Top 10 Most Viewed Music Videos Each Year (2010-2018)

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2010 2018 each year most viewed music videos top 10

10,000 Subs with no video challenge please
Despacito has 5 billion that a lot
1000 Subscribers Without Any Video Challenge
Who wants a cake?\r\n{\\__/}\r\n( • - •)\r\n/ ⊃🎂\r\ncost=1 like...
1000 Sunscribers with no video?
Rip creator of spongebob :(
921 gaming
Them nostalgia tho
*I wouldn’t really call dame tu cosita music*
Adrian Heredia
Cuanta nostalgia me trae escuchar estas canciones. No soy el único creo
Adrian Smidt
2018 list is basically just all spanish?
Aleks Leonovs
Alyssa Shoemaker
6:37 still my favorite song of all time to this day, I just fell in love with it
Ari g
Y bts?? \u003e:'v
Aris Nikou
2010 was a really good music year\n👌👌👌
Just only I think the 2010-2014 song were the best? The songs are getting worse year by year(expect for some) :(
Austin Minaj
Nicki Minaj !!!
Bertha Romero
The only good songs from 2018 are God’s plan and girls like you
14:00 the actual what is this. We have some of the most advanced technology in the world and this is what they give us? This, this is just our society in a nutshell.
Born_To_ be_Pro
Avicii ❤
Caiden Hall
Never realized how good 2010-2014 was until this video.Because there is so much drama nowadays
Candy Cane Gaming PH
Rihanna: Shine bright like a diamond.\n\n\n\nAlbert Einstein: Diamonds don't shine idiot. They reflect\n\n\n\n\n\n\nEdit:TYSM for the like guys I really appreciate
Carrie Colyer
Somebody That I Used to Know was in 2011!?!?!?!? \n\n\n\n\n\nBruh......\n\n\n\n\n\nI feel OLD.
Bro all those memories \nIts a tragedy that 2006-8‘ Kids didnt had this experience!!
Chris 4gamer
Wow, como de pop pasamos a puro regueton y trap 🤔
Coffee Mania
2019 10. T-series \n9.T-series \n8.T-series \n7.T-series \n6.T-series \n5.T-series \n4.T-series \n3.T-series \n2.T-series \n1.T-series
2010 - 2015 Best music
Daniel GP
Daaaaamn 2018 was the year of latino music🤙✊😜
Deranged MTG
bruno mars is a legend.
Donut 63
2010- nostalgia\n2011-good times\n2012-silver times\n2013-2014-gold times\n2015-great\n2016-nice\n2017-ok i think\n2018-shit\n2019-let's pray
Draggy Lee
Thank you, next????? Where is it? It's trending No. 1
Emmia Blox
2010.10: played a lot\n2010.9: my sister sang it a lot and still does\n2010.8: my spanish grandma played this a lot\n2010.7: played a lot\n2010.6: played a lot\n2010.5: played a lot seriously even in 2011\n2010.4: didn’t know it was her after a while\n2010.3: played a lot\n2010.2: my sister sang this a lot but now she’s annoyed\n2010.1: i love shakira\n2011.10: played a lot\n2011.9: my sister loves them\n2011.8: played a lot\n2011.7: still remember this\n2011.6: played a lot\n2011.5: played a LOT\n2011.4: didn’t know it was her thought it was someone else until a while ago\n2011.3: danced to this a lot\n2011.2: didn’t play that much\n2011.1: played a LOT\n2012.10: i didn’t know it was him\n2012.9: PLAYED A LOTTTT\n2012.8: lmao played a little bit\n2012.7: was popular\n2012.6: played a lot\n2012.5: ???\n2012.4: played a lot\n2012.3: played a lot\n2012.2: played a lot\n2012.1: played a lot\n2013.10: played a lot\n2013.9: didn’t play but i searched it up on yt\n2013.8: played a lot\n2013.7: played a lot\n2013.6: played a lot \n2013.5: didn’t hear it\n2013.4: played a lot\n2013.3: played a lot and rip\n2013.2: played a lot\n2013.1: played a lot\n2014.10: i didn’t know it was him\n2014.9: now I think it’s annoying\n2014.8: played a lot\n2014.7: played a lot and now she’s (i think) underrated\n2014.6: played a lot\n2014.5: played a lot\n2014.4: played a lot\n2014.3: love his music\n2014.2: played a lot\n2014.1: played a lot\n2015.10: played a lot\n2015.9: played a lot\n2015.8: played a lot\n2015.7: played a lot\n2015.6: played a lot\n2015.5: played a lot\n2015.4: played a lot and it has over 1b views\n2015.3: played a lot\n2015.2: played a lot\n2015.1: played a lot and it has over 1b views\n2016.10: played a lot\n2016.9: played a lot\n2016.8: played a lot\n2016.7: played a lot\n2016.6: played a lot\n2016.5: played a lot\n2016.4: played a lot\n2016.3: played a lot\n2016.2: played a lot\n2016.1: played a lot \n2017.10: played a LOT\n2017.9: played a lot\n2017.8: played a LOT\n2017.7: plAYED A LOT\n2017.6: played a lot \n2017.5: ??\n2017.4: played a lot\n2017.3: played a lot\n2017.2: played a LOT\n2017.1: PLAYED A LOTTTTTT\n2018.10:??\n2018.9: idk\n2018.8: oh god\n2018.7: played a lot\n2018.6: never heard it\n2018.5: played a lot\n2018.4: ???\n2018.3: never heard it\n2018.2: never heard it\n2018.1: PLAYED A LOT
French Fry
Latin American= insta success\nNon Latin American= no views
Gala Jiménez
I miss the old Bruno mars
Gamer Dewa
i remembered my childhood songs a big thank you. Much love
Grabdz Productions
2:18 my mind during a test
Gummy bears
El reggaeton es una basura lo mires por donde lo mires .\n\nLas canciones antiguas siempre serán las mejores 😜💞\n\nEspero que el reggaeton ya no exista .\n👉🐇 = Basura\nReggaeton 👉💩\n\nSi estás conmigo dale like a éste comentario .\nY si no pues ....😅\n\n\n\nLosiento pero lo único bueno del reggaeton es el ritmo, la letra es 👎\n\nSi te encanta el reggaeton perdón, no quería ofenderte 🙏\n\nPero si no .....\nA la 💩 el reggaeton 😝
Gurre Gurre
Alexa play despacito
GusPlays - Norsk Underholdning
2018 is the worst year of music so far..\n\nEdit: Wow, i really started an argument, sorry..
2017 was Ed Sheeran's Year.
ImagineDragons3 2 1
I LOVE WAKE ME UP! Wake up and like this comment if you do too!
It's the Music Guy
Hmm ok
Jan Mauersiegler
Gotye is the best example for an one hit wonder
Latinos taking over lmao people here in the US are finally realizing we’re not the only people on the planet I’m half Puertorican and I’m loving it
Kaif 342
So many people made one song then dipped
Kaitlyn is panicking at the disco n
It doesn't feel like they came out then if feels like yesterday all these songs were released
Kanøcchin X X
2018 Latin music is cancer
Karol S
fuck despacito
Kathleen Stephens
Omg listening to the songs from 2010 -2014 made me so happy. Those were the good days
Katniss Everdeen
My top ten on this list\n\n10.1000 years\n9.Never let you go\n8.All of me\n7.Radioactive\n6.Counting stars\n5.Thinking out loud\n4.Faded\n3.Hello\n2.Closer\n1.Perfect\n\nMy actual top ten\n\n10.Can you feel the love tonight\n9. The colours of the wind\n8. Wolves\n7. Phoenix\n6. He lives in you\n5. Thinking out loud\n4. Hoodie\n3. Safe and sound\n2. Be there\n1. My heart will go on
Keyboard Warrior
i miss when music was like this and not all rap tbh
Kielpolo 14
Gotye made 1 song and he dipped now he’s somebody that we used to know
Ku Xuer
Goyte had only one song and then no one heard of him he is sombodey we used to know
Lady Majka
I ❤️ Spain music! ❤️
Le Billy
2010 - 2014 is the best music 2018 music sucks so bad
Leader Blue
Gosh all these memories, makes me think how fast time went
I’m so glad some absolute bangers are on here.
Leroy's Library
I know one song in 2018. I don't ever listen to a radio, and seeing this, that ain't changing. Can we just return to classic rock or smth instead of this drum-machined lyrics already written by a ghost writer sentimental or spanish bullshit? I'm just saying, back in the day you needed talent to make music, now you need a cute face. You can't sing? Autotune. You can't write? Ghostwriter. You can't play any instruments? drum machine. Ofcourse there are poppy singers that can sing (Sia is a great singer) but most of them are just a face that the music is kind of build AROUND. Damn I miss Queen, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple etc.\nAnd yes, I do dislike pop, atleast today's pop.
Ive noticed people are posting wow music in 2018 is really bad well your wrong music is at a all time high if you pay attention to the tittle it says most viewed MUSIC VIDEOS in 2018 Or something like that, there is no need to watch music vids in 2018 because we have Spotify, apple music and lots more sorry for complaining
Madi GJ06
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI’ll like my own comments\nDo you do this too?\n\n\nThanks for 7 likes I’ve never gotten this many! 😂\n\n600!!!! What?!?! Thank you so much I didn’t expect anyone to like thisss!!!!😭❤️😮
Mahmood Moosa
Where is jhony jhony yes papa ??
Matheus Froehlich
Bailando saves the spanish musics
Mike Lee
You forgot “i like it”-cardi B on 2018
Morgan Freeman
Never realized how good Grenade was back then
I don’t know why American or just other country that is not hispanic why you hate our music. You don’t even know what the lyrics mean.\nI personally don’t like our music cause they focus on sexual things but a lot of my friends like it and we never really insult your rappers that rap about the same things. My only conclusion is that you hate latin music just cause despacito became popular.\nBtw despacito for us is a bad song.
Pamela Elias
Pollito pio?
Pur Willet
The USA one day will speak a new language called \
Rachit Mishra
Whatever happens\n\nAVICCI RULES AS HE IS A GOD
Raptor_ Extreme
Gangnam style is from 2012????\nIm so old!!
Ryan Meli
Most of these people dipped and were forgotten big time...\n\n\n\n\nRush
I love the \
Sabrina Savage
I still prefer the songs from 2010-2015 over the most recent ones
Why does it seem that 2018 was the worst of all the years?
SemiSolid Snake
It appears that Latin people just recently learned how to use YouTube...
Spoiled Eggs
Anybody just watching to take a trip down memory lane?
Sr. Silva
The best years of music in 2010's are from 2010 to 2016.
Story Nathan
At 1. For 2018 I thought it would be baby shark
if this video included 1900s music, queen should be in it.
The Spanish language is taking over fam
2018 sucks so much. Badest Year of my life (real life and music)
Volcanic Gacha ashes
2010-16= Mostly English\n2017-18 = Spanish is the new english
2014-2015 is the best year of music so far
Yellow Raptor
*I wanna cry because these all remind me of my home*
artist_around _the_block
Katy Perry was really on a roll early on
el niño
2018 el año de la familia latina❤️
end me pls
i miss 2010 - 2015 songs
golden heart
My opinions😊\n2010: some i love\n2011:the best songs\n2012:ok love the songs\n2013:ahhh so cool but makes me feel pretty old.\n2014: eh at first not bad. Then better.\n2015: amazing songs.\n2016:cool some are...not my fav but some i love.\n2017:eh not bad.i actually liked like 50%\n2018: what happend to earth....
umm for 2018 , ariana grande , no tears left to cry has 665 million ?
isbel ugueto
los latinos acapararon el 2017 y 2018
james 90
2010 best hit all time
klaas muller
6:30 rip Avicii please pause the video and be silent for one minute
kosmic avenue
2018 is literally the worst year for Western Music ever
kukuruz lp
In 2018 there ara only 3 songs with more than 1 Milliarde views
oliver ray
2010 was 🔥\nI wanna go back
tino cool
WHATTT i didn t realised that i m so old now. I am the type of guy that only likes 2010-2012. Wtf i m really getting old😣
Me: *puts headphones on and turns the volume almost full*\n*Justin Bieber - Baby plays*\nMe: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*
I love all of the older songs...can we please get more like that now? I like the new music, but it is nothing compared to the old songs