7 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Power

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These 7 puzzles will trick your brain. 😉 Take this fun test to check the sharpness and productivity of your brain. Try to answer these questions as quickly as possible and see the results! 👍Our brain is a mysterious thing. We know more about stars than about the things inside our heads! But what we do know about the brain is that it gets less sharp and productive with age. You have a maximum of 20 seconds for each task, but try to answer the questions as fast as possible. TIMESTAMPSWhat is the mistake two photos have in common?

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Aashish Mittal
I said everything correctly\n\n\n\n\nBy watching it second time😂😂🤣
Abhiram Pandey
1st ones answer is that their eyes and lips are upside-down
Akashdeep Singh
Four correct
Ali Gillani
I must be special, I failed all of the seven.
Aman Kumar jha
I successfully wasted my 8:16min
Anandkumar Mallikarjunan
I figured it out less than 10 seconds
Andrea Zantua
i only answerd which side is long and the others took me 30 sec
Andrew Wrigbt
I got all corrcet
Andro guy
I'm still waiting for him to prove B was longer than A
Angel Campbell
Evolution cannot teach the brain anything.... only God can
Anthony Mayfield
I answered them all pretty quick... until the Last One. \nHe said \
Aqila Naseeri
I am very genius, I answered none of them😜
Ariana Ariel Oudansingh
I thought the bird was a chameleon 😄😄😄😄
Ayush Dwivedi
All ques...\nwas awsm.... Really these type of ques.increases.... our thinking capability... Those we... agree... hit like
Hey guys! Did all of you manage to solve all the riddles? Which one is the easiest one?\n\nAnd since you guys like this video so much, here's another one for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G7V4w9bqJY&t=10s Check your IQ! 😉
Blossom Dias
Less than 12 seconds l am just 8 years old
I got a sun power ad
Brolover Bryan
Just waiting for my first like....\n80 years later\n💀
Bryan Bates
Mike Wa-who-ski? I didn't get the last one.
Bungo Hayashi
Easy crops
Hey I noticed another mistake the QUESTION WAS MORE THAN 5 SECONDS LONG, why not that\nthat one ;)
Chace Shinohara
These actually do use brain power cuz youre so insecure about your inteligence you watch these clickbait daily
Chad and Vy ninjas Chad and Vy are the best
It is very clear hes a big smartie pants
Test number 6 I thought I was clever getting all the holes of the shirt but I forgot the back 2 lol
Charlene Symon
i cant stick my tounge like that but this video is all lies but the ones with the wholes are 8 so you shouldent be posting things on youtube that can muck up youre brain
After number 4, I knew my life is a lie\n\n *My Life*\n *Life Is a Lie*
Damien Thompson
with number two the real answer was the yellow line
Delta Terry
On the tree part I saw a bird
George Ross
So... the cover of this video is clickbiet edit: thx for the likes
Indira Ilyasov
I call the the tree owl tree
Ixiel Hernandez
I don’t think a simple test will determine whether your brain is young or mature or flexible the facts are seen on Brain CT scan and can see the different patterns and wAves images your brain produces during certain situations or when ask a question or shown an image.
Jahangir Hossain
I answered 4 questions correctly in less than 5 seconds 😃
The answer to riddle 2 is not necessarily 8, it is even more likely that there is just one hole at the back that is larger then the 2 holes at the front - cause otherwise, if it were 2 holes at the back with the sizes, as shown in the video - you would most likely see some kind of borders. Anyway, 7 would be correct as well.
Jaymar Rabanes
Like if the thumbnail trolled you
Jenna Kaur
This video shows that the spreaker himself doesn’t have any knowledge cause to test yourself you should pass your class test not these type of test . \n\nThey make these types of videos to make people think passing school test is not real knowledge seeing these types of videos give us more knowledge and real ones and If you all think I can’t pass these questions that’s why I am commenting all this you’re wrong , if this video gets 1,000,000 views then it would be 200 people who could answer all of these otherwise anyone will get atleast one answer correct. \n\nLike 👍 if u agree and reply if u disagree
Jesse Naidoo
I lovvvvvvvvve Brightside so much do you leave a like if you do😎😀
Jessi Mandy
Your IQ must be as low as Donald trump if you believe these questions 😂 😂 😂
John G
The answer to the number of holes in the T-shirt is incorrect - it should be 'at least seven', not 'eight'. It's impossible to see if there is just one big hole in the back (7), two holes that match those in the front (8), or those holes plus any number of unseen smaller holes. A disappointing mistake for a test supposedly measuring observation skills.
Joseph Kohler
#6 T-shirt holes is wrong. Correct answer is: \
*Clickbait thumbnail.....*
Kitty Cupcake
The baby is kind of a perspective so yeah
Lele Loylk
3:03 i would name the tree “dont subscribe to Bright side”
I brother got 6/7. I got 0/7
MLP Shawn
Now i see why this video has over 60,000 dislikes
Magdalena Dumitrana
I saw immediately the baby (I am not a mother). The others...none. And honestly, I do not think that these tests mean something.
Maureen wizzy
Md.Rezaul Karim
I am not agree with test #6.....
Mohanraju A
I solved the 6,4,3,2 questions in 12 seconds.
Mr Munzir
so sad..im so mature..how to be immature then..pls tell me!
Please give your video in Hindi
Nerissa Manese
Less than 5 seconds like
Which line is longer? Going by how lines are defined in geometry, wouldn't they both be the same length? They aren't line segments, so they're both infinitely long.
Park Jimin Please Adopt me
Hello to you guys who flipped their phone seeing the first trick before they revealed the answer😎😂
Penny Nguyen
Tree is easiest
Peter Lustig
Birdtree...\n\n\n\n\n\n\nfml ;_;
Rakel Polden
It took me 5 secons on every test exept the last one that one was 10 seconds
Reese Michael
Why does this guy remind me of the Menards guy
Rehan Gupta
Ritish B
I named the tree The sleeping bird
Robert Craig
This video took way too long
Rode Snavel
The Thumbnail made it all clear before even watching this. Dislike
Ok then :) The last question really is a trick question - but I fail to see how it tests the brain power of those that haven't seen whatever show \
SS Physics
don't trust this channel's video thumbnails
The questions were so easy... And i am is of 13 years only.. Fake.
Sami Nafi
You don't belive I was solve all answare in 5 seconds.My friend was surprised when she was saw.😋😋😋
Saniya Siddhiqha
Savita Mohamed
these things don't tease ur brain
Seema Bawane
Thumbnail: which line is long? A or B?\n\n\n\n\nPlot twist it’s actually neither because there just long rectangles
Stacey Baker
Birdie tree
Sumit Choudhary
The KevinXO57
Like If The Thumbnail Lied To You
Titch Mozzie
Lol I got 3 ...that’s my law degree out the window....I think not!!!
Tonya Compton
Who else got the line one just because the thumbnail like rlly
Trinity Tiyoko
Tsegaye Segu
I would call it bird tree
1:14 Emma Watson???
It’s sad what qualifies as a riddle or challenging, these days.
What Ever
First question the common mistake is that the picture is upside down
William Matar
4 i get each about 5 to 10 seconds.. the other 3 not..
3:30 the other mistake is it says at the top \
7/7 all in 5 sec
If these tests are indicative of a high IQ then I'm the next Alfred Einstone
Zeus Masterson
The answer to 6 IS 6. A hole, by definition is permeable, therefore, you cannot logically count it as 2 separate holes. You’ve merely changed your line of sight. If we’re allowed to do that, I own an infinite number of cars. And 1 was not particularly tough. Try harder and get your facts straight.
[ Kawaii Jess c:]
*2:48*\n*How would you name this tree?*\n*Me: It's bent.*
chian onde
i thougt it was snake tree
You clearly have no brain power if you believe these kind of videos
chittaranjan sahana
I got 6 out of 7 .except the number 5
dhana narasimha varma
Me too completed in less than 10 seconds
kashyap Ashish Gaur
I have answerd of all with prety quick
kracker kick
At first attempt I was able to answer
little Deviljho
2:25 that is wrong, you can´t tell that there were 2 holes on the back side. It can be just one big hole in the back with 2 in the front.... So it is possible that are 7 holes.
momo's bb cream and lipstick
I am not an idiot, line A is clearly longer
monster gagantua
You know who is awesome\n\n\n\n\n\nRead the first word\nJust wanted to make you happy...
T-shirt at 02:31 may only have 7 holes if the hole in the back is big enough to cover both holes seen on the front.
yash parikh
U WILL SEE PURPLE COLOUR 👇\n\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n🔴🔵\n🔵🔴\n\nIF SEEN ☝️,\n LIKE MY COMMENT....!!\n\n\n🇮🇳🇮🇳JAI HIND🇮🇳🇮🇳
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عبد الملك هشام
this desreve 1000 views only \n\n\n\u003e\u003e\u003e