City Girls - Ill Take Your Man (Reaction Video)

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Go crazy lol 💯
Old skool Roxanne Shante'
What’s the song at the end of the video ?
Angel Morales
dude stop with all this rachet shit its annoying just to The god dam song
Aniyha Harris
Y’all went off on that beat 🔥🔥
Bri Anna
I ain’t know Wacka Flocka had a YouTube
Brian Lam
“white man...”\n“dat way.”\nLMAO
Charmaine Swinney
Skinny's facial expressions 👀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chi Chi
The song for girls 😂
Damn MJ
React to Megan thee stallion
Daveisha Henderson
That's how miami girls are period
Dee W
Y'all funny💀💀💀💀
Desiree Simmons
I was waiting for a reaction to Gambino's \
Diamond Ross
react to city girls season ft lil baby
Diane Berniard
check out the original version salt and pepper I'll take your man
Don't Read My Picture!
😷😥😒 *do not look at my name* 😛😧😥
Dont read my picture
😖😘😔 *do not read my name* 😏😖😙
Dylan Snakenberg
Ernijcha Hardy
Do a reaction on city girls- intro (free jt)
FamousClub News
It’s 💯🤟🏾
Forever Cam
Sooo what’s the song at the end...
IHaier Edits
Why yall got to smoke while recording. We all ready know that yall smoke okay, yall dont have to show us. plus there is kids in YouTube that are watching yall smoking, which mean they will try to do the same thing. You know yall can smoke before recording.
Jason Fedora
Jerry Brown
Issa Florida 🌊🌊🌊
Joey Cocksmith
Where's that honky tonk badonkadonk by trace Adkins reaction video
John Ansag
React to city girls -Where the bag at
Jordan Thomas
React to Girl Code- City Girls ft. Lil Baby
Kahliya Warren
LVS 😍😍😍😍
Kayla Nicole
lol this a remix to Salt and Pepper song \
King Lee
Do city girls where the bag at
Leah Lit Tv
React to City girls where the bag
Lifeas Unicorn
Y’all must not know their from the city which is in miami so yaaa they ghetto
Ms. Alexis Monaé
City Girls Where the bag at
Do reaction video to city girls song :period
Nina ninja
Like i said before you cant like cardi b /lightskin and call her real but a dark skin girl do it its RATCHET omg prime example
Quincy Chameleon
Y’all heard that new drake?
React to Zillakami ft Sosmula- SK8 HEAD
React to sheff g panic
Sarah Riggs
Shameka Alston
Song go hard for it to be ratchet tho. Love it too death
Y'all fine or whateva
Shonti Wilson
just listen to I'll Take Your Man x Salt N Pepa
The Lazzara Sister’s
Do a reaction to City Girls - Where the Bag at
This is Live
react to Madd ey ey ey
Tiara Graham
They just released they mixtape , they have harder songs on it. “ rap shit “ is a good one on there!
Tiffany Marshall
“This is ridiculous” lmfaoooo
Toya B
I think the could of work on their flow more but I like it
WHAT IN xxx tarnation
Since when Waka Flocka started yt
What’s Tea?
Can you react to city girls 4 1 nite video
Whitney Nike lover
Ouhhh that boy wit the white shirt is daddy
Zamiyiah Smith
Do karma
Zo’e Danielle
Boys rap about girls in nasty ways all the time but because it’s a female it’s diff 💀
blackrage 843
They remaking the old song by Salt-N-Pepa and I think Mia X remade the song back in the 90s I'm not sure though
delia bird
Im dead 😂
device YT
react to kings United dance
e r i k a !
React to Sheff G panic
React to sk8 head musikk video from zillakami
lovely Wright
😭😭 I’m so dead
ren carnado
React to MIDEL- D.R.A.M.A
sam brown
please get on the new zillakami video!!
svp owens
But is male.rap ratchet AF..please
tae Hall
Give props to Salt N Pepa for the original
thatgirl zari_
vanessa lopez
But guys talking abouts hoes thota nd shits itd be good