Korean Teenage Girls React To "Slap her": childrens reaction

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Korean Teenage Girls React To "Slap her": children's reactionReference From:"Slap her": children's reaction

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- zoë
don't hit *people* in general
A cup of tae with a kookie
Yes , no man should hit a woman , but don't say all women are a precious thing because i've seen evil women who threat men and do whatever they please with them , they should not take advantage of that.
Alan Eskew
Feminism is not about equality, your thinking Egalitarianism. Modern Feminism or Third wave Feminism is Misandry. It Emphasizes the feminine over the masculine, disregarding mens right and issues and back benching it in favor of women. thats not equality.
Anieya Jones
Do the 182 people that disliked this video have a problem with boys not wanting to hit girls? I loved all of their responses. I hope they grew up wwll and that this video can spread some sort of awareness.
Ann W
The message is pretty but those korean girls are so obsessed with european beauty
Anna Bardriek
dude I got so scared when that lady popped up and I'm watching this in the dark at 2:58 in the freaking morning
Anna Grabka
The girls reacting are both really cute ^ω^
Anna Johnson
did anyone notice that their reason for not hitting her was because she is a girl (true dat), but if it was a boy? - would they have hit them then?
Archer parker
I believe not hitting a girl but we are both made equally no one is precious and others not. we are created to be team not leader and follower. tnx 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ashley Starlight
This video gives the impression that all little boys are angels when in actual fact my friend was attacked by boys at our school and we were all only 12.
Azhr Sepasyar
The white worshipping is strong in this one. Lol
BTSpop Stan
pecchè? So om \nhahahahaha mi fa un ridere igni volta che lo guardo,e non sò perchè
Baby Woozi
man can domestic abuse \njust saying
Be Andal
OMG! The girls are so adorable and beautiful! You look so young and innocent! Koreans are really gorgeous!
Canadian MGTOW
I was okay with this video until the feminist propaganda at the end. Feminism is NOT about truth! It preaches equality while focussing only on women. Victims of domestic violence are ALWAYS shown as women, when in fact 40-50% of victims are MALE. Lying by omission is still lying.
Carlos D.
WTF with the channel name? Do you realise that name is offensive?
Chelsea Ko
2 Subtitles going at the same time lmfao oh man this was great!!!
Cherry Poppens Comma Duchess of All Humanity
'Tarded. If the kids are all taught to not hit girls (not SUPPOSED to hit girls, JESUS says to not hit girls, etc) and they won't hit girls, how do you think it is that men overcome childhood conditioning (still being taught by society that taught the kids) to go around hitting women? \n\nAnd then too, since this is just feminist narrative (sexism in other words), we won't be seeing these same boys crying b/c their mothers slapped them or emotionally abused them.
the boys in my class was trying to hurt my friend and somehow I protected my friend :)
Claudia Spin
Cupckake Love
Le done non se devano tocare nemeno con un fiore \nthe feels..
Danielchai S
You can have respect for women without fascist feminism. It just becomes another ism. Political Correct becomes an inaccurate term... like a dope store pretending it's a medical clinic.
Demetra Boreale
Sto video è vecchio
It's not really right to go after the mindset \
Francesca Romana
I'm Italian and I'm proud of that video
Francesca Taddia
italian kids are the best 😊
Fůnky Fėdørå
Men shouldn't hit women and women shouldn't hit men either. Period.
Gaia Marzo
when a korean pearson watch an italian video and people who came from all the word to understand that must to read the subtitle but i'm italian and i'm so happy to understend that without subtitle
Gia no
guys, the subs in the video are slightly wrong, the kid doesn't say she can't hit her because she's pretty, he says \
I'm Trying My Best
the boy who said \
Isha A
Can you please react to bts-fire or BgA- dong saya dae
Iwannahumpbigcowseatamintjungkook Skateinsomegoo
Hit her with a bouquet of flowers. 😂
Jami Christine
Men don't hit women. And that's the same for women too.
Ji-Young Kim
Some of these translations are not accurate.
John Park
Your use of the word \
lol i love how koreans always d\njudge physical features first in these kind of videos, eyebrows, nose, skin , eyes etc
Kyle Bihis
but what if a kid actually hit the girl tho
As an Italian I'm proud those boys (who are Italian also) respected a girl like that. It shows that even a video like that can effect even someone from a totally different country. ❤
Lele Ketail
People are taking some kid's words too far and turning it against them. Just be happy they didn't decide to slap her, honestly, some people . . .
Lena Nicole
At first I was agreeing with the thinking of \
Lil' Mochi.
those cute italian kids. ♡
Lorena Danau
You guys should react to some Romanian music... They have songs in Spanish, Romanian, English etc. Mostly, the singers are the ones who write the Lyrics... they are talented in many ways... i would really wont to see how Koreans would react to this song \
Loser *
My eyes began to cry sfm when I saw the women hurt and after it looked like the man called her and she seemed SO AFRAID 😭😭😭 IM AGAINST ALL VIOLENCE, IF IT DOESN'T HELP, IT SHOULDN'T BE DONE!!! IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN!!
Lucky Missy
I love it when the boy sais \
Luisa Wei
These boys are italian ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧
Madison Appleton
i think this message is all wrong. first of all they took a girl that they thought was pretty and told her to slap her but they wouldn't do it. one boy even said \
Malvin Kim
I hate how they keep saying the kids are beautiful or they want some feature that the kids have\nI mean alright yes they are kids they are adorable and beautiful but why are you saying it in such a way???
Marlene Crisopulli
I'm feeling proud being the same nationality(italian) of those cuties little boys.. Even my brother (11yrs) is like that, he defends me everytime I need a defence (He will be a good man). Btw the message is really deep, basically they show us that even if they are young the can be real men!
Mashka Mars
this girls are so beautiful \u003e////\u003c
Max KZ
Please, react to NINETY ONE-Айыптама. Kazakhstan boys band. Q-POP music. 👍👍👍
Meh U
And none of the kids questioned him on why they should hit the girl.
Miki Vega Mck
there should be no reason to hit anybody, I know is hard to control ourselves we are human.  violence has nothing to do with equality.  if your boyfriend, your Dad, your brother, your husband makes you mad so mad and you slap him or hit him in the arm, then if he hits you back you and you accept it just because you hit him first. and then happens again and again even if you didn't hit him back. you are allowing to be treated bad and accepting it as if it's your fault and as if you deserve it. that is really messed up thinking . like the last boy said. \
you know you've been spending to much time on the internet when you get notification daiy about korean react videos.
No Thanks
fck i just got jumpscared at 2:10.
Lol, the first thing they point out is how the kids look. Not be rude to anyone who is overly obsessive towards Koreans, but from observation of Korean behavior from the Internet, they're really insecure people. \n\n\
Nyx Kere
As a woman I have always hated the line \
Olivia Pringle
italian class paid off ^^
Outcast Royalty
That momemt when kids are more mature than any of us.
RayRay Bettancourt
The Korean girls are so cute and pretty!
Roland Dawson
This was a powerful video. 😳👍🏻
I feel so violated because they are just saying that they wont hit girls because your not supposed to. But if it was a boy, they probably would, the boy who said I'm against violence has actually got some sense.
Sean Williams
The feminest are probably laughing at men saying HAHA MEN CAN'T SLAP WOMEN BUT WE CAN SLAP MEN, Those are the girls I want to really slap
Shinigami AMV
3:10 SHES 18? SHE LOOKS 12
Souptime Kim
I wish I was a pretty korean 😂
Sunshine And Lemonade
You're not supposed to slap anyone
Swoosh man
Asian dudes must messed up af
9/10 women choose the man who abuses them! And then they choose to stay with him! Grow up and protect yourself and your wellbeing instead of blaming men.
omgahd so cute
Trigger Fist
Tyanna ktv
Me: You don't suppose to hit girls tho\nUncle: Thats a damn lie, who told you that?\n(December 24th)
This is a very biased video. Men are the victim of domestic violence 40% of the time. Its just ignored generally.
asp 1014
You can't hit her because violence is bad. Chivalry is good but unfair to the other specific identities (including lgbt)
well the message is fine aslong as you teach that not only women get abused but also men, i hate when i see something like \
clemiclu shampeen
boys are never this nice on camera -_-
emily exo
A www those girls are soooo beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
gabby ahlers
They should react to The Kiss and The Slap!!
jenn velazquez
the girls are so cute :)
joe schmoe
I wonder if the girl was not pretty, if the video would be the same.
just someone
the girls are beautyful abd the boys... omg they are soooo cute
0:06 Why does he look so good?!
krieger maria
all of them are cute and gentlemen good raised i loved it they all refused on violence
The girls are so sweet. Don't wish you looked like caucasians, you're already beautiful inside and out. ♥
margarita Beloka
''because I'm a man'' ❤❤❤
marshall vang
slap her? left or right sandal? life choices so hard...
michelle D
the little boy who said “why? 'cause I'm a man\
nakoma hontas
neem k
I like the two kids who said they won't slap her because they're against violence in general... Not just because she's a \
riou genkaku
cause im a man , thumbs up \ni hate man who hit girl cause he just make himself look weak
seosi army누나
I need to find out what foundation she uses
sipping this teahyung with suga
This is Italian, I understood everything in the video 😛
wait till their balls drop
ι'м α gσиєя
It doesn't matter the gender, no one should be abused in any type of way
ღ Tsumiki ღ
Metti like se anche tu sei italiano e stai guardando questo video😂
look at their reactions in this video,how sick is it ? why do asian people look up to white peoples facial features,god damn social media influence
i'm korean teenage girl ,but i don't think the kid is look good.\nand i don't want to marry with him when he grow up. and my heart didn't start fluttering.\nand i love my black hair cause it look calm and elegant,and don't want to had blond hair.\nso please don't judge us. they look really weird and less confidence to say like that.\neven if someone think like that,we don't say through the mouth.\nmaybe..they say through there note,i've ever heard that from my friends.\nbut..it's lovely that kids didn't hurt the girl. maybe my little brother hit her if they ask to hit her to him.