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In today’s video we’re taking another look at Italian fashion and how it’s influenced my personal style! What do you guys think? C O N N E C T W I T H M E+ twitter:

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Acacia J.
I guess that Italian and French styles are the same. In France, at least in Paris where i live, we're not really into bright colors: everyone wears blue, black, grey or white..Our style isn't extravagant at all, it's pretty elegant. French fashion wiĺl never be outdated, i guess it's because we wear \
Adrián G Torres
Interesting video! Can you do another video but for men fashion? Maybe invite Enrico to give his opinion?
Alby Forelli
Ciao bella bella donna, I am half Dutch and Italian. Live in thr Dutch. I am still rock Rocawear Loose Fit Jeans from Jay Z! And also in Nord Italy u have people they got American tastes. Also in Milano mostly rappers. Back in the day boys every where wearing baggy jeans. But this times are fuckedup! Everybody want to be someboddy and here in Europe is streetwear diffrent back ten 00-10!\n\nBut if u want dressing what u wearing at home!\n\nDo It! \n\nCapiche? Hahaha\n\nBuona serata!
Alessia Merc
i think that skinny jeans are still quite in, i see a lot of girls wearing black ripped skinny jeans
Alex Travel
avendo viaggiato molto e visto tanti tipi di culture posso dire che la moda italiana è noiosa si vestono tutti uguale e non hanno originalità seguono troppo la massa e io ero cosí purtroppo.
Amelia Vasquez
Dang, I wish you made this before I came to study abroad this semester 😂😅
Ari Dari
Wow my style would totally fit in with Milan. I pretty much wear black, I love my sneakers and absolutely love faux fur jackets, however it seems faux fur isn't liked in the uk.
After this video, I realised I'm not Italian, lol. Maybe that's why I don't feel comfortable with what I wear when I'm in Italy, while I have no problems in UK.
Can you do this again?2018 version☺️
Ashley Aria
Nice video i am Italian but i am all for the bright colors even in the winter and i go around with gymnastic shoes, and yes oftentimes people assume i am from U.S.A :) Anyway about the subdued colors, it is true that Milano is mainly black but in south Italy is even worse! In the winter people wear only black outfit  and they wait for the summer to dare some nice color. I think it would be ok to wear black, but only if is a choice of stile, unfortunatelly in the south there is this mindset that people who wear subdued colors are somehow more respectable.
Ashley Davis
west coast is definitely known for colorful fashion
Bee Mari
Its funny because all those sneakers and trends you mentioned are trendy in italy are sooo outdated and out of style here in USA. 😂 so we have been there done that!. And i lived in italy when i was younger so no shade to italians😃
Billy Joe Riley
just fyi....midwest usa does have its own fashion....its called Not Trying Too Hard'
Breathe Repeat
They know I'm an American from a mile away, ha ha ha .... baggy t-shirts and sneakers everywhere I go. I lived in Milan for 2 years, and never changed my style. I got smirked at and gritted, I thought a few were gonna get whiplash turning back when I passed by. (And I laughed so much my face hurt.)\n\nNow, I live out in the country (towards Treviglio) and people are more laid back here. Most of my friends wear jeans and sneaks. Found my peeps! After 6 years of living here, what I've learned about Italian fashion is that it's not so much WHAT you wear, but HOW you wear it. You've got to be sure of yourself and own it. Whether it's a Gucci suit or a Star Wars t-shirt, if you act like the Boss, few people will sweat you (and the ones that do are just pretentious twats anywho.) If you act like you know what you're doing, they flake off you.\n\nNice to see your videos! Thanks for sharing them.
Carlo and Bailey
Thank u mother I really need this I’m so busted every time I visit :((((
Carmen Avoledo
In Italy you just need to use good taste (buongusto): the elegance of wearing what suits your body, what suits the occasion and what suits the fashion world around you.
Carmen Di Santi
The Vans trend really makes me laugh, when I was in high school those were the sneakers only the \
Cat like Dog
I live in Rome and here it’s really big the “sportswear” trend. Everything that is Nike, Adidas, Champion, Puma, Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, The North Face etc... is considered very fashionable for both boys and girls. In this period there isn’t a sneaker of the year, I have seen a lot of different shoes of different types of brand (mostly Nike and Adidas). I can also say that there is the loose jeans trend but skinny jeans are still pretty big. The video was pretty accurate tho.
Cecilia Stella
Per esempio la maglietta che porti è visibilmente una taglia più piccola :) fa difetto sulle spalle
Charisse Dunkley
I'm definitely one of those people that have searched \
Chiara :D
Parkas are a bit outdated I think 😱 as an Italian student, I don't see them that much anymore. The fur thing is going to take off everywhere, but parkas with coloured fur is quite ugly imho xD
Chris M
curious how vans used to be the losers' shoes and now everyone wants them because 'they're cool and alternative and I'm not like anyone else and I'm different' and blablablah
Ciao Tia!! Mi è piaciuto tantissimo questo video!! 💖 Per quanto riguarda l'argomento scollature, pelle scoperta e curve in mostra avrei da aggiungere qualcosa. Io sono una 44 con seno abbondante e mi piace molto esaltare le mie forme. Adoro i jeans skinny e le magliette aderenti e scollate come quella che indossi tu, il motivo per cui faccio fatica ad indossarle non è il pudore o perché tutti mi guarderebbero, ma perché al momento lo stereotipo in Italia è di ragazza molto minuta, magra, senza curve e senza seno, che si può permettere di indossare una qualsiasi scollatura anche vertiginosa senza cadere nel volgare. I brand per giovanissime propongono capi adatti solo a questo standard, basti pensare che in negozi come Tezenis, Terranova e Zara spessissimo la taglia più grande mi sta comunque piccola, e ti assicuro di non essere in sovrappeso. È una cosa che mi indispone molto, e parlandone con le mie iscritte ho constatato di non essere l'unica. I capi scollati e aderenti ci sono eccome, ma vanno di moda solo sulle ragazze con fisico da modelle!! \nTi mando un abbraccio, continua così!! 🎀
Deja Spriggs
This is interesting. I live on a college campus on the east coast and all I see are sneakers and they are always Nike. Remember free runs, roshes, and huaraches? Also I’d get a ton of looks bc I hate closed toed shoes, love thick black leggings, wear riding boots in the winter(rain, snow, and cold all in one shoe), and I looks like a rainbow threw up on me (that includes my makeup) 😆 Fun/comfort over fashion any day 😊
Donzy Camy
Ciao, mi è piaciuto molto il tuo video. Vorrei aggiungere una cosa sul tema dei colori, forse ho capito male io ma credo che tu non la dica. Qui in Italia si usano determinati colori in base alla stagione ed ogni anno ci sono dei cambiamenti. Infatti questo autunno oltre ai classici colori autunnali va molto forte il vinaccia, il nero, il bianco crema ed il senape, in estate si tende a vedere colori più vivaci. Da quel che ho capito in America sono meno \
you missed the north-face backpack hahahah\nu must have seen it
Apparently Dutch fashion is the same as Italian :-P I think Europe is kind of similar.. Nice vid!
Federica Galli
About the fur: the reason for which old milanese women wear fur is in order to show off their wealth. That's it. It's not really a thing and I actually hate it (first because real fur comes from animals which are brutally killed. Second because I find it very kitsch)
Felix Magath
Non hai parlato dei risvoltini
Una cosa che mi è sempre poco piaciuta dell'Italia nonostante sia italiana è che qui c'è sempre una rigidità mentale in fatto di moda se qualcuno indossa qualcosa di diverso dagli schemi vieni fissata in modo assurdo e non mi riferisco alle scollature che io non uso ma anche se indossi un colore particolare o cose così..
Flavia Landolfo
Io dico basta ai risvoltini e alle megliette false della supreme
Giada Mantia
you are so cute and beautiful, I hope to meet you🌸\n(sorry for my English lol)
Gianna Mich
And those backpack that are like cubes and are so freaking small like, wtf can you put in that little thing??? Their “name” is fjallraven or something like that ahaha, I really hate them
Giulia Sivo
Actually I'm from the south and we still wear dark colours, but I guess it depends on the age of the people you're talking about, but dark colours are the most used here as well.\nAnd I think one of the most important things is never wear leggings and boots together. Never ever ever.
Hamsters & Elderberries
Girl, some fashion designer once said about colors In Italy: \
Harriet Emma Forte
You are completely right, I'm English but I've lived in Italy most of my life but I've just taken it as a challenge so I've been walking around in my bright red coat or my mustard yellow one! Lots of stares but I like being original 😊
Hayley Alexis
Germany  and Italy seem similar LOL
Hey Hi
americans are obsessed with sneakers
HeyHeyHey It's Millie
i am italian and i think that you are not really right. Italian fashion is all about brands: you dont have gucci even at the age of 13 you are poor, dont have balenciaga? Poor, dont have stella mccartney? Poor. It isnt alway a ppostive aspect but i think it makes us very fashionable.❤️
Hi Eliana
In italia si vestono tuuutte uguali
Hilary Floyd
Just don't wear flip flop guys. Srsly.
I Melograni
I've always wondered if in America girls do wear for school the kind of outfits that we see in tv series. I mean, do they really wear high heels and short dresses? In Italy you can barely wear a skirt and you can't show your shoulders as well
Jessica Marie
I'd say in the US the southern states have a lot of color for female clothing. Southern preppy brands for females tend to be very bright and colorful. Think Lilly Pulitzer, Simlpy Souther, Kate Spade and Jack Rogers
John Smith
Two years ago I was in Rome, and there was an Italian tour group with just men. There were about 20 of them dressed EXACTLY the same. Blue shirt with rolled up sleeves, chinos, styled hair etc.
Kaitlin B
also the Nike Huarache are a trend in italy
Katy Weasley
E poi arrivo io che non seguo mai la moda. Io compro dei vestiti o delle scarpe solo se mi piacciono e se mi stanno bene. Quando andavo alle elementari (ora vado al quarto anno di liceo) impazzivo per le converse tutte colorate. Quando sono andate di moda le converse bianche, non me le sono comprata perché mi piacevano le vans. Dal secondo anno di medie (se non sbaglio 2012) mi sono fissata con le vans. Io è da 5 anni che indosso le vans perché mi piacciono. Quest'anno ho notato che vanno di moda ma io non le ho perché vanno di moda ma perché mi piacciono. \nUn anno mi sono comprata un paio di scarpe nike che mi piacevano. All'inizio siccome andavano di moda tutti si complimentavano. Poi quando sono passate di moda una mia compagna mi ha detto \
Key Fox
Noi ridiamo e scherziamo ma come si fanno a preferire le vans alle Jordan.\nOvviamente è un parere personale.
Lara Harriette
I live in Rome and I agree for the most part. Girls tend to wear addidas superstars with mum jeans layered with jumpers right now. Then on nights out pretty much every girl is in culottes and some kind of platform heel.
In Veneto è il momento delle Saucony...non so altrove. A me fanno letteralmente schifo. Io sono affezionato alle Camper!
Letizia Frison
I’m from a smaller city near to Venice (Vicenza) and oh my god DR MARTENS everywhere, especially in 2015/6 but I still see them from time to time 👢
Louise Frenett
I've just moved to Italy recently and this is all stuff I've realised!
Lucas M
Not very impressed with the Italian fashion. The shoes like Vans and Nike’s are always here in the US so I don’t see much of a difference. American culture is very influential and I feel like Italy has some of it. I might want a combo of US and Italy. Blue Nike sandals with gray Nike socks are my favorite. Boat shoes with socks and shorts with a button shirt is great.
Lucy Claire Wilkinson
Im living in Italy and I love wearing bright colours. My favourite colours are Red White and Green (like the Italian flag) 🇮🇹
How to dress like an Italian travelling to London: down feather jacket and Hogan shoes - any season 😂 Scusa non ho resistito, ma mi fa troppo ridere che qui a Londra gli Italiani in vacanza li noti a distanza dall'onnipresente piumino :)) E lo facevo anche io quando visitavo Londra da turista!
Marco Ragonese
How many times did she make the air quote gesture per video?? Kind of Freudian slip...
Maria Vittoria Grisanti
You are so so right. And I’d say also never wear birkenstock with socks in Italy even if is pretty popular in the USA.
Marta Federica
Comunque la moda femminile non e' sommessa...difatti ovunque vai d' estate in giro, puoi vedere tantissime ragazze mezze nude. Con tanto di pantaloncini di jeans simile ad una mutanda e magliette cortissime scollate, mostrando la schiena, la pancia ecc...le ragazze chs si vestono cosi vengono guardate perche' sono provocanti. Gli uomini le adorano. Non mi sembra che in america le donne che si vestono cosi non ricevano attenzioni dagli uomini. La differenza e' che le mamme italiane cercano di non far andarr in giro le proprie figlie nude, mentre le mamme americane vanno in giro nude insieme alle figlie.
Melanie Martinez
Ciao Tia! Mi sto davvero affezionando a te, sei una bellissima persona. Mi ritrovo tanto in te, con l’unica differenza che io sento che il mio posto sia l’America e non l’Italia! Sono tanto felice che tu stia bene in Italia. Spero di incontrarti qualche volta a Milano! Un bacione
Diciamo che ovviamente essendo l'Italia molto varia e con climi molto differenti le cose che dici sono valide soprattutto per il nord. In realtà nel centro sud si veste molto più scollato. Non credo quindi che sia un problema di moda conservatrice ma proprio di abitudini legate al freddo e al caldo.
Nancy Violet
I taught a class of teenage Italian girls and nearly all of them turned up in a leather jacket and Addidas Stan Smith's. Also, ALL the old women in Spain are wearing the same fur coat...along with carrying a small dog haha
Natasha Lubega
You remind me so much of Michaela in 'how to get away with murder'.
You missed black Dr Martens!
Noah brandini
Italian women are proud of being feminine and classy. It's a basic rule that you shouldn't show both at the same time. So if you are going to show your legs cover your cleavage.
Nocturnal Blaze
Io mi vesto ispirandomi ad un'estetica tutta diversa rispetto a quella che hai mostrato nel video e non posso dire di essere una grande appassionata di moda, nel senso che non seguo granché i trend (anzi, diversi di quelli che hai mostrato non mi piacciono per niente, ma è tutta una questione di gusti), ma mi piace vedere come lo stile cambia, è un argomento molto interessante e sono contenta che tu lo abbia scelto per uno dei tuoi confronti!
What I do not get (I hate it actually) about american \
Panta Rei
One thing i noticed here is nobody wears damn socks in winter! Like, it's february, it's 0 degrees, it's about to snow, but there's still girls going around in their vans or mocassins without long socks 😱😱😱 how is that possible girls, how can you not turn yourself into a block of ice? im italian too but always wondering how this can happen 😅
I also feel like cheetah prints or animal prints in general are considered pretty \
Perla La.
THIS IS JUST SO TRUE! I just returned from Italy and I spotted all of these trends since day 1! The tennis, jeans, leather jacket, pants... they also like to use new t-shirts with big logos like the adidas one, etc...
Rachey T
I would also say vintage isn’t popular in Milan whereas London and New York it has been for a while. I think vintage does actually add to both these cities being more eclectic and fun with fashion. They still look great in Milan, just more conservative. Half my wardrobe now is saved for when I go back to visit London because Milan just wouldn’t get it. I think Milan fashion is quite similar to the Scandinavians and Paris, classic styles and fits that don’t really date :)
Romano Benini
It s not a question of fashion style , except from NY and some USA States in east coast ( with a strong Influence of Italian culture and migration) , the people from USA are often without aesthetic sense and humanistic culture . It s the consequence of a society dominated by the pragmatism and utilitarianism : no sense of beauty but only business , money and power . \nWe can see the typical ugly American tourist in Italy ; flip flops everywhere , beach dressed in the historical cities and put the feet to get wet in the historical fountains. Young American people are really embarrassed and it s sad to see them in Italian for this bad and rude behavior,
I live in Bologna and here most of the girls wear the exact sneakers that you mentioned plus black jackets and skinny jeans.oh and most girls have their hair straight. I understand fashion but I don't get trends. What's the point of looking the same as everyone else on the street? Personally I prefer to have my own style and wear it with confidence. If people like it even better.
Saverio Russo
I understand the enthusiasm of staying here but I advise you not to follow the Milan fashion. They look all dressed the same way!
Sono le Vans lmao \nMia sorella sta letteralmente supplicando i miei genitori di comprargliele (ma non gliele comprano sicuramente)
Silvia Conforto
Unfortunately in Italy (or at least in the south where I used to live) EVERYBODY dresses the same. Same pair of jeans, same sneakers, same jackets, same hair color. I was always criticized in school for wearing something different. I was the only one in school to wear sandals while people where boiling their feet in tennis shoes because it was the trend. Everyone is so obsessed about looking like everyone else that is crazy. If you have a look on Saturday nights on the main street of my hometown everyone is dressed kinda similar. And it is depressing. I live in Australia now and I feel more relaxed here and I can express more my personal style. I still dress like an Italian because I was born in that environment but I add my personal twist
Silvia Dante
Typical \
Stuart Marshall
On a train in Torino I had a guy suddenly start talking to me in English. \
Susan Jodairi Karimi
Lascia like se sei italiano
Tamira Bennett Volk
They're doing too much. Good video though. Guess I don't like their idea of fashion.
Tia Taylor
Se volete aiutarmi con I sottotitoli italiani, ecco il link: | In an effort to cram all my thoughts into a 10 minute space, I of course forgot to say some things! What did I miss?? If you aren’t following me on instagram, you should go do that here:
Tiziana Palmi
Ti prego Tia, dillo in America: gli uomini con la camicia a mezze maniche e la cravatta.. No 🙃
What will always make you look like an Italian? SUNGLASSES (preferably Ray-ban), all year, all kinds of weather 😁
Virma Caramia
But why following trends in the first place.? I was born and grew up in Italy and lived in New York.. Always wore whatever I personally liked, whether or not it applied to the local trend. I wish everyone did a bit more their own thing.
Willow Whisper
Parere da Roma:\n\n1) Mai e poi mai quelle scarpe orride. Sempre e solo VANS 😂 \n2) sinceramente non credo che \
Zoe Chiartelli
Anche le Nike vanno di moda,o le dottor martins,e sono sempre di moda le converse,non sono mai passate.
alejo castro
To be honest I found the fashion in Italy to be very very boring. The young people dress like they are 45 years old and their seems to be no shops selling clothes. When my friend from Italy came to London she not could believe how crazy the clothes were in Topshop ( Topshop is pretty normal in England) She said she loved how creative the designs were but she could not wear them in Italy because people would think she is crazy. Plus Italy is outdated.........Vans sneakers have only just become popular in 2017??? lol they started becoming the popular shoe here back in 2012
alex m
sorry but those vans were the main trend like two or three years ago in Italy, I think the sneakers trend now is more like adidas nmd or that kind of shoes or vintage reeboks.\nanyway I agree with all the rest, your American point of views on our society are always interesting :)
Sounds like London... I guess all the fashion capitals are the same... not surprising America is not a fashion capital it seems like some of u just put anything on and think it goes
I got back from Italy a few weeks ago and definitely saw a lot of faux fur coats! And in very pretty blue and pink colors. I also noted the well fitting clothes. I feel like the fashion is very classic and well fitted and maybe with a little twist in the form of a unique detail. On the plane from JFK there was an older Italian man sitting in the same row as me. He was beautifully turned out with a very nice sweater and some really nice patterned socks and nice leather shoes. He was a senior citizen and looked fabulous (and adorable). I also feel the woman in Italy pay attention to their grooming! No matter which heair style they chose, it is always glossy and well kept and their skin is glowing with subtle but beautiful makeup... I love the Italian style!
Perchè senti di doverti vestire come la maggior parte degli italiani per sentirti come loro? Io preferisco sentirmi il più diversa possibile.. Only dead fish swim with the stream! 😊
commento cose
Please, please, DON'T WEAR FLIP-FLOPS in Italy. Please, i'm serious.
cuz cuz
Penso che riguardo al pudore gli americani siano molto più avanti, è ridicolo considerare male una ragazza solo perché è scollata
kevin mc nally
I ' ve lived in Italy my whole life, I don' t pay much attention to how I dress and nobody never made me notice it. You can dress pretty much anyway you want, just don' t wear socks with sandals, italians make fun of notherers (especially Germans) for that.
kiki Lovely
i live in Rome,just...please the teen fashion is too ugly!!\ni hope that isn't my point of view but i don't seriously like it!\nMy style is actual grudge/rock,but i hope the style in Rome changes!\nsorry for my english tia,sono solo una studentessa di primo liceo haha
nice video Tia! You forgot Dr Martens and trench coats!!!
Guurl. Im from milan and the cleavage? So true. I love showing clevage and i get the worst looks.
You're a keen fashion observer. Definetely.\nWell, the present sneakers obsessive fashion makes you see less boots around, but as you know better than me in Milan we like boots, either female and male, and not only the older ones.
i am from sicily and i study fashion in london but moved to america for a bit!  most girls do wear skinny jeans, maybe not extreme tight but most jeans are tight, some people do wear mom jeans, but i think sicilian fashion is different. red lipstick, dark makeup, a bit more vampy but still very italian.\n\n i think you forgot to mention scarves and risvoltini which i see most americans don't do! for me the americans like things tighter but do not actually fit their body well (not size wise just poorly shaped clothes) and they do not finish the outfit with accessories.i think also modern american girls go for the \
winwin is king of vishuar
8:58 hai dimenticato i sandali con le calze, lol
阿妮莎 Agne
Vorrei aggiungere che gli italiani in generale amano vestirsi fini ed eleganti. Non vuol dire essere coperti.. Tutto ciò che rispetti la fisicità della persona senza risultare volgari. Una troppo formosa che si veste super attillata per noi è volgare e non è elegante.