Learn French While You Sleep // 115 Common Phrases and Words \\ Subtitles

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Do you want to learn French? Now you can learn this beautiful European language spoken all over the globe!!!!! French has many shared words and history with English, so learning the most common phrases first will give you a strong start! Most of all, you can start speaking from the start. It will be FUN!!!!!! Here are about 115 words and phrases that you may find useful when starting to learn Le Français. Have FUN!!!!!Want more? Let me know in the comments.........You or someone else learning other languages? Try theseLearn Mandarin Chinese While you Sleep

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A 'Normal' Shipper
If only there was a Vietnamese video...
Académi Fernando Fernando
bonjour Ciao hello ,,,,,,,,,,,
America Almazan
Anastatian E Romani Motivational speaker
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter
Ange Ritchie
One question - how do you read the subtitles while you are sleepjng?!?!!!
Thank you so much! This was the best video I found. Please make more \u003c3 Subscribed
Anton Kulikov
Merci 😊
Anupama Pandey
Good luck
AussieFox -
Merci this is very helpful I only have 12 hours 2 my French test and I haven’t studied
Caritatristexahora O.
Deseo un compañero o compañera para estudiar French. Mi número es +051 986416338.\nMi nombre es John.
Chicken Beats
Can you do a Norwegian version please? For English speakers?
Don Yurik
Omelette du fromage omelette du fromage omelette du fromage omelette du fromage omelette du fromage omelette du fromage omelette du fromage omelette du fromage omelette du fromage omelette du fromage omelette du fromage
Dorisa Zaan
“What” In French sounds just like Spanish “como”
Eden Tewelde
Elisha P
I'd learn more if we'd meet up for a brunch 🤠
Em. erse
Bonjour- hello good morning\n*you will now fully submit to us*\nSalut- hello informal\n*your soul belongs to us*\nBonsoir- good afternoon\n*there is no turning back*\n\nI think this actually works. I can now speak fluent French -oh yeah im also a dark overlord now so-
English Spanish
I learn french for two years, so this was pretty easy
Fartune Maalim
Vous etes tres gentil...merci
Floortje Scherpenisse
I don't recommend it because I woke up thinking I was a French man called John who lived in Spain
Forbax Sa
merci merci merci
Hana TG
Hortense F
Ouille ! L'accent français ???????
Ice Clone
Testing it right now good night guys ill give you news tomorrow 😉
Jaicei Rios
Am I required to wear headphones?
Lilly Hudson
this is good to listen to for me because I already know these words and it imprints them in my brain further and helps me truly memorize and know them :) thank you
Lol Yahya
Nice video good luck
Lovely Love
This is so nice thanks i need to learn fench
Lucero Ruiz
8m mixing fance with japan\n... help
Mahmoud XR8
sleep learning \nI use it in the math class and tt doesn't working
Maple Please
Why is it called 'while you sleep'? am I supposed to listen to it while I'm sleeping?
Maria Smith
When I wake up will I actually know this
Merisier Jean Bertrand
i love french,francis
Mika Chou 753
on dit bonne nuit et pas bon nui
Tres beau
Nwenfor Hosea
Nyan Said
So difficult
Nyimatsering Nyima Tsering
quetre quetre queter cing cing cing six six six Sept Sept Sept huit huit
RELVI Gjongecaj
Ramsey Gomez
Omeletes du fromage
Rowan Vasquez
Does this really work? .-.
Sad Tulip
Im arab and learning french in english 😟 its soooo difficult 😟
Sama Sattar
When I wake up I'd better be fluent in French
Something Something
Saying so much Bon is making me want a bon bon for listening to this
Steldwin Cotiere
I go to a French school
Subhash Kaul
Merci beaucoup
Taha Mohammed
Tazin Davos
Romanian, also would like to create or use something like this. With a difference.
I have double french lessons tomorrow and i have learnt nothing after six weeks off school
Trish Dadoge
Merci beaucoup
Tx Explayz
Vegan gangsta
I know nothing
Yiliang Yuan
Italian sounds much more pleasing to the ear.
bhargavi tyagi
Bon soir means good evening not afternoon. Bon apremidi means good aftrrnoon
When I woke up my earphone is very messy around me
boby goswami
merci monsieur 😊 pour ton aide
God is that you?
daily online
Really very useful video for learning French ..can you make more phrases please.
darkstar luna
You should do German next on learning a language while sleeping
ferlin Snakeskinn
I love France ❤️💕💕
hong lien phan
i cant learn this language. so comlicated
jahanggir Alom
Tu t appelle a je m appelle Enc \nVous etesdou tu was ou \nJe suis deFrancais \nJe suis vous Venezuela \nTu vines d ouhabi tez t\nTu habits ESP
jennifer yousaf
Waooo great people who did this amazing job
khizar laura
Thank you I like
mamey layalawson
Je pense que le français\nest üne trés belle idioma.\nJe sui né au Brasil , et je maintenant apprendre cette lingua trés melodiouse.\nBom dia a todos que estão\nAprendendo a lingua Francês.
phoebe_ seng_ M.R
Oh wow..the accent is really hard to pronounced😧...why can't i?😭
shampa nandi
Repeated listening does help. I am a positive person and I thank the person who made this video. \n\nGuys, it is always easy to find fault but it is not very hard to make the most out of every situation.
tazy scrat
Im not a teacher but if someone needs help, I could answer a few questions, im french myself, that would be fun for me
tesfit wedi mebrie
wink winkk
Bonjour\nI want to learn French and practice.
wissem zerrouki
is there any trench people here or i Am the only person
• simply alexis •
Does this actually work?
외국어 듣기Shadowing Korean
𝐀𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐚
Good afternoon : bonne après midi\nGood evening :bonsoir \nGoodnight :bonne nuit\nBonjour U forgot the R \nUr french is better than My english