Things Not To Say To Gay People

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Whether it's telling you that you don't "seem gay", or assuming you'll be attracted to their friend you've never met, people still say a lot of questionable stuff to gay people.Here, eight men and women explain why, among other things, they don't want to be anyone's "gay best friend". --Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: Oh, we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.

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Adam Rose Games
A guy at school i hate Said to me: if youre gay, does that mean you like me? Like really mean and i just calmly answered: no cause uniek you i actually have a good taste and i just watched and laughed as he got angrier.
Ali Burdon
You know how people say that everyone has that gay cousin?\nFive minutes ago I realized...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*i am the gay cousin*
Aliyah Devenée
Random person I've told I'm gay:\n\nPerson: you don't look gay.\n\nMe: Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to shower in glitter and rainbows before I left the bloody house this morning. I'll remember that for tomorrow, thanks for that honey.
Amelie Xoxo
The guy in the pink jumper and the girl in the checkered overalls were having the best time - I bet they would stay actual friends after this 😂💗 like if you agree 👍🏻
Annie A
You should do one for asexuals! The amount of questions and accusations we get you could def let people know NOT to ask !! 👏
April the aesthetic
Plz do a things not to say to pansexuals
Art With Amber
my mom was born in the 70's so she says \
b-but I searched t gay
Aylbdr Madison
I'll be the first to admit, in general we humans have a long long way to go towards accepting each other. There is still racism, bigotry, nationalism, and ageism is actually worse than ever before (older people are more disrespected than ever, and even shunned by many young people now, and that is truly sad). But . . .\n Many things are so much better now too. I remember when some disgusting people used to throw rocks at gays in San Fransisco when I was little. It used to make me so mad, and I would wonder how horrible it must be for those who lived in the suburbs, or the midwest, or way out in the boonies. Let alone in countries where the government didn't even _try_ to disguise their atrocities. \n We need to always remember and honor those who fought for our right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the freedom to just be ourselves. Our elders who fought and died for all of our freedoms. Our elders who stood fast against the government and demanded our rights as stated in the constitution. These people put their lives on the line for all of us. We need to also: _Never again take these freedoms for granted_ . . . \n \n *So we need to get out there and vote this year, as if our lives depend on it.*\n\n Because sadly, they might. (tl;dr people: if you read this far, I am impressed! But prolly best to stop reading now. Still love ya though, and have a fun day/night. ^-^) \n I grew up under the threat of the cold war, an unimaginable horror that could at any second have become reality. And yet I have never been so scared in my entire life as I have been these past couple years (even having a gun pointed at my head from a few feet away was not nearly as scary). We are now just a few steps away from becoming the next nazi run country ourselves (most Germans didn't believe it could happen there in Germany either, until it was too late. And certainly most of them never wanted any part in it). \n Some of our freedoms have already been lost, and don't think for a minute that being gay won't be made illegal again either. Yes, it used to actually be _illegal to be gay,_ and not more than just a few years ago in many of the states here in America . . .\n\n _\
Baako Jernigan
The black girl's voice is adorable :)
Baby Foshi
As a 98 year old lesbian man who is also a part-time drag queen from Bangladesh with 30 kids and a degree in nazi knowledge, I can relate.
People say 'thats so gay' around me, so now I say 'thats so straight'
Carolina Lockard
“When did you chooses to be gay.” Well I actually applied last week and I got my certification last night.
Cassidy Clement
*How do have sex?* Why do people automatically assume that a relationship is useless if they can't have sex?
Catalina marquez
I use \
“Who’s the man and who’s the woman in the relationship?” \n\n*Head explosion*
Charlotte Hansen
Whenever someone says “I have a lesbian friend you should date.” And I’m like “oh I have a straight friend you should date.” And that shuts them up.
Chilly Fantasy
When you're bisexual and everyone thinks you like them and I'm just like why?!
Cory PowerCat
I can't wait to see the one of Not to say to other Genders. I have so many things to say about that in the comments of that future video.
Daisy Alvarez
I hate it when people say, “that’s gay!” In a negative way and I’m not even gay... I think..
Devin Keefee
The girl in the red shirt and overalls and glasses voice wanted to make me rip my ears off
Earl Francart
i hate getting introduced as, and hey this is my gay.. grrrrrrr, and when someone uses thats so gay to describe something nasty or bad, i instantly say, nope, if it were gay it would be fabulous.
80% of these comments are people cunningly detecting the dungarees intricately hidden in this video to give out sneaky subliminal gay messages. Which sucks. It's making finding idiots to argue with difficult.
Emily B
i came out a while ago and a girl said to me “i cant see you marrying a girl” and i immediately said back to her “ i cant see you marrying anyone” \nwhoops i guess
Emma Tamburello
My best friend is gay! But we've been friends since we were children so I'd be in his life regardless of his sexuality I'm friends with him because if who he is not because of who he loves :-) xx
Fan Base
I had a lesbian friend who said \
Frankie Brysonious
My friends say things are gay, but I don’t mind cuz I call them out and call them hets when they act super straight lol. It’s fun
Gaby Garbage
Is it bad that I say “that’s so gay” all the time and I’m gay
Galaxy Girl
A couple weeks ago, my mom and my brother were discussing the definition of the word \
German Quiñonez
Ive been gay ever since I was a child
Greysoul of Londinium
Things not to say to heterosexual people: \
I'm actually dead
Do one about pansexuals pppllleeeaaassseee
My friend told me I didn't look like a lesbian\nI told her she didn't look like an idiot
Jack hazard
Does anyone else think the dude with the fedora looks like Freddy Kreuger?
James Moore
This is so straight
Jesse The human being
I'm a bisexual best friend.\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAnd I Have gotten every.Single.One.OF THESE FRIGGEN QUESTIONS.
Jojo Janik
Could that black girl in the overalls be Wolfychu?
Justin Y 2.0
Well I’m gay let’s see what you shouldn’t say to me\n...\n\n\nIdk really, you can ask me anything as long as it’s respectful
The girl in the checkered overall and the guy in the pink hoodie were just... Having so much fun, I don't know, it's wonderful.
Kerosene Angel
Is it just me who thinks the guy in pink is adorable?
KoalaTea Content
I use “that’s so gay” sometimes to describe something I did.\nBecause I’m gay af
Lee Yongbok
I always scream: \
Leroy Harris
all the lesbians are wearing overalls this is representation
Lesbican girl
People always ask me loads of questions like \
Linda Karen Mistakes
When you ask all these questions to yourself
i love how nearly all of the ladies are wearing overalls, is this gay culture ? XD
Live Till I Die
Maria Eduarda
Matteus Silvestre
Do one about introverts\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOh wait
Matthew Lai
if you want to know how many people are homophobes just look at the thumbs down button
The dark haired lesbian in white is so so hot oh my god
How do you participate in those? I want to do it!
Milo Cadman
Multi fandom Queen
Honestly I’m gay but don’t really care when people ask me these questions I actually really like when people ask me about my sexuality
Natasha Zondo
The blonde girl with the helium voice is so adorable. I just rediscovered my heart because of her.
Nine in the cheezwiz pumpkin pie of 2001
*your face isn't natural*
I don't know if you guys did this but you should do a video with pansexual people. I can't stand seeing or hearing people say \
Pandapie 2.0
You should make one for asexuals
Philana Bonk
Pierced Charlotte
The one that annoys me the most is \
Rainbows are my favorite color
Once a dude said to another dude 'just dont hit on me' in like a disgusted tone and i just stepped in and said 'dont worry you have to be cute for us to like you so your all good' and just walked away.
Really Weird
I'm sorry but I'm that person that says you can be my gay best friend Cuz gay friends are the best.
Rian Lyons-Copeland
“It’s not natural!”. Oh, so we’re basing things on nature, then? Well, aside from the countless studies done that confirm homosexuality in nearly every observable species on Earth, I got to witness this “unnatural” lifestyle firsthand. I had a male cat who mate bonded (NOT buddied-up. His partner reacted toward him like a female would a male cat, sooo...) with a male cat. I adopted him, and later was made aware of a starving stray kitten under the deck of my apartment complex. I got her, adopted her, too. As she adjusted to eating a regular, consistent diet of kitten food, she had some potty problems. I had to clean her bottom and it was so swollen and painful, my heart broke every time I had to clean her. My two male lover cats basically adopted the kitten and cared for her, and she was right as rain in no time. They co-parented her until she was all grown up. So, tell me again that, A.) Homosexuality is unnatural and, B.) That two males cannot nurture and raise a healthy, well-adjusted child together. Bullshit.
I describe everything I own as gay, mainly because I'm gay so....
Sasaki Haise
I hate when a person you meet for the first time and know you're gay they say \
Savannah Mayfield
my friend was at hot topic like last month and she was looking at the pride stuff and this lady walked up to her and said “with hair like that you must be one of them! you’ll go to hell for that” and her mom literally said “she’ll see you there” and she said that she will never forget the look on the lady’s face lmao
Scribbles Darling
One of the boys was wearing a pink ribbon! :D #BreastCancerResearch \u003c3333
Shmandy Flanderberger
people either think that me and my Wife are either \na) porn \nor\nb) really close best friends\nlesbian erasure is too real.
Simon Peterson
That girl with the high voice... is it weird I could listen to her talk all day?!
Skye Elsey
I love the girl with the baby voice.
Skyler Haynes
Almost all the girls were wearing overalls 😂ahhhh
Slytherin Band Geek
This actually happened to me: \n\nMe and my queer bff (I'm queer too) just walk over to these two guys and say \
The Coolest kid on the Disney Channel
Please do a \
The peculiar Dragon
Lol im bi and my bff is les, we were open about it and people assumed we were dating like the faq we don't like eachother that way but we do joke around with eachother
Gays. They made the world more interesting.\n\n\n\n\nMy gay best friend made me pan.\nShe makes everyone question their sexuality.
Tomás Roma
A Gaydar actually does exist. People guess correctly if someone is gay more than just by chance. Its still not very accurate at 65% accuracy but its better than pure chance.
Vinoja Suntharalingam
The girl with the purple shirt and dark overalls is hella pretty
Who Are You? Suka!
You forgot \
Am I the only one that still uses gay instead of \
No I'm not a vegan,,,, I like *chicKen!*\n\nI literally love her now
Yurhomi 24
The black girl has got an *unique* voice...
beatrice but not really
The guy in the pink jumper and the girl in the checkered overalls seem like the best friends and deserve they're own show wtf
all i learned from this video is that overalls are indeed gay culture
elijah jimenez
I'm gay and I hate it when people say I wish I had a gay best friend like why can't you just have a regular friend why does he/she have to be gay
“oh but you’re too pretty to be gay!”\ncan gay people not be pretty?? WHAT
lana cooper
the worst one is when a guy says i can turn u straight for one night.
lucia 28
There is a pair of gay penguins at my local aquarium, they give them an fake egg to look after every mating season. It’s very cute
mini t
What are the odds . The girls are wearing overall .😊 Cute
I'm a lesbian!!!!!!!!!
girl 1: \
soph black xo
Honestly thoughh the whole “oh I love gay people!” thing makes me uncomfortable af like,, my gay ass doesn’t love you mate take a step back pls lmao
Every time someone says “that’s so gay” I just say “it’d be better if it was gayer”
*realizing that three of the lesbians are wearing overalls*
łყหห զนศʞε
1:14 did I just find wolfychu
I always wanted a gay friend\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nTurns out I was the gay friend