Linkin Park - One Step Closer - Guitar Cover

I do not own this song. This is purely for reference for anyone who wishes to learn the song and is too lazy to look for tabs :PI love how the guitar sound that Linkin Park use in their songs. Their riffs are very well wriiten for proper overdrive, distortion etc. Real hardcore! Love it!It's always hard to want to play their songs due to the low tuning especially if you don't like drift to far away from standard tuning. So instead of tuning your guitar 2 or 3 steps down, transpose the song 2 or 3 steps up with the right software. Yes it will sound that you have a bunch of chipmunks singing as you play. So in the case of this song, it is written in Drop D but half a step down. I kept my guitar in Drop D and only transposed the song up half a step. Metal effect on Boss ME-20 used.I record directly into my pc so it cuts outside noise.Any suggestions for songs, please comment.Please subscribe Yay

Guitar Cover Linkin Park One Step Closer bossme20 fenderstrat metaleffect