Video Essay: How Italian Neorealism Brought the Grit of the Streets to the Big Screen

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This insightful new video essay by Tyler Knudsen (AKA Cinema Tyler) shows how great directors like Visconti, De Sica, and Rossellini ushered in the raw, unfiltered reality of Italian Neorealism. The Italian Neorealist movement was a sister to French New Wave, wherein Italian directors were dealing with the political reality of fascism by showing life as it was lived by ordinary working people. They wanted to show these people grappling with large, sometimes unsolvable problems, sometimes coming from their own lives, and sometimes stemming from larger social structures over which they had no control.

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Beau Sohal
Awesome video man, very helpful. Thank you :) keep up the good work
Cyrus Fidelio
Why do you assume that violent overthrown of fascism was 'liberation'? Do you feel free, watching fake news, or being taught by Marxist professors about feminism and diversity, and all the other nonsense? Do you feel free, being ruled by politicians owned by globalists? Do you feel free while your national bank is owned by the Rothschilds? Do you think there would be millions of migrants swarming into Italy if someone like Mussolini had power? Do you think the Italian birth rate would be well below replacement level? Let's drop the crap already, it's about time.
Divyajyot Joshi
fantastic video essay, please keep making more of such!!!
Dobar Film
Great essay! Just one question, Mussolini founded the Venice FF, which astonished me, I search for it on the internet, but info is nowhere to be found. They are talking about the Mussolini Cup - the competition of the best foreign film, but that's it. I believe that maybe they try to avoid mention it in history of Venice FF?
Hilton Goldsmith
Hey guys, this is unrelated to this video but I was wondering if you guys might be able to do a video on how old school movies made opticals. Fades, titles swipes etc... How they done it in the 30's. I'm guessing they just faded the projector while printing, but that is just a guess. I can't seem to find much content on the subject on you tube. Just an idea. Thanks.
J. Flo Video Productions
Fellini is not considered Italian neorealist? My favorite is La Strada :) it has some fantasy elements to it though...
Kath Hobson
so fantastic!
Michael Maggiano
Bianchi is pronounced:\nBee-on-key, not bee-on-chee
Mophilosopher Gabariele
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Peng Creations
really interesting but your pronunciation of Italian words took away from you credibility on the subject.
Saila Sobriquet
Nice job! I especially like the list of films at the end. I've seen most of them, but there are a few I didn't know about.
please the italian correct pronunciation salut from France
Veronica Agnelli
bdw as an Italian \
bicycle thieves ❤️ (ladri di biciclette)
Hm, so basically the good family values and social cohesion of the fascists gave way to degeneracy and decay. That's what I got out of the video
greet job
mya b
can you do ones on third cinema(new and 'new' new ), pre-war Japanese and 5th Gen china film?
Thanks for this insightful video. I would like to add that neorealism also influenced a lot of film makers outside Italy, like Alfred Hitchcock whose The Wrong Man (1950) is clearly influenced by it.