60 Minutes of Advanced Italian Listening Comprehension

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Anogbomen Theo
bravo lezione
Anthony Zeno
Why does the guy talk so fast and the female talks at a normal rate?
Big_Head Muhfucka
I'm a French speaker and this was pretty easy to understand especially with the subtitles.
Colin Hewitt
the guy is not even close to native Italian, I am fluent in Italian and it is very difficult to understand, how do you expect that is being understood by a foreign person?
Jamie Ott
Mi uccide... Questa maniera in cui pronuncia \
Júlio César Vígaro
Il verbo \
Katieboil Anegg
Brilliant! My Italian is intermediate, so I found it challenging. Most things onlibe are for beginners, so thanks for this! I would get the answer wrong just by missing 1 word. No wonder I argues to much with my ex Italian - I was missing things!
Lamin Dibba
Per favore piano piano
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Leïla Simon
Very good video ! I learned a lot and it' perfect to practise listening comprehension !
Margarete Pulido
very good! I´m an avanzato!
Prod. Hxrford
he doesn't sound like native speakers. Idk if I'm hearing things but it sounds like he has a slight accent
Robert Cheney
You need to proofread your Italian subtitles!
Tomb Raider LC
Still a beginner, but still great for listening practice.
They are speaking at normal speed.
idk wat to say
I love Italy \u003c3