I Killed My Mother | Club Scene

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One of the greatest love scene I've ever seen in movies.Movie: I Killed My MotherSoundtrack: Crystal Castles - Tell Me What to SwallowYear: 2009IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt1424797

club film gay guys kissing love movie music

Alejandro Primiciero Calvo
I love this escene. And I´m not gay.
Anis Chamekh
The name of this song pls :o :o
@thewestwolves Right cos want the blond in Heartbeats with Xanier playing his object if desire?Nice scene
@MrLbino \r\n :)
Krzysztof Partyka
I don't think this is the scene of love. This scene is about desire and forgetfulness. He wanted to forget what happened with his life, so he kissed this guy. But he loved his boyfriend and this love was stronger than desire, that's why he let this guy down.
Lavan C
I love this movie and this was my fav scene !
Lika Bukhaidze
Ming-Xu Li
love this song
Saga West
it was weird seeing this scene when you've seen les amours imaginaires before, for a second you thought it was Nico and Francis kissing, haha
Teppa Shift
for some reason, I recently love quebec movies. ♥
umm...what a moment...
jhaliyah bedford
why was he kissing on his chin
it's not a love scene, Hubert didn't love Eric..\nanyway xavier's movies are great, Xavier, you're God!
@thescarletflood ..i dont think that's beautiful i think that's grim...\ni guess it speaks a lot of the characters. lack of strength for one.\ni haven't seen the film.
w w s p e c i a l
This makes me sad