Romantic SPANISH GUITAR MUSIC - Spanish Passionate Flamenco

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* Paulaa_p23
VIVA ESPAÑA!! España era hace mucho como México pero no se que pasó soy Española y adoro México💕💕 y bueno adoro la Música Mexicana obviamente 😍❤\nVIVA MÉXICO!!
Fantastic melody 👍
Alba Hernandez
Sin dudas una música maravillosa con mucho salero . Viva España , tierra de elegantes caballos , toreo y buena música como está . Olee
¡Viva Andalucía y viva España!
I am half spanish, and that makes me love more my second country, Viva España jooo!!
Alejo C Morales Jr.
In my Island 🌴 Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 the Music 🎶 Never Stop...!
Alenzzo -
Anyone know the name of the first song ??? :)
Alessandro C
Magnifique .merci
Fuckin amazing! I love this!
Arturo Arriaran
Nice music from.spain..
Azrina Abu Bakar
Brenda Orvis Shay
Beautiful Guitar, takes me to a far off Oceanside, soft breezes and a glass of sangria! Ahhhhhhhhhh. ❤️
Candace Troy
Listening to this while i paint! Very relaxing and inspiring!
Cleo Almeida
Aquí estoy yo, una Brasileña enamorada de España😍
Concepcion Bustos
Sos la ostia guitarra española
Deusdina Pacheci
💗o que atinge a alma é eterno 💗 a música é uma delas💗???
Elvira Maxwell
Oh my gosh, fabulous n’ incurable romance is in the air.
I really like Spanish music! ;)
Florian Stollmayer Tenor, Spanish Guitar, Piano
Very nice music. I play Flamenco and Spanish Guitar as well.
Frank Maralag
Spanish music is romantic and passionate. I just love listening to it.
GB Originals
Gabriela Lopez
loveeeeeee this
Geraciaba Pereira
Jóias da música popular mundial. Espanha belíssima terra de belíssimos sons. Adoro
Gizem Yıldır
1:34:40 omg what is the name of this song?!?!??!
Goicolea Koch
Dentro del folklorer español con el que mas me identifico es con el de Andalucia, soy Chilena saludos! Feliz de tener sangre Española y de donde mas llegaron aca fueron Andaluces!
Hamid Kashani
Love this, Love Flamenco. Great selection. Just wish the name of songs and artists were listed.
Ilan Chester
Bellísima, nada como el flamenco español., uno de los pocos folclores agradables al oído.
Ink Tim
Name of the first song?
Jairo Armando Agudelo Colmenares
Mi madre es Colombia, mi abuela España.
Jamie Barton
una cantante de amor.Es muy bonito durante el noche no soy una persona por Espana pero amor el idioma y los personas y el cultura.
JaniceThe Squid
What's the name of the first song?
Joan Washington
I have to say like Bernie Mac...Nice! Real Nice!
Jose Jose
magia, arte, pasión, amor, vida. España.
Jose Luis Albalate Rincon
me encanta la musica pero con la guitarra ESPAÑOLA es un orgasmo mental INSUPERABLE\n entro en un estado que ni lo se explicar
Jose Maria Ruiz
Que viva la tierra de mis raíces andalucia ,que viva mi tierra patria mi hermosa España y abrazos a nuestros hermanos de Latinoamérica
Kara McFadden
Love from Germany
Kathy Kittycat
What's that first song called? ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
This is my reading partner ❤❤
out standing .its sends me places iv never been...... ILOVE YOUR MUSIC.............
Lauren Grant
*escucha musica por un momento* de repente tengo ganas de bailar como gato con botas XD jajaja
Legendary Muse
Si si si! Muchas gracias para todo Lounge Music \u003c3
Majo Corona
I love this, but someone knows the name of 5:31 ? pleaseeee \u003c3
Manzana Silver
Viva la sangre española, el embrujo y la magia de mi tierra. Viva su gente y su hermosura. Viva España.
Marek Nocon
I have been listening to this music for more than two hours. On Friday evening this music lets me achieve a tremendous peace, calmness and relaxation. My brain is so pleasured by each stroke on the guitar. It is so beautiful and inspiring.
Maria Matines orozco Orozco
Que delicia escuchar esta clace de música 🎵 con una copa de vino 🍷 y una buena compañía como mi amorcito que ya pronto lo veré 👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹
Marisa Calvo
Como España, no hay país en el Mundo entero: Cultura, música, diversa, acogedora, buena comida, buen clima, historia, crisol de variopintos encuentros que fortalecen a la vez su idiosincrasia \núnica. ( Reminiscencias del antiguo Imperio Español).Todo el mundo envidia a España por sus diferentes aspectos que la destacan de forma positiva del resto de países.
Matilde Purpura
musica spagnola
Melissa Schroeter
make me feel the notes...... you play without words........ to follow the passion....... the trail leads me on....... to find what I look for..... is it you I want...... to show me how to love...... feel me as no one has....... loved by only you......... always looking at me.. me at you as well....
Miguel L
I love how different from portuguese/luso guitar style, the spanish is. :D
MikeyDron _Wau
love from austria!!! loved it!
Moahamadreza Rajabi
این واقعا عالیهههههههه
Moussa CHAMI
La belle musique qui vous fait croire que la vie est vraiment belle. Elle l'est effectivement ...
Munmun Rai
i wanted to study........\ninstead i am dancing like real dance!!!!
Narek Mkrtchyan
so much love and passion in Spanish flamenco guitar music, like here :)
Nastasia AdoresU
I loved it!!😍💜😱💎\nLove from Russia😍🇷🇺💜
Nia Moshari
Gr8 music 🎶 but I was looking for something fast and danger like. 💃
Nicolas De castro
Nomadic by Design
I play this every Thursday and Friday nights in a convenience store and continually get positive comments from customers...great mix!
Nookie Rock
when I heard Spanish Guitar, it remind me of my great-great-great-great-great-(etc.)-grandparents
Núria España
Te amo mucho España
Ozlem Dursun
Quelle belle musique
Pacific_ Girl_
OMG i love this! I literally sent the link to so many of my friends! I love listening to this when I'm studying.. its like the best thing! i love spanish music... idk why tho! Its so beautiful and relaxing tbh..
Ria Shew
love this music...listen to it all the time!
Rubén Cerrudo
Wonderful music from my country.¡Viva España!
Russell Rogers
Would you please put the name of the songs in description? \n\nExcellent music!
Santiago Dario Peron
Saptarshi Ganguly
Spellbound.\nLove from India. ❤️
Shenglong Liu
Love from China
Greek, Spanish and Italian music are most probably the best
Stephanie_likesCOOKIES and cookies
It reminds me of México
Steven Dalipis
This instrument is the grace of God.... full of Passion yet so Tragic....this set is a true journey.....
Teresa Cedillo
Viviana gomez
Very musical it tanks
Will Starsiak
Soy de los Esados Unidos y me encanta oír la música de españa, ver la cultura, y aprender la lengua. Cuando viajé a Barcelona en Febrero de 2016, mi vida es muy feliz porque encontré algo que estoy ardiente
Witold Mankowski
i spogladalem w pusta uliczke azeby dojrzec twoja spodniczke dobranoc mila miej najpiekniejsze sny
Xochil Ruelas
la escucha mi bebe en el vientre y empieza a bailar con finos movimientos y le encanta... será todo un bailarín como su madre
Zain Samier
I love Spanien 🇪🇸 \nFrom Syria 💔
ale bard
Viva España!
angela oliveira
anukakp jain
Superb music...... Love from India...
catalin morar
Saludos desde Madrid🇪🇸
fish n chips
I will definitely learn spanish after i polished my German lang. It would be easy for me since we are colonized by the spaniards for 333 years and so we borrowed a lot of spanish words.
Viva España!!!
francisco Rodriguez
my beautiful country spain
hermelinda colino
Ángel de Muro, Andalucía es una de las 17 autonomías que componen la nación de España como Castilla o Galicia por lo tanto Andalucía es España cien por cien
jared key64
Wunderbare Musik....Grosse LIEBE\nGreetings from Germany
jd jade
La segunda es mi suis desolee por mi mal espanol...I like it because it is up beat and I can dance when still feeling relaxed.
this reminds me of andalusia. such a magic place \u003c3. Music of the soul. love it.
love ya
Language of love, passion, rage and life. Is it obvious I'm in love with Spanish? it has a strong power on me, it calms my rage and, well, it makes my heart flutter. love to all Spanish people out there!
pn phone
รักเลย ชอบมาก จากไทยแลนด์คะ
poonam kharb
Love from India
I could listen to this 24/7
thenightowl sus
I suddenly feel like I'm in love \nPs : I don't have even a boyfriend 😂
I love the song at 44 minutes 😍 I’m enjoying it watching the summer sunset while sitting on my porch facing the garden ❤️ this is life
zuhair shahid
love from pakistan
Елена Литвинова
Огромное спасибо!!! Muchas gracias!!!
فزران إزامن
The flamenco guitar is very exciting. Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾