amazing! I wish he was my grandpa lol!
Audio MG
Garfield approves
Molto buono come al solito.\n\nHowever it just became apparent to me, that Pizza is probably healthier than Lasagna lol....
when he brings the lasagna to the table it sounds like he's shouting \
Thank you Gennaro...looks delicious 
Corner pieces are awesome \u003c3
Bryson Perry
I feel like I'm hearing 3 different accents or maybe it's just my headphones or something
Carol Shanti
Fantastic!!!! Gonna try it.
Christmas Crustacean
Has Genarro been taking elocution lessons?\nHis English has markedly improved in the past year, he speaks slower, clearer, uses more descriptive words and also uses less word short cuts (eg pronouncing D instead of TH in this, that, then)
didn't let it rest turned into slop when cut RIP
Colleen Rose
I love Gennaros accent just the way it is.
Corner bits is the best all the crunchy bits.
Darth Ren
He is Don Corleone of cooking
David Vines
4:08 \
Elon Musk
I've noticed you had a LOT of the bechamel sauce left over, any suggestions how to use it up?
Emma Jeli
Awww he's so passionate it just make the video even better 😀
Erwin Schulz
who's angry?!!!!!
Felipe Mendoza
I was waiting long time to see one of your lasagna recipes, and it looks amazing. I'm going to try it soon. Bless you Gennaro, from Santiago de Chile!
FerCost 24
It's a perfect lasagna great job!
i just had dinner and and yet this is making me want to eat again, i need to stop watching lol
Hannah Plas
Is there anyone else who watches this video over and over again? That lasagna looks sooo delicious!😩😍😱
Hardcore Ahmedabadi
you are awesome. you have true passion for food. I love Italian food , definitely I will try this recipe.
looka da looka da beautie
Hi, Neighbor!
Feed a family? I would eat that entire thing myself! \n\nI am also very, very alone.\n\nI miss the touch of a woman.
How To Make Sushi
That looks pretty nice!
Hằng Lê Ngọc
*I love this crockpot!\u003e\u003e\u003e**** I own one and bought this for my daughter. Great size, the timer is such a plus, just set the time and once it's done, it goes to warm automatically. No need to worry if you're late getting home. I also love the locks on the top of the crockpot! You can take it in the car and not worry about spills, the top stays on and you carry it using the handles on the side. It's easy to clean because you take the pot out when you're done, wash it then put it back to store it. So many reasons to love this crockpot!*
Bitch lasagna
Ivy Nunes
best recipes came from Italy \u003c3
Jacob Moore
Is this guy Italian or cockney i cant tell
Jacob P
Would it work with fresh lasagna sheets
Jake Driver
This channel is by far the most mouth watering place on YouTube
Jeff Bagley
Gennaro Rocks!!!
Joa R
Hello, This colorful salad looks amazing too, could you give the recipe plz,\nThanks so much.
Jolly Jokress
this is hilarious.... how can one be so excited on every of the 30 layers that he puts on.... I'd be like: boring.. when is it done?? :D
Just Trolling
Gennaro comes to the garden like he wants to fight:\n4:04 Who's angry???\n:DD
Kaze Yuki
Your lasagne is the BEST I ever ate. :))) and also you are so nice and have a lovely family, I wish you the best in life :)
You forgot to mention to leave the lasagna to rest for 10 minutes before serving to firm up.
i typed lasagne gennaro two days ago and left disappointed when i didn't see any videos. Glad you guys fixed this! Bacioni Gennaro!!
Lily McGeough
Gennaro, you never fail to make me smile with your videos!
Lobster with Mustard and Rice
hey jamie , can you ask him to adopt me please?
Luisa Kellner
❤ cucina italiana la può meglio dell' mondo. Grazie, Gennaro auguri per la tua famiglia fantastica. Saluti della Germania. Un grande Fan.
Marc Walton
I love the bit where he accepts hesitantly that he loves cheddar cheese... hard for a proud Italian to admit!?
Marcelo Borduchi
Gennaro, you are incredible!!! Fantastic recipe!!! Thanks!!!!
María Zamorano
Melih Hasan Sezgin
Melvin Doo
he should cook with Paulie Walnuts...
Michał Kondratowicz
I like this guy so much!
Mr. Schrader
I would like to hear Gennaro attempt to do a Christopher Walken impression.
NPC #777
Why do i see this in My bed 3 am...
Natacha Wenger
I just made it, it's in the oven, Im so excited to taste it I can hardly contain myself
Nathan Jessep
Oh dear, I wanted to lose 15 pounds in the new year.\nDo you have any idea how long I have to run to make up for lasagna! =D\nThanks for the great recipe, Gennaro! You are my favorite on Food Tube.
Nim Nim
Oh my my!!!\nLookadat'!!!
is it me or he sounds like Count Dracula from Hotel Transylvania?
Ho fame
Pawel Gozdz
Love it ! So much positive energy in that man..
Gennaro is my favorite chef on youtube. Fantastico Gennaro!
Is he Simone's father or uncle? I see the same level of enthusiasm.
Ponto da Graça
Everything is done with love is perfect. It is the Midas touch any profession, love much love in things made bringing friends, money and many blessings for the whole family. Thank you chef, example of life coming out warm from the oven. Paulo Rossi in 82 owe me one, Zico was better.
Rebeca Gabrie
Can someone tell me the ingredients thank you 🙏
Rodrigo Martinelli
I liked very much. Easy to do !!!!
Ronnie X
It's called family lasagna but I would sure as hell eat all of that on my own
Sagacious Gaming
All these jealous fools in all his videos criticising his skills and persona and talking like they know better. Funny how they behave like that yet he is the one cooking and they are watching.
Sally Lee
wow I jumped on this video as soon as i opened up youtube :)
and i just made Lasagne today... now I feel stupid because this one looks way cooler !
Slowman _
StringStorm \u200c
He's one of the few cooks that I watch for the person and not the food.
Thank you so much for the yummy recipe! One of the best Chefs around.
4:04 - \
Teri Ma
Sa simple!
Thomas Carlsen
Finally someone on yt, who actually knows how to make lasagna.
Timmy Thex
Meat on the bottom, k den.
Holy fuck, it looks so good...
Vincent Lazana
I swear I hear Christopher Walken doing Italian accent when I watch Gennaro in this video.
New Years resolution: be as passionate about anything as this man is about food. Then work hard enough to be as good at my passion as Gennero is at food.
Its amazing how the aluminium foil disappears after been in the oven for about 35 min,..........did not happen to mine
Lol, please be my grandfather for a weekend. Look so fun :)
fjdjxj fjfjcxj
I've watched from 4:07 about twenty times, all I can hear now is 'who's hungry... Hairy c*nts!' Haha, I'm dying!
green house
if i have this kind of grand father, i would be so happy!
Anyone knows what`s the model and make of the oven? I see its a \
when gennaro makes the ragu in the other video, he uses big chunks of meat. but when you watch this video, the chunks are gone. what's the deal??? did he break it down or get rid of the meat?
For the bechamel sauce: Hot Rue (flour+butter), cold milk, NO LUMPS! (thank you chef John)
Man- everyone makes bechemel sauce different. For me I just use same weight of butter to flour - stir until smooth - then add milk SLOWLY stirring until smooth. Or just chuck the milk in all at once and whisk the hell out of it!
i'm glad that people from all over the world watch him cooking... he makes authentic italian food not reproductions!\nthat's the way we do it.. cheers from sicily and a big shout out to gennaro 👍👍👍
non è besciamella, è salsa mornay
Half of the reason I watch Gennaro is for the cockney/Italian accent. I could listen to it all day.
can you be my grandpa?
make a salad on the side guys otherwise its not healthy!
*How simple it is!*
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