One Of The Funniest Comedy Sketches Of All Time

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I remembered seeing this years ago but only recently found it online its from an old sketch show by an Irish comedian named Dave Allen, the sketch was aired in the 70`s or 80`s on the BBC

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Yep i grew up with Dave Allen he was good
Ten quid in the early to mid seventies would be around £100 to £150 in today's money.\nPlus there was less nonsense to buy.\nThere were no mobile phones or Playstations or cable TV or laptops to waste your money on.
Now I know what to do if I owned a cafe. 😁
Adam Welton
Most of Dave Allen's sketches were about some aspect of the seven deadly sins. The ideas went back to his Catholic upbringing and education, which featured in quite a lot of his humour.
Andreas Christ4ever
I can't stop laughing!!!! This is a classic👍
Andrew Gordon
That was super funny, that Bullet type music was perfect for it....
Well to be honest, that was pretty damn disappointing.. With a title of \
Bergbau Hansi
I would've expected the coffee to cost what the bill is worth but that's hilarious..
One Of The Funniest Comedy Sketches Of All Time????? No it's not sorry!!!
Brit Lurker
Not 1980s. That's a 1964 £10 note, withdrawn from circulation in 1975. The blue Vauxhall Viva HB parked on the road has a G reg (1968-69). Viva HB's were produced 1966-70 and pretty rare by the 1980s. So taken all together I would say an early 1970s show. Thats when £10 was still real money - 1/3 of a weeks average wages. In a way it would have been funnier if it was a lower value note.
That guy is pretty cute!
Chris Weidner
Watch the final scene of \
Clark Eugene
I wonder how nervous the other folks in the cafe got when they saw him attempting to get it in the first place? This was funny. Thanks.
Love it! Dave Allen was brilliant.
Crafty Ship
I saw this in 2006😂😂 I remember it because it was the first time I can remember seeing my dad laugh
Craig Davison
Far from it but still funny...\n\n
Dave Volsky
2000 people dislike this???
Context... that sort of £10 note was used in Britain from 1964 to 1979 (gradually replaced from 1975). In 1964 £10 is like £180 now, but by 1975 was worth about £75 today. So don't think of it as £10..... more like £100 if not more.....p.s. totally didn't expect the ending... class! DC
David Tribble
Yeah, saw that one coming. But it's still hilarious.\nDave Allen always had a way of stringing the joke along in interesting ways.
Edward Price
If only SNL had comedy writers now, instead of political hacks. And that goes for aall the late night hosts, too.
Elemental Sheep
I was thinking \
George Pope
in winter, you put a phtocopy of a $20 bill on the ground, cover it in a thin layer of water, until it freezes, repeat until a good half inch of solid ice to go through -- then set up your cam to watch people working at it for how long before they get too frusterated
Gerry Berry
Gordon Urquhart
it was expected (at least, for me).. it would be more funny if the car belongs to the cafe owner and this is his trick to catch customers..
Dave Allen was fantastic and he said whatever he wanted to. He wouldn't last 5 minutes in today's ridiculous politically correct world. As a friend told me: \
JMMS Jasko
Plot twist: The owner of the car is the PR manager of the tearoom.
Jason Bourne
funny, but far far far from one of the funniest of ALL TIME. get real with your clickbait title.
Jeffrey Norris
Not the funniest, but unexpected and funny
Jeremy Benjamin
It would have been funnier if it turned out the cafe owners had put the £10 there, and did it every day!
Joe- Joel
I was not expecting that lmao
John McMahon
Seen that coming as soon as he sat down.
John Watton
Filmed in Ducks Hill Road, Ruislip, opposite Reservoir Road. The cafe is no longer there.
Joshua Katz
Wait a minute.... another Baldwin brother?
Junkie Cosmonaut
I would have torn it off and then waited for the other piece.
Kani Fuker
The cafe owner put the £10 there.
Larry Dustin
Wish England had a Donald J Trump.
Larry G. Overton
One of the funniest?!? That's a subjective assessment, of course. The \
Lee McDaid - Guitar
Taking inflation into consideration, that tenner would be worth about 95 quid today!.
Let off some steam Bennett
I honestly thought the old Lady was gonna lift the car with one arm and take the cash with the other.
It was so obvious, that all in the cafe are waiting for the driver. Best would be if driver is an employee of the cafe.
Lola Twinkle
Dave Allen was a genius. There are WAY funnier sketches than this, though this is a kind of a classic.
Things you could buy in the late-70's with a tenner, Political correctness far-lefties kill industry
Lorraine Ashby
This made me happy now. Good job, thanks internet
back in the day when Brits lived in GB.
Meek Mekado
Of All Time... NOOOOT
Michael Kmiotek
Didn't see it coming. Good one.
Michael Powell
I watched this, because I had an orange Bug just like this one. I miss that car.
Mladen Dretar
good old times when brits were majority in london.
Mr Plod
During the 70's & 80's great stand up comedians like Dave Allen were given TV slots.\nThey 'filled in' with crap like this so that they didn't use up all of their material on TV.\nIt is humorous, but is definitely NOT \
Muhammad Fikri Kawakibi Huda
no it isn't. but yep it has huge plot twist...
anyone else watched too many Monty Python to think of the right punchline the moment he started waiting in cafe?
Nick Constantine
Plot twist: that's the cafe owners car
Why would you want dirty money?
Old Gregg
Haha wasn't expecting that ending, classic
Pat McCann
Talk about a slow build - but that PAYOFF!! HA!
I wasn't expecting that. :)
Ralph Bernhard
Good idea.\nI'm going to open a cafe.\nThen, every morning I'll park my little Beetle across the street...and....ähm 😁😁😂😂😁
Recently Adults
what a great turn.
Rich Murray
Nice to see England like it was before becoming another 3rd world Islamic country
Robert Jensen
Today's 20-somethings won't get this since there weren't any transgenders of men with machine guns in the skit.
Robert McGuigan
Definitely didn’t see that coming. Top sketch. 😂
Russ The PitBull
When London was London!
Remember that one, when he had that huge block of ice. He kept dropping it along the way in puddles and stuff, took him ages carrying somewhere. Till finally it melted to a small ice cube, that he ended up putting it in a glass of whisky.. something like that.. been a few years
Scott Wallace
My God, was Dave Allen ever hilarious. I really miss him.
Snoopy Pingas
Nah, it wasn't that good or I wasn't in the mood for it. Seeing it was so British I expected more...
That's probably because you have no sense of humour Josh.
Thomascow Mc Mullan
Thank-you, wonderful video, funnyfunnyfunnyfunny!!!☘️☘️Cheers ,.. Love ya dearly! ❤️
Unai Gómez-Salazar
hhey from spain i thought that was a too slow spot until i saw the end very good indeed, cheers
Ved Ravindra
British people on top.
Idiot Brit humor is crap. No wonder they have always been out enemies and still embrace rather than have revolted against the immorality of \
Wantsome Funny
It hurts me personel, to watch this little scetch. Not while it is bad, but we had the same sketch made by our back then comedystars. But now i know it was stolen... By the way... many sketches where stolen by german Comedyshows. till in the 90´th they´d stolen old material from english comedyshows. Mostly from the \
the cafe owner planned this!
I wrote a similar sketch to this where he sees the money and can't get it, so goes into the cafe and racks up a bit of a bill having been sat there for ages, then gets up and crosses the road when he sees the car owner come back but when the car pulls away, the note is stuck to the wheel and is flapping and spinning as the car is driven off.
billy hill
loved that show when i was a kid late night they would show dave allen at large followed by benny hill
Dave Allen was very funny and very clever.
Will stop making sense in a few years when tea costs more than £10.
dan w
glen phillips
I notice none of them paid their bill before they left.
lol, but a bit too long and drawn out for today's attention spans
good sport
British humour is the 👍
jesus jones
funny, but over 50% of a note is valid tender.
That was excellent!!! Too funny!!!
Was that a Ten Pound or a Ten Shilling note ? ........shit I'm giving my age away !
lgs 41036
All for a bloody tenner!
martin joseph
love brit humour
mikpug pugl
We did luncheon vouchers (LV on cafe window) in our cafe back then! Tonys Pizza Penarth UK
nam sayn
I thought the car was gonna drove off with the money still stuck to it
old school hawking
Here in the states we would just tear it off. If you have more than 50% of the bill, it keeps it's value
This was a fantastic sketch by Dave Allen! He was a really gifted comedian.\nThe only issue I have with him is his atheism. He maybe wasn't aware but he laid the groundwork for the mess we have today.
pete wright
10 Shillings yea,  good coin in 1972. Dave Allen a master!
steve doubleu
Dave Allen's sketches were always high quality, this one is a classic.
I didn't see that coming. Oh, and that cafe, it's now a Mosque.
It would’ve been even funnier if it was a cafe employees car
I don't get it