Ask an Italian Teacher - Where Do You Put the Adjective?

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Alexandre Cavalcante
In Portoghese è anche così, ma non avevo pensato così. Grazie mille!!
Lamin ceesay
Bravo! Grazie is very easy to learn it,the way you analyze it
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Liaqat Ali
Mahdi c87
I'm an advance student but this lesson is really confusing
Michael Kobielsky
Grazie mille!
Necib Mohamed Dhia Eddine
Grazie 😍💜\nWe need short videos like this babe 😊
omg this helps so much! im currently learning italian and will be visiting in March 2018. me and my sweety who is also learning with me always have questions about this lol. Thank you so much Marika!
Ahhh finalmente! Quest'è stato la mia più _grande_ domanda finora! Grazie mille!!
Sajo Ture
Good experience please us about congiuntivo
katkota alt
Ciao signora, È la prima lezione guarado,io sono studentessa ,io ho studiato ľitaliano per anno, i want to help me? Please can you chat with me at messenger or no?