Scissor Slinging Las Vegas Haircut Experience at Cliff's Barber Corral

A humble cowboy barber in a western corral themed barbershop. Haircut Harry experiences the scissor slinging cowboy barber at Cliff’s Barber Corral in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out our interview with Cliff where he explains those large scissors! **********

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A Bird Concerned for Humankind
I got tinnitus just from seeing those clippers so close to his ear.
Adrian Lunnon
Get this barber a part in a Robert Rodriguez film someone please.
Andrea Andrews
This guy is 74 years old. Wow. I only thought he was about 58. Good haircut.
I would have loved to get my haircut here. It's more than just a cut, it's a display of finesse.
15:56 Bill clinton?
The finish wasnt what i expected but the haircut was cool
Bigmouth Bazza
The barber looks like he should be in a Quentin Tarantino western.
Water bottle sprayer asmr thanks
Brad Osborne
Looking like a young Christopher Walken at the end.
Brian Fuller
If you go to Las Vegas, go to Cliff's. He is an outstanding barber and the shop is incredible.
Brian Smigielski
Was in Vegas the other day and actually had a chance to stop by Cliff's for a shave. Damn that guy is cool as hell. He had a big TV with DVR'd country music concerts playing, and honest to baby Jesus gave me the best shave I've had. Soft spoken, but funny guy and his shop looks like the video. And of course, he wielded the shears on other patrons. Cliff is a gangster!
Carla L.
This is mesmerizing. If Edward Scissorhands wore a cowboy hat.
Chris Mason
I think this haircut actually made Harry taller.
Cool Cashe
I once heard... those are the scissors that won it for the north in the civil war. 😏
A bit scary but if you keep watching for a while you notice that his movements are not only super fast but super precise with all his tools. In my opinion this is the most interesting/original video of your channel. \nThank you for sharing
Dee Doo
Wish I could get my haircuts from this guy, it'd be so relaxing and satisfying.
Divide Et Impera
I did not know that Undertaker was a barber.
EL Dragon
I had a haircut at Cliff's - the nicest guy you'd meet. How much do I owe you, you'd ask. \
Eddie M
Harry transforms into Christopher Walken @ 16:30
Erik Pierce
I like how his videos are quiet except for the relaxing noise of the clippers and straight razor.
Man this guy is Picasso of barbers woooo!!!he is amazing
Gage Martin
what kind of shears
Now I understand why Kane has no hair
HairCut Harry
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Damn that scissor spin is epic
I love the décor in this guy's barber shop
Jaguar cichlids Aggressive little guys
He needs his own tv show on the Discovery Channel called “ Hardcore Haircuts “
James Greer
7:00 is he texturing with a straight razor?
Jerry Arnold
Jesus!!!! Look at those scissors, probably he's in the landscaping business as well.
Jim Clark
The most beautiful barbershop i ever seen!
Jimmy Park
That was a terrible looking haircut and the barber knows it. I absolutely enjoyed the ASMR aspect of the process though.
Johnny Biggunz
Jon Robling
Josh Speed
4:53 The moment you realise he makes mistakes.\n\n4:58 The moment you realise it just became a matter of life and death.
Der braucht doch ein Waffenschein für die Schere xD. Und en Halfter wäre nicht schlecht. hahahha
Kash Animous
Kevbo Kev
I love how each barber makes you \
Kyle Parish
Those aren't scissors man. Those are damn hedge clippers. Like the Mike Tyson of hedge clippers.
Leopold Eberdinger
Magnus Johansson
Biggest scissor i ever see at a barber
Manolo Alatorre
i bet he used a cinema blackmagic camera
Utterly amazing.... the BIG GIGANTIC scissors! It's like having your hair cut by Edward Scissorhands xx \n\nLOVE this video, thankyou
Matthew G
3:38-4:41 I dont think anything is happening here other than a man who fancies the way he looks in that cowboy hat.
Max Schmidt
He is very fast on the clipper, and has an interesting cutting style with the clippers - never saw that ever before! Amazing!
Good thing you didn't walk outta there looking like Skint Eastwood
Michael Robins
Amazing video
Gigantic scissors.
i bet his haircut was called the tombstone
Nicholas Yarbrough
I saw the cowboy hat and the old west decoration and thought it was going to be some gimmick with more flash than substance, but that gentleman for sure knows what he's doing.\n\nAlso, those are some SERIOUS scissors
Look at the mood change;\n\nPause at 0:34 \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNow pause at 7:29\n😊 - 😞
Imagine the theme of Ennio Morricone in background :D
Putra Adib
Harry, just want to say you're one of the best channel out there. Not only your channel is ASMR based on haircuts, but you go to these amazing barbershop places in the world. Not only that, but the production value and quality of your videos and the efforts put into it are tremendous. Keep it up, and this is personally one of the best one yet. And, the barber should be in The h8ful Eight.
Raymond Champion II
Cliff's barbershop is right behind my new office, just got my hair cut there last week, after watching this video so long ago.
6:11 the way he swing that scissor tho! \u003c3
Robert Schmidt
@ 12:23 Judging from the way this guy wields a straight razor...You missed out on a major ASMR video opportunity and a multiple million hit vid by not getting a straight razor face shave. Hint; GO BACK FOR A WET SHAVE !!!
Salty Teemo Main
I think the scissors he is using is too small, he should get bigger scissors
Sean Smith
Dude, you did not look happy.
Shane Pleasants
First time I’ve seen a straight razor used that way
Simon Relaxing ASMR
The audio on this is superb
Six Squirrel Bonez
There are times when he doesn't cut anything when he snips with the shears.
Of course my man uses god damn lawn shears for scissors
6:05 very dangerous brah!
TC Barber
My father has been a barber for 51 years and I have worked beside him the past 20 years. Barbers today aren't taught these classic techniques. Keep up the good work Sir, you are a true professional in your field.
That One Guy
0:30-0:41 , 4:45-4:50 , 16:00-16:04 , All the Water Spraying scenes Youre welcome
The Asian Persuasion 54'
I feel like this is by Fremont Street.
Thumaya N
This would have been solid gold without the clippers, I cannot stand stand the sound of clippers. The rest is brain melting magic.
Tony V. California
pinche desmadre y lo deja igual xD
Travis B
Those are his \
Ulysses M.
WOW I just realized that this shop is 3 blocks away from where I live! I've always walked by it and never noticed it. Just looks like a normal barbershop from the outside.
West Senkovec
Why do the clippers sound like an angle grinder?
Wilder Matos
The best
Wildman Samurai
One of your best videos easily...
abdou AI
the way you recorded the sound in this video is amazing!!!!!!
Bad haircut. This guy wouldn't cut mine.
andy collins
I would  have ran when he got those   pruning shears out
Harry doesnt seem to like the cut, judging by his face.
Trump needs to visit this barber and get rid of whatever the hell that mess is on his head.
dan jackson
I'm glad to see undertaker doing something good in his spare time
dzmeezyteezy dude
After this haircut the barber went to the opening of a library and used these scissors to cut the ribbon
frisco works
The sound of those scissors is putting me to sleep
HairCut Harry looks like he's seen some shit, with that thousand yard stare of his.
judas brute
this is like watching Michaelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci paint
gonna drown somebody with all that damn water lol
Fastest clipper in the west. Nice haircut too.
O yea this gentleman here my friends knows exactly what it is he’s doin, & I believe that he could do it with his eyes closed.
Fantastic video Harry, I love the lack of talking as it really adds something to the experience
manuel loera
Cliff is one of the coolest people I've ever met... 👍
michael irbe
Going to this barber shop is on my bucket list
If Tarantino directed a hair cut scene, this would be it.
You know...I can't really say I like the guys hair style or that the barber would cut my hair the way I would like to wear it but damn this barber has super amazing skill!! The consistent, repetitive, speed of his clipping over the comb and scissoring motion is pretty damn professional in my opinion. Again I'm not really a fan of the style of the guy in the chair but I still think the barber is one of best I've ever watched.
I could watch this guy all day long.
seeker 006
i heard he once won gunfight with those scissors
tony's trucking
i went there before and he was great
Nothing like a 44 magnum scissors to set the tone.
𝖘𝖔𝖚𝖗𝖈𝖎𝖑𝖘 𝖛𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖑𝖘
Daaaamn. This guy‘s got some Ocelot skills!