Learn Italian Ep.24 - The Conditional Tense | Grammar Basics 6

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Grande vecchio !
Grazie mille!
Albert Evans
Hi Tom, I would like to add my thanks to the others. I like your teaching method and the clear way you explain the complexities of the beautiful Italian language. We retired to Southern Italy three years ago and still struggle with conversation. Any hints to improve my conversational skills? Many thanks, from Les, now known as Alberto.
Alice Marini
è stupendo vedere gli inglesi imparare l'italiano, è una lingua così bella e così particolare, per carità, anche l'inglese è bello ma trovo che l'italiano sia quasi magico grazie alla sua musicalità! XD
Alina Nicolae
such a helpful video, thank you :3
You're great! What dialect are you speaking?
Another Time
I wanna know what the difference is between il passato prossimo and il passato remoto...  I'm confused, by the way Thanks for your videos!
Ashley Howard
Hey Tom, how long have you been learning Italian?
To say what for me is the full story, in speaken language and in \
Bianca S
I like it very much .thenkyou !
Camille Hanson
Sooo helpful! You're an incredibly gifted teacher. Grazie mille!
Carlos Leon
Do you have the past conditional video? If so, please and thank you.
Chakib Phoenix
God bless you for your help Tom !
Cristina Jackson
Great Tom, as usual. Brief, to the point and easy to follow! Keep them coming!
Curse of sorrow
non ho capito se sei un'italiano che parla inglese e insegna italiano,o un'inglese che parla italiano e lo insegna...comunque bravo in entrambe le lingue
Eli Yazdi
How would you conjugate -erei for -ire verbs?
Emma Leigh
Please do more grammar basics lessons!
Emmanuel Rogesious
thanks for your teaching. I would like to know how to wright reported sentences in italian. if you know please do attachment in my gmail account.
Evil Joy
Ciao Tom, sei bravissimo complimenti x il tuo italiano, un consiglio e so che già sei ad un livello altissimo, ma lo dico affinché tu possa migliorare leggermente di più.. quando utilizzi il condizionale per la persona NOI, come in Noi Dormiremmo, accentua le ultime due M, in quanto sennò sembrerebbe un futuro 'Noi Dormiremo' :) cmq sei bravissimo, I like it bro!
Fagner Accordi
I'm learning italian with your videos.\n\nThank you for this dedication!
Fernando Perez
Man you have helped me a lot, if you could at some pint make a video of the clitics, and the ce ci c' , that would be fantastic !! im having a lot of trouble and i cant find help anywhere. D:
Francesca Mikkelini
Ciao Tom!!! Thanks for your video lessons! It's davvero helpfull! I am Janara. I am from Kazakhstan. I am a native russian and kazakh speaker. 8 month ago I started to learn English. And now I decided to learn italiano. I love this language. It's like a music to me! So I found your video lessons today! Mi piace le tuo lezioni!!!
Gabriel Mehes
thanks for your videos Tom, you're the best!! :D
Gamey leonardo38
Zciao my essere italiano
George Danquah
ma tu sei grnadissimmo maestro dovrei imparare italiana perfetto
Hala Sankari
heyy Tom!! ur videos r amazing..they r very useful & understandable..keep uploading videos:)))))))))))....do u give online lessons on skype ???i would be glad to talk..because i am trying to improve my language and i think u r the besttt!!!!!:):):)
Thank you so much dear Tom! That's so useful.
Hazel Prigmore
Only just discovered this. Brilliant thank you.
Ivana Garfi
Wow, its so much fun to learn italian with you. You help me a lot! You just keep going! Greetings from Belgrade Serbia
Jenny Mauer
I really like Tom grammar basic 1-6 the way he presented is very easy to learn \nThank you . \
Joey A
Hey just searched up the conditional tense because I have a test coming up, google led me to this great video and explanation keep up the good work
penso sia il terzo commento che aggiungo stasera XD sei molto bravo...conosci le regole davvero bene e a parlare te la cavi veramente da dio!se volessi una mano per un suggerimento o cose del genere non esitare a chiedermi aiuto :)
Kandace Brown
Can you please do a video with the past conditional tense using dovere and potere
Karen Verrano
You are very smart Italian Professor Tom!!! Thank you so much..really appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work! 👍😊
Kathy Qi
Great video! 👍 How would one say 'should/could/would have done something?'
sometimes your voice sounds like Mario Bros XD
Hey! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Rocelangue Method (search on google), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this how to speak foreign language tutorial known as Rocelangue Method? I've heard several great things about it.
Lana Swearingen
My Italian language teacher recommended these video lessons and I can certainly understand why. They are very helpful. And because they are readily available at any time, it's easy to practice, practice, practice.
Lee Cox
Just a couple of observations, Tom. First, make sure that when you pronounce the \
Leonardo Pompeo
Your lessons are easy to understand even for an italian. You are awesome!
Just found you. You saved my grammar life. Grazie 😃😃😃👏👏👏👏👏👏
Liz Hancock
These videos are better than any Italian class I’ve taken and that’s a lot!
This is saving me before my oral exam. thank you so much! I find your videos very helpful :)
Mark Bardett
how would you say \
Matt Jackson
i really want to find out if you are like that in your daily life -- you know, all the smiling and stuff!
Micheal Agbaji
On the Last one You said about Could ? What happen if I forget
And thanks a lot for that one :)
Miti Abulaiti
Oh, this is the hardest part
My December
Is he an American or an Italian?
Nake Abraham
questo video e bellissimo e interesante! Grazie mille per questo!!
Natalia Riviera
Very usefull video! Grazie! Спасибо!
Nataliia Votmor
Ciao, Tom. Ho trovato il tuo video, pensavo che sia l'italiano. Sei bravo, quanti anni hai imparato l'italiano? Sono ucraina, vorrei migliorare l'italiano e imparare l'inglese. Mi aiuti?
Nelly Díaz-Adorno
Ciao, Tom! Mi chiamo Nelly. Ho appena scoperto i tuoi video, sono fantastici! Mi piacciono moltissimo. La mia prima lingua è lo spagnolo e la seconda è l´inglese, pertanto con i tuoi video posso practicare intrambe lingue: lo spagnolo e l´inglese. Negli ultimi giorni ho guardato tanti, come se dice nello spagnolo \
Nick Higgs
This is great, thank you! How do you differentiate between a present conditional (would, could) and past conditional? (would have, could have)?? For example if you had a sentence and there was a blank, and you had to choose if the verb you have to conjugate is present or past conditional?
Nicole Olivia Scott
Oh my gosh I've been wondering how to say could, should and would in italiano. Grazie mille Tom. One day I will use it !!! X
some other thing as mangiare in cojugation also lose\
Panattha Prachumjit
Grazie mille per questo video Tom! :D Mi aiuta molto.
Paul Best
Fantastically clear & easy to follow explanation, thanks for uploading this :)
Petra Ražov
I love your teaching Italian videos because I learn italian and it's not that great and when I have to study for a test I just find you and you always help me. I even take notes while I watch the video for the second time. You are my second teacher so thank you so much 😀
Randall Paul
Tom I have lived in Italy for over two years with my italian wife who is a translator and a masters degree in languages. I found you two weeks ago desperately trying to find sense in all the grammar. Reading childrens books news papers watching italian movies with subtitles Eng & It. All this did what to give me knowledge of words and even greater confusion. I have scoured youtube and no one has put this so clearly and correctly as you have. THank you thank you because now I have my whole work sheets wrtten out based on your videos and what a life saver. rp
Roxy Winx
Grazie mille!
I'm italian and you're fantastic!
Sagor Das
Awesome, great job, expecting more and more...
Salwa N
Thank you
Solomon Asare
Thank you
Steve Palazzo
Tom, please do a video about stare and essere.  This video was outstanding.
Tiger Lily
Tom, you are outstanding! im learning a lot!
Tiziana D.
Tom, Ti assicuro che quando spieghi la nostra grammatica conosci meglio le regole tu di un madrelingua, che parlando la lingua tante cose le ha dimenticate. Rimango sempre a bocca aperta e non trovo mai imperfezioni nelle tue spiegazioni. Qui in Italia ti seguiamo tutti con affetto :)
Tony Wouters
hey, can you say \
this is a great help thank you. could you please add the would have, could have , should have examples graze mille
Vagisha Joshi
You made me fall for this language all over again! Grazie 
a - neer
I am confused I have seen some other lesson from some other teacher where would could and should are conjugated the different way !  
thank you , we need more grammar please 
atila correia
Da oggi questo canale è casa mia! Grazie.
cindy elvis
more lessons please,, thank you, :)
You've done a great job producing these videos. Your relaxed and smiling attitude transmits the confidence beginners need to feel. Thank you
im not sure why you mentioned Dovere in between io potrei and tu potresti... its a little messy in my notes now =)))))
jerry johnson
Tom, excellent presentacions.. I'm learning a lot!! GRAZIE!!
It’s easier bc my native language it’s Spanish. Thank you so much.
mani Libya
amazing 👌 plz keep ur work
i needed that. grazie!
Hey Tom\nThanks for sharing your knowledge with us on these videos.\nDo you have these lessons in printable files, I have been taking notes with every video I see?
musah donto
May almighty God bless you, you have made me an italian speaker. Hadn't been you i wouldn't have been able to speak even a little, keep it up with your confidence in tour competence.\nthank you
noyim osman
what about passato condizionale ?? you mentioned the presente condizionale above only . Pls upload a video or add the passato condizionale in this video.
Very helpful
robett centum
grazie tanto
sam bee
Wela Raga Tom  :D You wont believe that all this time iv been making my own notes and you had a blog containing everything i ever needed XD \nbut i'll use both!! \nAnother great video! Thank you!!!
You've gained a new subscriber :)  All your Italian grammar video's are the best I've  ever seen.  Thank you for your clear explaining Tom, this video has helped me a lot !
That's an excellent introduction to the conditional tense.  Thank you!  If you get a chance, you should modify the subtitle around 6:16.  It currently says, \
wey nski tblyos ?
Ciao tom tu sei bravissimo perfavore una domanda voglio un video di verbo essere tom grazie mille io imparato tanti .......\n
why are those in italian, \