Telling your calabrian nonna that youve met a Sicilian girl with 6 kids ....mind you majority of no

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Telling your calabrian nonna that you've met a Sicilian girl with 6 kids ....mind you majority of nonna paolas friends are Sicilian. ..

Italians speaking English with an Australian accent hilarious
100% Incorrección Política
sicilians are consider like the poor and primitive part of italy
Abh Ghu
I told my grandma I want to marry a girl...she questioned me back asking whether the girl is foolish enough to marry me...end of conversation ...
Adriana S
Can't believe your Italian grandma doesn't bother you about not being married at 44. My Albanian grandma bothers me about not being married and I'm 21. I envy you lol
Andrea Chinazzi
she remember my mum...she's so cute...typical italian..)))))
Angela Gandolfi
Mi è venuta voglia di cannoli
Angela Pandolfo
Im sicilian bello, and 47. I love calabrese, sorry but Im married, although with no kids unfortunately. say hello to your bella nonna, shes so cute. We are the same. 😉
Antonio 73
She knows her grandson is actually gay 😉
Brigit R
Nonna Paola speaks great English. She's funny did she say bye bye and d head at the end?? 😃
Cactus Avian
Did british invade itali or somthing? why sound like british accent?
Captcha Neon
Nonna basically said “I won’t come to the wedding, I won’t accept her kids and I’ll give her the burnt piece of lasagna” 😂 she’s hilarious
Carmen S
Grandma Paola is lovely. Adore her. With her Italian accent that is mixed with Australian cute. And she's Calabrese.... like my beautiful grandma, too. They are the best.
Chloe R
You should make Nonna Paola watch these videos and film her reaction!
Christian De Sica
The guy's voice seems like joe pesci
City of Stars
Cledy Villatoro
why do people think that Sicilia is not part of Italia? I am confused... Perche?
Clizia Morgante
Sicily and Calabria are so similar though, I don't see all this hate. Plus sicily is such great place. bah
CoolMan Caravan
I have a Maltese Nana and she told my african/Korean girlfriend she has \
Male puttano hahah
Dana Commesso
Sicilian women are no good. Listen to your grandma
Danielle Said
Love these! Bring the camera down to her eye level sometimes, will make the audience feel more connected with her.
Cunude... male version of Una Putana.
Disco Duck
Che bella Nonna. Tanti baci
Doge di Amalfi
Povera nonna Paola. Un figlio di 44 anni ritardato e ricoperto di tatuaggi.
Eva Aviva
love yoooooou.\n can't wait to see this video, I'm too excited to watch it
Forrest Ranger
Dude, 44 and not married?..............your Nonna should call you a \
Frances Van Siclen
The Sicilians and the Calabrese are very similar genetically and culturally! Sicily and Sardinia are considered to be part of Italy though not physically attached but somewhat culturally similar ! Whatever, it is all good and I love it !!!! Cheers !
Frankie Fresh
She reminds me of my nonna so much :(
Fred Brillante
Yes it's funny, and I get the humor BUT Calabria and Sicily share the same poverty, ignorance and very very similar genes, but it's a little sad also that people who ALL and I mean ALL of Italy is prejudice towards should attack one another for the smallest of differences! Truth is this nonna immigrated for the same reason my parent immigrated to the states in the 1920s they were poor and had merde opportunities! But Italian s are very regional and even among towns separated by a few miles you find this kind of silliness. Yes it sad!
G LasLast
My grandma was from Italy and would always say \
Gabriel Akibo-Betts
Sicily to Italy is like Basque to Spain
Gabrielle D.
I'm Italian and my great grandma would yell at my dad in Italian lol
Gerardine Cizmar
I'm half Sicilian on my mother's side and Czechoslovakian on my father's side. My ex, the father of my kids, was from Abruzzi. The amount of discrimination that is directed towards Sicilians is ridiculous. His family would talk about them right in front of me. But...I've heard all types of Italians discriminate against people from other regions. What is it with that? I was actually called black by one of his relatives which is fine with me. I now refer to all of them as mountain goats lol. If you're Sicilian, don't go for the ones from the mountains. It's like trying to mix a bottle of oil and vinegar and expecting it to not separate when you set it down.
Quelli che dicono \
Graceann Petrassi
i’m sicilian and calabrian lol
I miss bugging my Italian grandparents.
Ilaria Aina
Am I the only italian here?
My greek grandma was just like this. I dated a black girl and she said forget about it, you're never getting married, when i told her that 😂😂
Jason Atkins
Love Nonna...Much Love from Indianapolis, Indiana
Jeff Pagan
Her accent is wild it tosses between Italian and Aussie. She cute though.
Jesse Mend
I'm Calabrese and i'm dying 😂 I understand all the calabrese words between the English ones and they're so funny! In my opinion, the Calabrese dialect is far more expressive than English. And than Italian too.
Joe Ramos
Sicilians are not Italian but of the same country. Dingbat !!!
Joe Serrano
Just like Peter Griffin from Family Guy lovin' Italian Mommas! XD
John Smith
Julker Ninesixteen
He has more tattoos than an inmate
Kara Shea
Accent is strange.... sounds like British (or Australian or New Zealand) person with an Italian accent...
Kristin Gallo
Omg you are brave. My Nonna was from calabria. You are lucky you didn't get knocked out.
LightsCamera Tamara
But why does she sound like an Italian Minion ?!?!!??!! LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Liz M
Omg she’s too cute!! Surely reminds me of my puertorican grandma ☺️
Lu Ci
Sono siciliana 😂😂😂
Magic. Mac
forget about it!
Manubibi Walsh
Sicilians are Italian though. They're not \
Mario Cassina
why don't they teach italian to the sons and daughters?
Matt Brooks
italiani con accenti australiani. questo è nuovo per me
Matteo Dal Col
This reminds me of my late nonna
Mattia Stahl
Wise words from a wise woman, especially at the end lol
Max Payne3
Minghiaaaaaaaaa w la sicilia...
Medeiros Michael
Bye bye.... Bye bye ..... Idiot lmao
Mike Hydropneumatic
Been to Italy,\n\nGo to the toilet and leave.
Mike Shiva
Your Nonna speaks very good english. My family imigrated from Avellino to Switzerland and after 60 years they still don't speak as good german as your Nonna english xD.
N. Grammatico
Madonna mia ma l ignoranza degli americani non è un mito ... minchioni la sicilia è in italia !! Ve lu dicu de trapanisi !!!!!
Nemuri-neko's games
Niki Edmonds
The way she mocked his laugh was hilarious 😂😂😂
Norway is my friend
Haha them Calabrez and the Sicilian hahahahaa we know lots of Sicilians and we are from Calabria
I love her Aussie-Italian accent!
Omg she's so funny! I'm Italian and I live in Rome and my grandpa is from Calabria,My grandmother was from Tuscany as my other grandpa and my other grandmother is from Lombardia.
Proffesor David
She can't have anymore kids. Ahh Bullsheet!!! hahaha!!!! Top notch !!!
Radina Michalska
Come London and let's get married
Renzo Alvau
shes smarter and wiser than him
I swear every nonna has a best friend named Maria lol
Salvatrice Cascino
Sicilia I like
Love your accent man
Why don't-ah you find-ah nice-ah calabrese girl. Why? You not-ah gay are you?
i'm binge watching italian grandmas lmao i'm not even italian
Southener.. explains it.
Windows Sucks
I love to watch the seething tension when Italians from different regions talk about each other ...Italy is united on the map only
X savageX
why are italians so loud
00:35 puttaniere. It is \
andrystark 99
In Sicily there is not 'nduja
People that left Italy 3000 years ago or people that never lived in Italy and consider themselves Italians are subhumans , let's just admit it .
This is so much fun! I love her reactions and your laugh! :) She is adorable!!!
I'm Sicilian and I don't understand why Italians dislike us
No real Italian would mention the word \
congratulations you can read
I love Italian nonnas. They've got a great sense of humor, sassy, loving, and fun
oh is there some bad blood between calabria and sicily?
I told you, three from the first, N'ATR e three form the second.. a N'ATR mi sono cappottato dalla sedia. She's lovely!
gurnoor singh
2:15 ROFL!!!
the Sicilian girl is getting yelled at to trust me:)
jokerccan ;
ma io sono siciliana ....
madame w
No Greg its not male putana... It's called a man ho!!!
OMG, this is too funny. God bless her
not you
paula Sayers
Why are those two people talking english if they are both from Italy? Why they mention Sicilia as a different country/nation? WTF is going on?
Man - this is one the best channels on YouTube. I hope this thing blows up big for you.
tuafale tiomai
Hahaha she is so funny. She always make my day. God bless you Nonna.
5:46 \