Learn Italian for Travel. Review: Important words and phrases for travel

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Review things previously taught in previous videos, as well as learn a few new important phrases and concepts. Danielle DiPietro-Hawkins has a Masters degree in Teaching International Languages and has been teaching Italian in college for the the past 17 years.

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I really enjoy your videos & it is so helpful the way you clarify things that might be confusing.  Molto bravo!  I'm going to Italy next month & I'm trying to cram as much learning as possible until then!  I bought six books for each of these: vocabulary, grammar, verb tenses, conversation, pronouns/prepositions, & sentence builder.  Can you recommend if I should start with the vocabulary & grammar books first or try to do a little of each book?
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Out of all the online Italian language tutorials, I find yours the easiest! Grazie!
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Thank you so much. Your video is very useful for me.
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Grazie mille. Your lessons are amazing! They are so easy to understand. And I finally feel like I'm seriously learning some italian.
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Thank you for a great beginner class!
This was a great summary of a fantastic video series which I will use as my guide in brushing up my Italian. I fly to Rome for a month in 2 months. Crash Course. Thanks!
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great, done and dusted, will definitely pull an Italian girl 👧
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