EDC Sat 2013 Hardwell Interview RENCARN8

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Interview with Hardwell at EDC In Chicago On Sat May 25 2013 with EDM America TV's RENCARN8There's only one place for everything dance and EDM... EDMAmericaTVFB: EDMAmericaTV / Twitter @EDMAmericaTV

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Alexandra Serbanoiu
he s such a nice person...he is so naturally in all his interviews..on the stage...he is just ...a great person! thank you Robbert you are an exemple to me!
Ary Torres
Amo la risa de hardwell,un gran humor tiene
Hardwell is one incredible man. I fucking love him and his inside!
Brandon Pee
really great interview!
Bryce D
this interviewer is soooo awkward.
Cappuccino -
lmao kids meal 
Elsa V
His laugh lol n he Said the F word... Wat!!!
Entide Productions
Great interview! Is was Hardwell genuinely a cool guy, or was he just acting like that for the camera?
Francisco Romero
i would hope he is and not just for the camera
Geovani m84
Hardwell set at edc Chicago was epic
Youre in your camper and than comes hardwell to meet you.... how awesome
Janet Mendoza
His face.. :3 7:14 \u003c3
Jared Hester
Porn and Chicken
Jenny Morales
Su risa ❤️😍
JoelR 853
First time I heard Hardwell swear lol
Josh Middleton
Funniest video I have seen all year!!!!!!\n
Why is Hardwell playing Angry Birds Star Wars? Because he is a Spaceman!
Justin Perez
It is my life long dream to meet hardwell
Kevin Seabourne
cool interview, so awesome you showed him during the fireworks part was, pretty funny what he said about guetta
Lilliana Faith
Hardwell is so fucking cute I just want to keep him all for myself. His laugh is just ugh perfect
Marijoy Austria
That laugh yo! Hahahaha so cute
Matias Bona
RENCAR8 reminds me Deadmau5....
Mega- lotte
I saw the last xDD
My Dog Just Nae Nae'd On Me
Porn and chicken?
Such a cute quirky man haha.
Niv Shitrit
Oh god hardwells drunk haha
HAHA Hardwell's face when the fireworks go off!
Park Yale
Something really lovely from Hardwell :^\u003e\n
BT Is also an awesome individual :)
Hahahahahaha love the interview
Lmao David guetta set haha
7:17 hahahahahahahaha :D
Hardwell is inspirationnal, he looks like an amzing person! He's always smiling! Its a bit sad that hes become too mainstream... :/ But im still a fan !\n
User 8518234
So awkward. . . wish I could be there
7.17 LOL surprised face so cute :v
I LOVE HARDWELL!\nGreat music and a great guy :D
amine Bensaid
hahaa look at the face hardwell make
LOL xD His face at 7:17. You're welcome xD
Hahahaha best laugh ever 7:14
If that was Saturday night, I'm not totally sure whose fireworks those were. Hardwell was on Circuit Grounds I want to say 10-12. Guetta did have a shit ton of fireworks going off on the mainstage on Friday though.
now known as clubhead tv
he really is a laid back, fun guy, one of the most down to earth, so is Sidney Samson, great people, none of this goes to their heads