100 Phrases Every French Beginner Must-Know

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What do I want?\nEverything 😂😂😂\n8:18
i Understand that about 60% of English is Romance/Latin and about 35% of that is direct and indirect French. The more i learn French the more i pick up on those Latin English words. For example Young i thought it was Germanic turns out is Latin. Young(English)-Jeune(French)- Joven(Spanish)- Jovem(Portuguese)- Giovane(Italian)
Aaron Jenson
J'aime jouer la sport avec ma famille et mes amis
Abhishek Pandey
I love her.. she's beautful !🤗
Adam Czajkowski
Too fast, darling. Greeting from Poland.
Ahmed Salah
Really you are a good teacher i could't remember how many times i run this video ; i love to learn french by the way you teaching pls do more videos \nthanks
Akademus 1
J'aime manger du gateau au chocolat
Albert Northman
Lya part ways with frenchpod years ago... a real shame, tbh.
Alexander W Bowes-Lawler
There is a function on YouTube that can make playback slower if you're having trouble keeping. Personally, I find the teacher fun, engaging, and informative.\n\nThe people making xenophobic comments about French people in general - why are you watching a video about something you despise? Have you not got more important things to do?
Amaka Emilia
She's so fast
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je m'appelle Andrew
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Je m'appelle Aniya.... wow man I'm good😈😂😂😂
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Quand je voir les videos avec Lyah, j'ai toujours envie d'être amie avec elle 😂 You're awesome!
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Yes your beautiful 😍 \nThanks for you 🎙️✏️🖊️🖊️
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Lya is very fast\nI can't follow her
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Je m’appelle, Laura 😁
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:-D wonderful!!!
I have very basic French from the Canadian School system, but conjugating verbs was always the building block that stumped students. I want to build up my French vocabulary ( kicking myself for not learning more when I was younger) because my Hubbie's nieces and nephews are Montrealers and are fluently bilingual, but his nephew's wife's first language is French, so I want to be able to have a basic conversation with her, en Francais. She works hard at her English and I'd like to meet her half way with my conversational French.
Carlos Escube
It's amazing learning French in English, I love it!Thanks!
She is hilarious! I really loved this style learning. It is fun to watch and easy to remember. Merci!
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My Gosh! She is sooooo charismatic, I wish she was my French teacher 😍 so fun and smiling ☺️👍🏻
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Merci for giving me knowledge
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If I keep focusing on how beautiful she is I won't learn sht
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You are like my translator😂
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She is soo adorable!!
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I did for my french friend:\n\nÇa va?\nÇa va\nÇa va\nÇa va \nÇa va ... :o
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Merci from South Africa 🇿🇦
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Devoir is like the portuguese \
Ton incroyable :D Merci
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J'adore tu XD
Hi Lya , très belle vous êtes :)
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Cute way of teaching
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She's sooo 😂 funny\nShe keeps saying to add things in the comments(more like compliments) \nNo one has 😂
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Je m`appelle Jackie
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Very animated, mademoiselle. I will copy your style for my English classes.
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where are the baguettes!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Understandably people who want to slow down feel that by breaking down into chunks (by slowing down) they can learn better. In reality listen several times and you will be surprised how fast you pick up and can actually \
K Linn
for me french langauge is so fast :’)
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don't stop making videos
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Please pronounce French sentences slowly and loud, and don't forget you have to speak more French than English. Your examples are nice. :)
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Comment t'appelle-tu? - What is you name?\nI think.
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Merci beaucoup, really you teach us more
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I love lya lol she is funny and enthusiastic
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It is too speed tell slowly madam
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Lorena Egbuchulem
Why is it S'il vous plait and not S'il vous plaisez??
Lu Ponce
Te gustaría aprender español?
Lucia Guriras
tu es super!
Magic Tom
Hey I'm a french person and actually found some errors in your video (Après ça reste ok, j'ai adoré la video et cela fait bizarre de se mettre à la place de l'étranger) We use \
Me Miss Marie
Literally used Excusez-moi everywhere I went in Paris. and Bonne Journée when I left classes.
Oui-Oui the cartoon is Noddy!
merci beaucoup!
Minni Singh
Can anyone tell me which verb is best for apply; postuler or appliquer ?
Nara Gevondyan
You are wonderful, I have zero level, and with you I just find inspiration to go on with french, after italian it seems so difficult in pronunciation, but beautiful and melodic! Merci!
Natalia Robinson
Oui oui is Noddy
Nihal Kr
Hello. I'm an Arabic girl. And I learned three languages: English, French and Turkish, but I have a problem with pronunciation. For example when I talk to someone who mastered French, English and Turkish, I understand everything he says, but I find it difficult to talk. Give me a solution.
Nikki Diamond-Christudas
Watchers...we say viewers in English in case you would like to know :)
Patrícia Costa
Hi, Lya, you´re awesome!! Thank you for your classes. \n\nMay I just ask you for a small correction? The word EXCUSEZ it is written without the \
Perawat Anak
Lya how old are you? you are so gorgeous~ thanks, it helps eventho it's still included difficult to me~
je crois que je procrastine un peu trop, je suis le seul français à regarder cette vidéo ?
Rafael Perez
Loved your video. So much easier to learn watching a video like this!
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Oh my god, she's so cute and this is very helpful! Thank you for the lessons!! \n(*´◒`*)♡
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Holy shit this girl is cute
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This is a good leading for learning French
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c'est tres rapid mademoiselle mais Je t'aime
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You are quite playful but it makes the video more interesting. Bien joue et merci
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Be careful guys! \
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You speak way too fast, you need to slow down.
it's not for beginners xD
It looks like she plays league of legends XD
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Hi Lya, I have a question, if my name is Victoria in french I an Victoire?
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pronounce the words FEW more times slowly. thanks
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League of legends reference? awesome. 5:09
marry me! you're the definition of easy going kid-girl \u003c 3
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Speak slow
“Emma stone”of France
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LYA!!!!!!! GO MUNDO!!!!!!!!
Love when she refers to us as \
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i am getting in love
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Only recycled clips
J'aime faire apprendre français
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Please speak slowly
l love Clem
m'bappe made me me hate france lol (no im not fan of croatia or football at all, soft of) but when i see you, i love france alot more!
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a fun way to learn, she definitely smokes...
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Wow, the girl is so cute and charismatic :) Im madly in love now! Where can I visit? Im travelling anyways :P
C'est marrant de regarder des leçons de français quand on est français... Mais ça c'est le language de l'école pas de la rue. Si quelqu'un me parle comme ça je saurait tout de suite qu'il est pas français
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Am I the only person fine with her speed, this video helped me for my French assignment revision
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salut comment ca va?...je moppelle zahra
Кристина Франц