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В этом уроке Английского произношения, я собираюсь показать Вам как произносить некоторые трудные слова. Эти слова часто произносятся неправильно и являются распространёнными ошибками, которые делают английские студенты.

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I have taught English for 18 years in many different countries. I have never heard someone try to pronounce the 'L' in 'would.'
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In the UK and the USA we pronounce the l in almond. Maybe it's just an Australian thing.
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If comfortable is comf..table. how do I now pronounce comfort?
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As a native English speaker, I never really realised how hellish our language is for others to pronounce! Sorry rest of world!!
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Before giving this lesson, please tell the viewers that there is a variety of accents and pronunciations. For instance, in American English pronunciation, there is the “l” sound. Accuracy in pronunciation depends on which standards you are adhering to. Having said so, the place and its people dictate whether this pronunciation is acceptable or not. In this case, there is no such thing as more or less accurate pronunciation.
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A disgrama é que eu paguei por 5 anos de um curso \
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You are not pronouncing \
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Hey Dickie Chaznick: What you say is bunkum. I am English and pronounce vegetable, comfortable and almond exactly as the lady says. I believe the -l in almond is sounded in American English (dictionaries confirm this). And do you really teach \
It should not be required to correct Emma from mmmEnglish, but she is wrong about pronunciation of some words. The English language has many dialects. Emma ignores that American English is also English. The \
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It doesn't really matter how you say it as long as you understand what the other person wants to say. I live in Canada where 30% of the people are foreign born , 22% of people native French speakers. So you learn very quickly to understand people's English whether they are Chinese, East Indian, Portuguese, Italian, German, whatever.
English is a forgiving language in my view. As long as people understand you, you are golden. There are certain parts of England and Australia where they pretty much butcher the English language. But that's just how they speak. So don't be hard on yourself if your English is not perfect.
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Pronunciation is really tricky! I thought I mastered English and decided to teach some vocabulary on my channel! I messed some things up, hhhhh! But it was worth it. Thanks!
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In polish I think we pronounce every damn letter. What is written is said. I feel like half of english words has a silent letters
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This \
Is the letter 'H' pronounce as haitch?? Because I've been saying 'H' as aitch my whole life and I feel like I'm the right one here.
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In the US we say klouz for clothes, madam
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I've never heard anyone in the US saying AMOND, everyone pronounces the L in almond\n\nEdit: Calm down people, I didn't say it was right or wrong, I stated what I hear around, that's all.
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English is the most illogic language that I have known. Agree??
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It's good that you speak slowly .Most of viewers are not native english speaker.It dosn't matter that you use 16min or several hours as long as you speak slowly and correct.Long vid we can save it and resume to watch later when we have time.
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A funny tweet I read, \
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In the US it is ALMOND not AMOND
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You're dead wrong about comfortable. That's the beaten down over time slang pronunciation. It's really pronounced \
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I’m. Native let me tell you something. You are good to teach the people that are learning to speak English but you still need to probably keep practicing your pronunciation
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it's not wrong it's just depend on what country you're from
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I don't pronounce photograph like that. I pronounce the a as an ah. Pho-to-gr-AH-ph
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Why am i seeing old people here?? Like wtf? Did you even go to Nursery like.... seriously 😂
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All are accurate except Almond. Here in the US we say ALLMUND, say it fast ALLMUND. Almond.
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vegetable\nadjective UK \u200b /ˈvedʒ.tə.bəl/ US \u200b /ˈvedʒ.tə.bəl/\n\nIt's 3 syllables, dear native speaker.
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Almond is in fact pronounced All mund
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I don't understand why your English pronunciation doesn't correspond with its writing system. This is so absurd and illogical for foreigners. Or it might be the characteristic of the low-developed language spoken by the people of barbaric ancestry, not the descendants of Roman empire.
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Ammond? What? No, it's AL-mond, with a weak L. In England, anyway.
Thank you ma'am
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Long but educational! Is it just me or does she sound British?
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People from various countries pronounce differently . As long as people understand, it doesn't matter. Thank you.
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Some of these these pronunciations are only in English and not American English.
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No need to try to pronounce the words in a way native english speakers do it will never work if you didn't do it when you were young.
Haitch! My English teacher would roll in his grave. He drilled it into us to never to say Haitch but Aitch.
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Southerns here are also native in English yet no one can understand wtf they talking abt lol
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Et cetera isn't even English. It's Latin.
Many literate native English speakers would disagree with some of this. \n\nComfortable, vegetable, jewellery, and almond may be pronounced as you say in SOME literate versions of English. If you are filming this for Australia only, please say so. \n\nEven literate versions of a single language can be dynamic and varied. \n\nThe shewah sound is not lazy--it is a brief but distinct vowel adapted to context. It is an ancient Hebrew grammatical term. Vowel duration is much less critical in English. \n\nThis vid wouldn't work internationally!
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I'm a native english speaker and i didn't know i was pronouncing most of these wrong, so if u are learning english don't worry about it!!! Congrats that you have gotten this far\n\n\nedit: i commented this to be encouraging and kind to people learning english, not as a place for all of you to fight about which accents are valid or wrong and harass each other. please let's be encouraging and kind to each other! thanks
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I have never heard anyone say Almond as AH-mond lol I've only heard it as ALL-mond I'm a native english speaker btw lol I looked it up and it's true that it's supposed to be pronounced with a silent L but really I don't think it matters since no one says it that way? Maybe its more a British thing rather than American.
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Australian English, American English, English English.... Indian English. Head hurts!
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Thanks a Lot Emma \nRespect and Love from India\nI think 16 minutes is too much for this.\nPlease try to cover more in less time.\nMadam Emma, I am sorry to say this, but, I think there should be sound of *i* in enthusiastic/enthusiasm.\nI am saying this after checking the Pronunciation in Oxford Dictionary.
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You're nuts. I was born in America in 1959 and I have NEVER heard anybody say \
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